Spotlight Athlete: Juliette Palechor - P.K. Yonge School

As we lead up to the 2017 cross country we will spotlight more and more individuals and teams. P.K. Yonge freshman Juliette Palechor is one of the top runners in 1A. Palechor set a personal best at the 2016 Cross Country Finals running 19:43.22 and finishing 11th overall.

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

I've been running since I was in 5th grade (about 10 years old). I started doing girls on the run and that's when my passion for running grew on.

Do you remember your first real race?

My first race was in 6th grade, I had made it on varsity level. I finished the race with a time of 24:30.

How is your summer training going?

Summer training is good, we have a new coach so it's new experiences. We've been covering a lot of mileage and some speed training.

What was your 2016 XC season like?

2016 season was by far my best season in XC. almost every race I was setting a new PR for myself. My last XC meet (states) I had set a PR of 19:43. I was proud to make it that far and can't wait to see what 2017 XC season brings.

What's a typical training week like?

Monday's are workout days(speed), Tuesday is a distance day, Wednesday are workout days but more mileage,Thursday and Fridays are long runs/tampering (depending if we have a meet that weekend).

 What is your favorite workout?

I love speed training, so one of my many favorites would have to be 10x200's.

Out of all your running accomplishments so far, which stands out the most?

I've accomplished many goals throughout the season, one of the goals that stands out to me was in the state meet. I was on the last mile and I had caught up to the majority of the group. I finished in 11th place at 19:43.

What are your goals for the upcoming cross country season?

Some of my goals is to try and stick with the top runners and always challenge myself with doing more than I would expect. I want to get sub 19 or less.

What do you love most about running?

Running will never be an easy sport and I think that's why I like it. I love challenges and running gives that to me. I love meet days, the adrenaline when all the parents are screaming just gives me that extra boost to keep going or go faster.

The Low Down 

Do you have a favorite quote?

"Don't dream of winning, train for it".

What is your favorite food?

 I would have to say lasagna is by far my favorite.

What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

The last movie I saw was kidnap. The movie is about a little boy that gets kidnapped and his mom never gives up on trying to get him back. I was so wowed with all the courage the mom had to rescue her son.

What brand of shoes do you train/race in?

I run in Mizunos.

 What professional athlete would you like to meet the most?

 I'm a very big soccer fan so one of my idols is James Rodriguez, he plays on the national Colombian soccer team.

What are some things most people don't know about you?

Most people don't know that I love reading mystery books.

Lastly, if you were stranded on an island with three things what would they be?

If I was stranded on a island I would have a machete, a pot, and a fire starter.

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