FACA Preseason Cross Country State Rankings

It's time for the FACA / flrunners.com Volunteer Pollster's Preseason Cross Country State Rankings!

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Girls State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Girls Rankings

  By: Nathan Means, Mount Dora Bible School, nathan.means@chbs.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: So the pre-season rankings are due and I really don't know who is who coming into the season.  Not many transfers have come to my attention, so this will probably get completely blown up in two weeks.  With Katie Caples, Astronaut, and Seffner in week 1, and UF, Deland, and Jim Ryun in week 2, we should have a good indication by the next poll of where teams really stack up.  ("Previous" rankings are 1A State meet places)
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Oak Hall School, R2 (2) Ahead by only a little bit.  Once again, it looks like 4 and 5 are pulling them ahead
2. Holy Trinity Academy, R3 (3) Behind by only a little bit.  Tighten up the pack and they can rise to the top
3. Providence School, R1 (1) Not a returner in the top ten, but a tight pack puts them safely in third
4. Maclay School, R1 (4) Two returners in the top ten, but 3 through 5 are way back
5. Shorecrest Prep, R3 (8) Addition of Eaton solidifies the spot but doesn't move them up
6. Westminster Academy, R4 (5) Barely at the top of a tight group of five to round out the top ten
7. Keswick Christian, R3 (15) Not as much top talent but a tighter pack than Westminster
8. Trinity Prep, R2 (9) One in the top ten, but really need help at the back to move up
9. Community School of Naples, R3 (6) Best returning 2, 3, & 4-spots of any of these five teams, but 5 is way back there
10. St. Johns Country Day School, R1 (13) Close behind 6 through 9, good chance to move up if all of them improve
11. Lakeland Christian School, R3 (11) Lots of room to improve from the 2nd runner on back
12. Seffner Christian Academy HS, R2 (14) Needs a boost from 3 on back to move up
13. Out of Door Academy, R3 (NR) First of the really vulnerable teams, will have to improve across the board to stay up here
14. Jay HS, R1 (19) Practically tied with 15th team, another that will have to improve at every position
15. Brevard HEAT, R3 (NR) Strong 1 through 3 but needs help from the back half of the team

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary: Again, I've only heard of a few transfers and discovered a couple of others.  These are the returning athletes from last year's state meet.  I'll give them their due until someone else takes it.  And times will be posted when they've been run in regular-season races.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Julie Wollrath, 10 - Holy Trinity Academy (1) Defending state champ in XC and 3200m.  'Nuff said.
2. Stefanie Kurgatt, 12 - Maclay School (2)  
3. Alex Eaton, 12 - Shorecrest Prep (NR)  
4. Kelly Fahey, 12 - Trinity Prep (5)  
5. Adair Lyden, 9 - Westminster Academy (7)  
6. Brittney Olinger, 11 - Oak Hall School (9)  
7. Eden Meyer, 11 - Providence School (10)  
8. Lauren Perry, 8 - Oak Hall School (12)  
9. Camille Jackson, 12 - Providence School (13)  
10. Sarah McBeath, 12 - Evangelical Christian School (14)  
11. Emily Chapman, 10 - Brevard HEAT (15)  
12. Kristin Sweeney, 12 - Maclay School (16)  
13. Sabrina Whiting, 11 - Seffner Christian Academy HS (18)  
14. Bobbi Labrant, 10 - Indian Rocks Christian (19)  
15. Denae Chapman, 9 - Circle Christian School (20)  
16. Mackenzie Dummer, 12 - Holy Trinity Academy (21)  
17. Mallory White, 12 - Lakeland Christian School (22)  
18. Victoria Camargo, 9 - Florida Christian (23)  
19. Olivia Rovin, 8 - Shorecrest Prep (24)  
20. Emily Stallings, 11 - Providence School (25)  
21. Brianna Wahy, 12 - Holy Trinity Academy (26)  
22. Grace Blair, 7 - Oak Hall School (27)  
23. Lindsay Tomaini, 9 - Community School of Naples (29)  
24. Barbara Lyerly, 10 - St. Johns Country Day (31)  
25. Cali Gumpel, 10 - Wellington Christian (32)  



