Florida XC, T&F Alumni Lead Pandemic Frontlines

By Dominique Smith -- Florida MileSplit Correspondent

In the fall and in the spring, thousands of young athletes lace up their spikes, put on their singlets for their respective schools and head to the starting line for their respective race or event. While some athletes might compete in events on the track or in the field, or while some athletes might be the top runner or the No. 2 runner on their cross country team, the formula for success does not change: If each athlete is successful in their individual event and competes for one another, then the team will be successful.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent shockwaves across the world and has forced everyone to adjust to a new reality for the time being. Here in the United States and more specifically, Florida, the pandemic has come in like an unwanted house guest. Despite the trying times, there's a team among us that is working diligently and bravely to keep us safe.

This team consists of nurses, doctors, medical residents, first responders and more. Some of them deal with the virus directly, while others have had to adjust how they care for their patients and serve their communities due to the virus. Each member of this team risks their lives each day for the well-being and the safety of others.

Former cross country and track athletes who competed in the state of Florida are a part of the team of heroes who look to help keep us safe during the pandemic. Here are their stories.

Stevie Wydra | Miguel Rovira | Emily VanGelder | Michael Brian Till | Lindsey Putnam |

Theo Washington | Lindee Parsons | Laura Plaza | Jade Miller