Summer Training Blog: Gulliver Prep Freshman Natalie Varela - Week 11 - One Week Left & I'm Ready To Go

Week 10 - August 8 - August 14

Monday 8/8:

Did 1 mile warm up, some dynamic stretches, ran 8 x400, cooled down with 2 miles at very comfortable pace. Felt good and I had to hold back. I guess i'm finally learning to pace myself.

Tuesday 8/9:

5 miles easy recovery run. Some static stretches and I'm gone before the crowd arrives at Tropical Park.

Wednesday 8/10:

Weather really bad today thunderstorms, doesn't stop me though. I did a tempo run at the stables at Tropical Park. No reason to ever cancel practice as long as they let me run here.

1 mile warm up 2x15 min at about 45 sec slower than race pace. 1 mile cool down. 1x60 meter all out sprint back to the car as lightning strikes nearby.

Thursday 8/11:

40 minute easy run. Felt good legs seem fresh.

Friday 8/12:

5 mile run moderate pace at Doug Barnes park. Only park around that has some small rolling hills. I run here when running on flat terrain becomes old. Nice view and shade around the lake. Teams aren't allowed to run here so I often run alone or with my friend Jordan when she is able .ed

Saturday 8/13: 

The usual 55 minute long run at easy pace at Tropical Park.

Sunday 8/14:

Rest day. Watching Usain Bolt tear it up in Brazil.