2A Girls Rankings

  By: Doug Nowlin, Pine Crest School, doug.nowlin@pinecrest.edu

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Next Update I will try to have more team rankings, depending on reported results.  Similar to last year, there does not seem to be any particular team capable of distancing themselves from the competition.  Should make for a very exciting year!
  Team Name, Region    Comments:
1. Carrollton, R4   Defending 2a State Champions.  Only lost one runner from their strong pack.  It is their title to defend!
2. Bolles, R1   Last year's official runner-up.  A sentimental favorite for those girls who graciously and unselfishly gave up their medals at last year's state championship.  Great role-models for outstanding sportsmanship!
3. Bishop Kenny, R1   One of the tightest, sub-20:00 packs in 2a.  These girls will keep the team standings very close.
4. American Heritage, Plantation, R4 Very talented girls, and parents are some of the most enthusiastic fans in the state.  But 2 of their top 5 have transferred, plus all 3 coaches from last year's team have left.  If Miss Rogers stays healthy, she will keep Heritage in contention for a State crown.
5. Cocoa Beach, R3   Lost 2a State Champ Shelby Davidson to graduation, but this girls' team should still place well.
6. Academy of Holy Names, R3   Two talented girls up-front will pace this team to a successful season.
7. Ransom Everglades, R4   In a State with many great coaches, Ransom's are some of the very best!  Their teams always do well at the State Championship.
8. Pensacola Catholic, R1   Several returning girls will ensure Pensacola Catholic is a strong contender.
9. Gulf, R2   Solid team, let by Kari Grippo.
10. Bishop Moore, R2   Well-coached team ensures Bishop Moore is always ready to run with anyone.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Athletes, Coaches and Parents: I hope to be able to recognize the achievements of as many 2a girls, and their teams, as possible.  Please keep me informed!  Transfers, injuries, course length discrepancies, especially challenging terrain and weather, unreported results, etc.  Lots of variables to consider as I compile these rankings about six times this season.  I promise to be fair and research the 2a news and results extensively.  I wish all 2a girls and their teams the very best this season.  See you at the races!
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team    Time, Comments:
1. Sarah Day, 12th, West Shore   Sarah ran an 18:37 5K at Wickham Park on Saturday (9/1). If anyone wants to be ranked at the top, beat that!
2. Daesha Rogers, 8th, American Heritage, Plantation Daesha asserted herself as one of America's top young track runners this summer.  Typically uses September to recover, so we may not hear from her for a few more weeks.  Nonetheless, expect a high ranking for her throughout the season.
3. Ashley Heitling, 12th, Mt. Dora   Ashley's senior year should find her near the top throughout the season.
4. (Tie) Claire Snyder, 11th, Holy Names   Transfer from 1a where she excelled for Tampa Prep.  Welcome to 2a, Claire!
4. (Tie) Colleen Doherty, 10th, Holy Names   Colleen and Claire give Holy Names a solid punch at the front of any race.
6. Lauren Archer, 9th, Ransom Everglades   Anyone who saw Lauren chase Daesha in track this spring knows the gap is getting closer and closer.
7. Adair Lyden, 9th, Lake Nona   Transfer from 1a.  Fierce competitor and always exciting to watch.  Welcome to 2a, Adair!
8. Rachelle Alexander, 12th, American Heritage Plantation Rochelle is an especially strong track runner and always a consistent cross-country runner.
9. Kari Grippo, 11th, Gulf   Kari's achievements have made her Gulf team contenders.
10. McKenzie Wilson, 9th, Bolles   Transfer from 2a Episcopal.  McKenzie is a huge boost to an already-strong Bolles team!



3A Girls Rankings

  By: Kevin Wable, Leon HS parent, kevinwable@gmail.com

Team Rankings:

  Team Name, Region  Comments:
1. Estero HS- Region 3 Great Program- No Doubt, Solid Top to Bottom w/ Astonishing Talent
2. Ft Walton Beach- Region 1 Impressive Talent Returning & New Talent Pushing the Program  to Close the Gap on #1
3. Wiregrass Ranch- Region 2 Makes the Most of its Talent, Climbing to the #3 Spot
4. Lakewood Ranch- Region 3 A Solid Program, With Great Opportunity this Season
5. Niceville HS- Region 1 The Eagles are Flying High w/ Solid Core of Returning Runners
6. Gulf Coast HS- Region 3 Looks like the Sharks can Break into the Top 5 w/ a Solid Season 
7. Nease HS- Region 1 Scoring for the Panthers comes in Fast & Furious- Keeping Neighboring Programs on their Toes
8. Northeast HS- Region 3 Such a Balance Among the Top 5 Runners Makes this Team a Force
9. Choctawhatchee HS- Region 1 This Program Challenges its Rivals to Make the Bay Area a Hot Spot for XC
10. Merritt Island HS- Region 4  The 1st Region 4 team in the poll- with Good Scoring Talent, Rounds Out the Top 10
11. Bartram Trail HS- Region 1 Another Region 1 team that has Potential & Talent to Earn a Top 10 Ranking
12. Creekside HS- Region 1 The Knights can Challenge for a Top 10 Ranking- Consistancy is their Core
13. Chiles HS- Region  A Solid Program w/ a Good Work Ethic- Keeps the Timberwolves on Everyones Radar 
14. St. Cloud HS- Region 2 With Young Talent the Bulldogs are Nipping at Everyone Heels to get in that Top 10
15. Ft. Myers HS- Region 3  Returning Talent Keeps Ft. Myers secures the Number 15 Spot in a Tight Poll

