Foley Drops US#1 14:35.15 5k At Music City Distance Festival

Trevor Foley, who will be attending the University of Florida in the fall, dropped a US#1 5k time of 14:35.15 to finish 9th out of 18 at the Music City Distance Festival in Nashville. Foley , pictured here with professional Cas Loxsom, won the 1A Cross Country Finals in November and followed it up with a sweep of the 800, 1,600, and 3,200m at the 1A outdoor state championships. We caught up with him to talk about the meet, how the race felt, and what's next.

Why the decision to go to the Music City Distance Carnival and compete in Nashville?

The decision to go up to Nashville came after my state meet, i hadn't had the performances i was looking for in the 3,200 this season because my cross country season went so long with Team USA and then I got sick and tweaked something so I had to take almost all of March off. I didn't have the winter strength like my competitors so I knew I wanted to run a 5k because it's something new and exciting and I more than likely will be running it in college so why not get my feet wet now, and get a head start on my peers.

The 5k isn't a distance that is contested on the track in Florida, but it is your second one of the postseason after running 14:49.10 at the Avery Creek Distance Classic. How did you prepare for this meet?

Training for a 5k is a bit different than regular high school track training. I did a good 12-13 mile long run which is something I lack in my training. I run solo so I usually skip the long run because it's so boring. So I knew I had to get one or two of those in and then I did three good longer workouts to get ready for the 5k; one tempo, 5x1,600, and then the last one was 6x800.

You finished 9th out of 18 with a US#1 time of 14:35.15, nearly a second faster then Carter Cheeseman of Texas who ran 14:36.60 at the Texas Distance Festival.  What are your overall thoughts on your performance?

I'm happy with the race. It's a great starting point. I definitely would have liked to go sub 14:30, but the weather was very hot and humid and just did not permit it. Also, I had to lead the first 2k of the chase pack and then was in no mans land for a bit, but overall i'm extremely pleased with it.

What's next for Trevor Foley?

Coming up next i have one more meet I think I'm going to do (USA Juniors), but I'm not 100% sure yet. Then it is into XC mode at the University of Florida.

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