New Rankings Filter Separating Public & Private Schools!

Evangelical Christian's Ava Povich and St. John's Country Day's Matthew Stratton own the fastest times so far by private school runners in Florida with Povich's 18:28 run at Dunbar Tiger Jamboree and Stratton's 15:21 performance at the Cecil Field Summer Classic. 

We have added new rankings filters for schools in Florida that can break down schools by category type of what they are classified by the FHSAA and Florida Department of Education in terms of being public, private, charter, university lab schools, or virtual schools. Simply click on the league drop down on any rankings page and look for the school category 

Since Florida has a very diverse group of schools that all compete together in the same association and championship series, it is interesting to see how each school would do if they were separated as well competing against only similar schools as well. For example, what if there was a public school state meet and a private school state meet? Find out those hypotheticals below.

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