Individual Rankings:

  Athlete Name, Grade – Team  Time, Comments:
1. Kacy Smith, Senior- Estero HS 17:47.21, Ready to Establish herself at the Top Spot 
2. Nikita Shah, Senior-Wiregrass Ranch HS 17:52.20, A Challenger for the Top Position as Well
3. Ivy Chastain, Senior- Ft Walton Beach HS 17:53.00, The Top Runner on a Team Loaded w/ Strong Talent 
4. Rachel Givens, Senior- Chiles HS 18:06.94, Coming Off a Great Track Season- Leading Chiles after Losing Senior Talent
5. Caroline Barlow, Junior- Gulf Coast HS 18:46.99, A Top 5  Finalist in the 3200 Gives Her an Edge for the Fall
6. Bethany Jenkins, Junior-  Estero HS 18:19.47, An Easy pick for Top 5, Strong, Talented & Not to be Discounted
7. Marsel Mosley, Senior- Niceville HS 18:19.71 Senior Talent on a Strong Eagles Squad
8. Emma Rudman, Freshman- Ft Walton HS Too Much Talent on a Team Loaded w/ It-Could Be Better Than an 8th 
9. Allison Wilson, Senior- Leesburg HS 18:18.37, Another Runner Coming Off a Great Track Season- 
10. Katy Solis, Senior- Estero HS 18:26.13, Strong Talent- An Easy Pick to Round out the Top Ten, Not Overlooked
11. Autumn White, Sophomore- Ft Walton Beach HS 18:51.00, Another Solid Runner on a "Rising" Team
12. Sara Steele, Junior- Choctawhatchee HS 18:50.00, Top Performer for the Indians- Gunning for a Top 10 Spot
13. Elizabeth Harper, Senior- Merritt Island HS 18:50.00, Returning for a Senior Season, Hard Work Over The Summer Should Pay Off 
14. Hanna Loder, Senior- Matanzas HS 18:47.32, A Spirted Runner that is Strong Enough to Challenge for a Top 10 Spot
15. Sara Heisner, Senior- Creekside HS 18:55.15, Finished Last Season 15th & Could be Better for Her Senior Year



