A Guide on Following FHSAA's Rules on TFRRS for 2019 Season

With the first week in the books, I wanted to take this time to review FHSAA's change to require reporting to TFRRS. 

What's Required

Results are required to be reported to TFRRS within 72 hours of the meet.  When reporting there are two key items to consider. 

  • It needs to be uploaded from Hytek/Meet Pro/or a CSV (CSV specifications be found here: https://florida.tfrrs.org/director/csv_test.html)
  • The file needs to include either TFRRS IDs or Temporary IDs for athletes which are to be used for a single meet.

Rules regarding TFRRS can be found in the manual

How to Stay Compliant

Below are ways we have found in order to accomplish what is required. Have another solution? Let us know and we will add it to the list as a resource to the community.

  • Host your meet registration on DirectAthletics - Since the IDs come from DirectAthletics, if you register for a meet on DirectAthletics IDs are already populated. The cost for registration on DirectAthletics ranges from $40-$50 per meet.
  • Host your meet on MileSplit - If you host your meet on MileSplit, IDs will need to be collected as TFRRS IDs are not distributed by FHSAA or DirectAthletics. To do so, on the Division you will need to check off "Organization ID" under required fields and select "TFRRS" in the organization dropdown. This will enforce all athletes entering the meet have an ID. MileSplit has forced all divisions that are currently set up to have this turned on as a convenience to meet directors. When your entries are downloaded, the IDs will be included and allow for a smooth upload at the concussion of the meet. Registration on MileSplit is free.

  • If your meet is one where there is no registration and/or are hand or self-timing your meet in a program which will not create the file needed for upload, MileSplit will be happy to assist you in creating a file. If your meet falls into this category, email myself at david.everett@flosports.tv and I'd be glad to help.

TFRRS ID Management in MileSplit

There are currently three ways to add TFRRS IDs to the MileSplit. IDs will just need to be entered one time.

  • Send them in an email to results@milesplit.com and we will upload IDs in bulk (instructions). This is the best option if you need to enter many IDs.
  • When entering an athlete that doesn't have an ID into the meet, a pop-up box will appear forcing you to enter the ID. Please do not enter a fake ID or another athlete's ID.

  • Navigate to an athlete profile and select "Edit Profile". On the right-hand side, you will be able to see & edit an athlete's TFRRS ID.

We are working to make this easier to manage IDs in MileSplit. In a few weeks, we will be unveiling a system where you can import your roster from a CSV or Excel file. This will allow you to both maintain your roster and add IDs for athletes in a more efficient manner.

If you want to verify your IDs, you can either go to an athlete page or more conveniently go to your team page and select "Download Roster".

Have questions? You can either email our team at registration@milesplit.com or me personally at david.everett@flosports.tv.