Cross Country Countdown: FHSAA 4A Girls


The lack of a full 2020 outdoor track and field season will add to the suspense for this upcoming cross country season. While drastic leaps in performances cannot be accurately predicted, we took a look at who could likely make elite moves on the cross country course this fall.

Disclaimer: Individual classes [1A, 2A, 3A, 4A] could and will likely look very different this season with the opt in option given by the FHSAA. This scouting report is based off all the current 4A member schools and individuals.

Here is the scouting report for FHSAA 4A girls.

Timber Creek junior, Amber Schulz, is 4A's top returner from last year's state meet with her 17:56 fourth place finish back in 2019. 

Krystal Rodriguez of Coral Reef and Elizabeth Iliff of Creekside are the only other two remaining 4A returners from last year's top ten. Expect to see these three be your leaders in the 4A rankings this season as all of them have the capability to go sub 18-minutes on the Apalachee Regional Park course. 

Don't sleep on Mary Ellen Eudaly, Jessica Neal, Jacquelyn Abanses, Keleigh Scallon, Alicia Ruiz, Lillian Holteryand Pia Beaulieu this season. These ladies are ready to make some big moves and break the 18:10 minute barrier on the Apalachee Regional Park course and will be part of that front pack that includes Schulz, Rodriguez, and Iliff. Beaulieu is coming off a strong return of a track season after taking off XC in 2019, expect to see her rise in the rankings. 

Pre-season performances indicate that we should all be watching for Isabella Babilonia and Emma Noel in class 4A this season. Babilonia debut her senior season with a big win at the Cecil Field Summer Classic and Noel at the Set Goals Not Limits 5k late this August. If these ladies are crushing it now in this pre-season, no telling where they will be later this November. 

Keep your eyes out for Blake Petrick, Kasumi Wade, Penelope Sosa, and Mei Chiang this season as well. Chiang and her Fleming Island team will hope to put some pressure on Lourdes and Plant for a podium finish this season. She leads her team with an 18:56 heading into 2020 season with a 1-5 split of 1:20. But, will it be enough to hold off Joanna Diez and her Lourdes squad and their 1-5 split of 1:02.70? 

It will be a tough battle with the historically talented, HB Plant, in the race. Eudaly and her teammate Arlie Rubin will seek to get their top five sub 19:40 this season in order to secure their 12th team state title.