Two Team Brawl Breaks Out At End Of Florida Regional

MIAMI, Fla. -- At the end of the FHSAA 3A Region 4 track meet on Thursday evening at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami following the conclusion of the 4x400 meter relay, a brawl broke out between members of the track and field teams at Rockledge High School in Brevard County and Miami Northwestern High School in Miami-Dade County.

It was an ugly finish to arguably what was going to be labeled as possibly one of the best and most competitive regional meets in the state of Florida after a day of national-class performances and thrilling races at 3A Region 4.

As a result of the incident, both boys track and field teams from Miami Northwestern High School and Rockledge High School were disqualified by FHSAA officials from the meet and all of their regional meet results eradicated.

As it currently stands, neither team will be sending any boys qualifiers to compete at the state meet to be held in two weeks in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida.

The melee went on for 15 minutes or longer and it involved student-athletes and adults, with coaches and officials trying to intervene.

The fighting seemed to stem after a spirited boys 4x400 meter relay battle to conclude the meet, with Rockledge just edging Miami Northwestern at the line with both teams recording times of 3:17.

There was alleged trash talk after the race between the teams -- and others not on the relay -- that ignited the dispute, which took a turn for the worse and became physical.

One student-athlete, we learned, was concussed in the several altercations that occurred in spurts. Police, officials and coaches on-site were unable to fully stop the fighting for an extended period of time.

Others, we also learned, needed medical attention for scrapes, cuts and injuries. Flrunners witnessed several punches being thrown, along with the stomping and kicking of individuals down on the ground.

Both of the team's girls teams were not impacted in any disqualifications.

As the FHSAA, local law enforcement and both schools investigate the matter independently, the eligibility of the athletes who did not participate or engage in the fighting remains in limbo.

With the entire team being punished, state-bound athletes who may have already left the meet or were in other areas of the venue for both teams were also disqualified from the regional, despite not having any involvement in the fight.

One athlete, Rockledge distance runner Devin Makousky, was a potential state qualifier in two races and was not involved or on the infield when the fighting occurred.

The FHSAA is not closing the door completely on athletes not involved in the fighting, but the problem will be for them in determining who was involved and not as any video evidence is even tough to distinguish in a large mass of altercations who was present and actively fighting.

Video: Boys 4x400 race between Rockledge and Miami Northwestern that preceded the fight. 

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There is no question that there will be severe consequences and ramifications for both programs as a result of the brawl by numerous student-athletes at each school, which included a complete loss of control and order by the coaches and officials. 

Prior to the disqualification, both Rockledge and Miami Northwestern were ranked among the top six teams in the 3A classification.

Even if only members of their 4x400 meter relay squad are disqualified, a modified level of punishment will still have a significant impact on how well both teams compete at the state meet. will provide more updates on the situation as more details emerge.

Top 10 Ranked 3A Boys Teams

Zamarii Sanders 100m 10 200m 212
Brandon Bennett 100m 6 200m 511
Braden Parris 100m 1.5 200m 89.5
Braylen Bennett 100m 1.51.5
American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation) 4x100m 1010
Christien Moreau S 88
Jarrell Jimenez 400H 55
Ponte Vedra HS 4x800m 33
Nathan Lebowitz D 10 S 313
Vincent Jackson J 88
Henry Gainer PV 88
Landen Scott PV 5.55.5
Layne Swafford S 66
Jake Guarnera S 22
Joseph Socarras 1600m 10 800m 1020
Joshua Ruiz 1600m 4 3200m 812
Joseph Ruiz 3200m 44
Marcelo Mantecon 3200m 22
Belen Jesuit Preparatory School 4x800m 1010
Henry Amador PV 1.51.5
Devin Jones 400H 6 800m 39
Miami Northwestern HS 4x100m 8 4x400m 10 4x800m 826
Daniel Jean-charles 800m 22
Guylijah Theodure HJ 2.52.5
Choctawhatchee HS 4x100m 3 4x400m 8 4x800m 415
Kaleb Hollins 800m 55
Isaiah Johnson LJ 1010
Owen Burks TJ 44
Rios Prude Jr. 100m 3 400m 1013
Devin Makousky 1600m 1 3200m 3 800m 15
Rockledge HS 4x100m 66
Jacquez Lawson LJ 66
Lorenzo Bell Jr TJ 22
Graham Myers 1600m 8 3200m 614
Fleming Island HS 4x800m 66
Roman Mollicone 800m 66
Jarius Rodgers HJ 5.55.5
Chris Johnson 100m 5 200m 1015
Dillard HS 4x400m 55
Edward Louis LJ 7.57.5
Rance Grace 110H 5 400H 38
Lincoln HS 4x400m 33
Kendrick Scott D 66
Ladarion Dudley S 1010
Matthew McKnight 110H 8 400H 816
Terrance Honeywood 400H 11
Miami Norland HS 4x400m 44