3 Success Tips For Freshmen From Top Florida Seniors

You're driven -- hungry for success. 

As a freshman it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the journey ahead of you. You have goals that you want to achieve by your senior year. 

You want a college scholarship. 

You want a state championship. 

You want to prove them wrong. 

This drive -- hunger -- is vital for success. As a freshman there is no way one can predict the next four years of your career. It's unknown -- the times, places, achievements cannot be accurately anticipated.

What can be planned is how you react to challenges, your attitude when you struggle, and your resilience to bounce back from setbacks.  

As you sit down to mark out the next four years and beyond of your track and field career, here are three top tips from just a few of Florida's fastest seniors. They were in your shoes, they know what it takes. 

The Little Steps Get You To the Big Stage

It's the details that can make all the difference in your training--from getting enough rest, drinking sufficient fluids, fueling your body with the right foods, to taking the time to stretch. You will find that your body becomes more resilient and able to take on stronger training. 

In the midst of planning the course of the next four years of your high school career, plan for the little details. If you commit to going for a goal, make sure the little steps that you do daily, reflects those goals.

"Stay in the moment. It's very easy to jump to the conclusion of you signing to a college to compete, but you can't forget about the the little steps needed to get you on that big stage," Eastern Michigan signee, Daishon Spann, said.  

The details are cumulative, working together to put you in place of success. In truth they do not take a lot of time. This could mean stretching while you are hanging out with friends, meeting with your coach before your race to work on a run, jump, or throw strategy, or talking with your teachers about that one subject you might be struggling with so that you can put yourself in a place towards academic success. 

These simple details can have a world of impact to help you recover, build a stronger body, and cultivate mental strength. 

Focus on Your Race Ahead

The comparison game is real. 

Throughout the course of your athletic career it will be easy to compare yourself to others -- to wish you had the success they have, wish you had the same opportunities, wish you were where they are. 

You have to focus on your race -- your journey -- and what you can control. 

"Focus on when you're on the track. Don't worry about anyone else in the next lane," US No. 1 100m, Taylor Banks, said.

The voice that breeds comparison, like fear of failure, or fear of success is the same one that gives you performance anxiety. 

This toxic voice can consume you. It can hinder your pursuit towards your goals. 

You need to focus on your journey, on staying in your lane. 

"Results may not happen over night, but as long as you continue to work hard, remain humble, and stay hungry, it's going to pay off and take you a long way," Banks said. 

Be A Coachable Athlete

Your coach is present at your practices and in your life for a reason. They believe in you. 

Belief thrives on trust. When you can trust your coach and your training, you will see positive change not only in yourself but amongst the team. 

We here it all the time "trust the process," but when you trust the training that has been given to you, know that success will take time, and believe the insight from your coaches, you will raise your confidence in your performance. 

"It is important to remember that if you have a bad race or hard practice to keep pushing through because the reward is worth it. Follow what your coach tells you, realize track is not a microwave sport. Trusting the process along with hard work can ultimately lead to success," University of Iowa signee, LaSarah Hargrove, said. 

Don't wait around the microwave timer to just take your food out right before the time is up, be patient through the process. Know that when that timer goes off, you will reach success.