Summer Training Blog: Gulliver Prep Freshman Natalie Varela - Week 11 - One Week Left & I'm Ready To Go

Wow, I can't believe summer training is almost over. Less than 2 weeks and i'll be starting my freshman year at Gulliver Prep.  We start a little earlier than most schools, August 16.The first race is just around the corner. I feel ready to go. Summer training has gone well hitting about 30 to 35 miles during the heavy base building phase . Now we've cut down to 25 to 30 mile weekly with some speed work.

Week 9 -  August-1  August -7


Monday  8/1:

Headed to Tropical Park, about 80% of my summer workout has been done here. The park is packed with different teams .Most teams start around 6:15 to beat the brutal south Florida heat.

We choose to start around 5:00 , It's hotter but I enjoy the peace and quiet. Today we did a little speedwork, started 1 mile warm up then 4x800 5K pace and  6 x 200 at 36 to 38 sec. pace . finished up with  1 mile cool down and static stretches and core work. Felt fast and smooth,  finished  just in time to beat the crowd.

Tuesday  8/2:

Today did a 5 mile easy run, finished with 6 x65 meter strider and some static stretches. Once again we beat the crowd.

Wednesday  8/3:

Today started with usual 1 mile warmup then did  2x15 minute fartleks 2 minutes slow 1 minute fast. Finished with 1 mile cool down and some core work. Legs felt fresh and I felt in control .

Thursday  8/4:

5 Mile run moderate pace . finisher with  4 x100 hill runs. Static stretches .

Friday  8/5: 

Did a 4 mile recovery run felt so easy I felt guilty not doing anything else . Gotta keep reminding myself to be patient and progress slowly. Some slow static stretches and i'm gone before 6:15.

Saturday 8/6: 

Long run 55 minutes at 7:00 AM . really enjoyed it it wasn't as hot and not many runners around . Most teams chose to run their long run elsewhere. Dad and mom picked me up and we are off to the Beach at Key Biscayne.

Sunday  8/7:

Rest Rest Rest .                                    

Total miles for Week 9: 30

Week 8 - July 25 - July 31

This week the training changed a bit because of the King Of The Hill Time Trial on July 28th.

Monday 7/25:

1 mile warm up , Ran 3 x1 mile repeats at Tropical Park on dirt and grass path. Ran at comfortable moderate pace. Focusing on form was the main priority. Finished off with 4 x 65 striders and static stretches.

Tuesday 7/26: 

5 mile easy run ,core workout. Legs feel strong. Finished off with core workout and static stretches.

Wednesday 7/27:

Day before time trial easy I did an 4 miles just trying to stay loose and relaxed. I feel ready to finally let loose and run. Finished the workout with static stretches.

Thursday 7/28:

Time trial today. I was hoping to run low 19 's. The course record is 19:13 set last year by Brittany Gill, 3A XC Champion. I was a little disappointed when I found out it was only a 3 miler.  The day was hot in the 90's and no breeze in site. The course is very tough, lots of tight curves over different types of terrain and a steep hill  at ¾ mile mark that saps the energy out of your legs. I got out to a quick start and  paced off some of the Columbus boys. I hit the hill and started to feel the burn .Then I settled down and got into a good pace. I came in 1st place for girls with a time of 18:27. I'm pretty sure I would have broken the record if it would have been a 5K . Oh well, I still think i could of done better. Used the time trial as a hard workout.

Friday 7/29:

I felt good not tired or sore from the time trial the day before, but was forced to do a 4 mile recovery run (patience) and finished off with some static stretches.

Saturday 7/30:

Long run 7 miles easy pace at A.D. Barnes Park.

Total miles for Week 8:  27 miles