Tom 'Tinman' Schwartz Shares His Wisdom With Florida Coaches

Tom "Tinman" Schwartz, who has built a name for himself across the country for his training approach, plans, and working with as well as developing elite runners at multiple levels including high school traveled down to Miami to be the headlining speaker for the first annual Miami Running Clinic hosted by Gulliver Prep coach David Suarez on Saturday, August 13th. 

He ended up speaking with coaches for well over 3 hours between his formal and in-depth presentation topic on "Applied Physiology for Running Coaches", answering questions throughout from the audience, challenging the coaches to break into groups to put together and present their own training plan for a week, and more one on one discussions as the clinic wrapped up. 

Check out our 20-minute post-clinic presentation interview with Schwartz as discuss his time working with Rheinhardt Harrison as his private coach throughout high school to be Florida's first sub-4-minute high school miler, how to make a relationship or situation work with a high school and private coach, and the biggest message or theme wanted to get through to the coaches during his presentation.