4A Girls Rankings

  By: Ryan Raposo, John A. Ferguson HS, ryanraposo@gmail.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary: It's hard to believe we're almost back in the swing of cross country season, but racing start in just a couple of days! For these team rankings, I primarily looked at 1) returning team's depth, 2) last year's state results [minus seniors], 3) track & field prowess, and 4) other miscellaneous things such as transfers, athletes returning from injury, or incoming freshmen. So take everything with a grain of salt, because it's just preseason rankings without any real results, but here's my 7th Annual 4A Girls Teams Preseason Rankings! =)
What to look for this weekend: #3 Lourdes and #4 St. Thomas racing at the UM Greentree Invitational this Saturday, with defending State Champions, 2A #1 Carrollton, in the mix as well. It should be very exciting!
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
T-1. Plant, 2 (1) Two years in a row with a preseason tie for first place? Absolutely! These back-to-back State Champion Plant Panthers return an outstanding six athletes sub 20 minutes for a 5k and picked up a top 800m runner, Caroline Bado (2:21)! During track & field they had five individual distance state qualifiers (in seven events) and a state runner-up 4x800m performance. Five of the returning top seven, plus Bado, are all seniors this year, so we'll see how they all approach this season. I'd bet most of them have three-peat on their minds, but as Coach Harrison says "You never know with seniors" and I completely understand what he means.
T-1. Ferguson, 4 (2) Tied for the top slot is the team that finished just two points short of the top podium spot last fall. These Falcons are ranked #1 on paper, however they're just a notch behind Plant on depth, so both team will share first place this week. Ferguson returns five girls sub 20, with their #6 right behind at 20:15. During track & field they had five individual distance state qualifiers as well, plus the 4x800m state championship team. Completely different from Plant, they only have one senior in their varsity, so much maturity will be needed to catch the more experienced and disciplined team they shared the podium with in 2011.
3. Lourdes, 4 (5) The mighty Bobcats also return an outstanding five girls sub 20 minutes in the 5k, even with an injury prone season last year, but expect them to have regained their health and be ready for top competition fighting for the podium once again! During track & field season, just as during cross country, they battled back and forth with Ferguson all year long, and they also had a 4x800m 6th placed team this past May. If history is indicative of anything, it's that Lourdes always competes at a high level all season long, so be on the lookout for them because they should be coming at full force this year!
4. St. Thomas Aquinas, 3 (3) The St. Thomas Raiders is the fourth team that I think is in strong contention for a podium position this year. They're no longer the dark horse; they're one of four in what could be an even closer state meet than last year! On paper they might not look as strong, but with four sub 20 girls and they're new freshman pick-up (Alexa Cruz) and track pick-up (Nariah Jean-baptiste) they'll be right in the mix. During track they also had five individual distance state qualifiers (in seven events) plus a heart break 4x800m relay DQ, that otherwise would have placed them as state runner-up. I have no doubt they're hungry after last year's 3rd place state cross country finish, only missing the championship by 4 measly points!
5. Olympia, 1 (4) These Titans look to be on that next tier after the four above "contending teams", but only because they are just missing the depth of the teams above. Three girls in the 18s, but none in the 19s, and only one in the 20s. Although, last year they picked up two outstanding freshmen, so if they have something up their sleeves once again, then who knows what the future holds! Olympia also had a strong track season with their 4x800m girls finishing in 4th at the state championship, so be on the look-out for them again this year!
6. Hagerty, 1 (6) Another team with a great pack squad, that also has a strong front-runner in Bryce Seymour, is the Huskies of Hagerty. Filling the 6th slot just as they did last year at state, I think this could be a sleeper team. Their only drawback is that their pack isn't as strong as the top four teams on this list, but with a dedicated squad progressing together, anything is possible. Hagerty also medaled at the track & field state championship in the 4x800m relay just as did the teams above.
7. Lake Mary, 1 (NR) Preseason ranked 7th in the state without being a state team from a year ago?! Apparently they're just another victim of the ever-so-tough Region 1 of Death; meaning the teams are so competitive that even very good squads can't finish in the top 6 to qualify to the state championship. But with only losing one senior from last year's varsity, expect these Rams to make it to the big show that they missed out on last year!
8. Sarasota Riverview, 2 (9) A different group of Rams fall just a notch below Lake Mary; but these Rams look to be one of the strongest teams in their Region once again this year. They're a young squad with a strong history, so look for the Sarasota Riverview girls to be aiming for top ten again this season. The only thing keeping them from currently moving up on this list is that they don't have much depth. All of the girls after the top 5 need to work on closing that pack! 
9. Winter Park, 1 (NR) The Wildcats are back! At least in my rankings, they are. A very strong young group, that had a very good track & field season, including a 3rd place state finals 4x800m finish, should be another team fighting for a top ten spot at the state cross country meet this year. Great depth, they just need to work on closing up that spread and they'll be closing in on the teams above them.
10. Colonial, 1 (NR) Another Region 1 squad boxed out a year ago (by only 15 points in the 7th spot!), is the Grenadier squad from Colonial. Looking at their returning squad, they just make it into the top ten because of their front four girls, but just as is a common theme with most of the teams coming later on this list, depth is the key missing factor. They need to work on that back half of the varsity and close up their team gap! But top ten is definitely in sight.
11. Seminole, 2 (13) The Seminole War Hawks are just outside my top ten, but can definitely work their way into that group this season. They're a strong pack team, just not quite as quick as some of the teams just above them. If that pack can move up together, expect big things!
12. Park Vista, 3 (16) The second Region 3 team, the Cobras, brings back their strong front-runner Laurel Brennan from injury, and adding her to a tight squad should easily place them in the top 15 at the state meet this year. They're pretty good through five runners, but there isn't a lot of depth behind that. Stay healthy girls!
T-13. Spruce Creek, 1 (7) Another tight battle this year will be that final Region 1 spot and this team and the one below are both deserving of a preseason ranking. The Hawks of Spruce Creek got beat by Dr. Phillips by 1 point at last year's Region but returned the favor by 21 at the State finals. However, this year that 1 point might be the difference in qualifying to the big show or not.
T-13. Dr. Phillips, 1 (8) Led by Bridget Blake, who should need no introduction, these Panthers will be fighting for that last Region 1 spot with their returners from last year. On paper they're really weak for the back half of their varsity, but I have no doubt they'll fill in those slots and with a couple of improvements behind Blake and Johnson, and this could be a top ten team again this season.
14. Palm Harbor University, 2 (NR) The Hurricanes are back after missing the State meet as a team last year, and I have them jumping into the top 15 to start off the season! Led by a couple of good juniors, PHU is looking to try and close their pack and work on their depth for 2012!
15. Wharton, 2 (20) The last state medaling 4x800m team on the list, Wharton jumps 5 places on my list from their state finish last season. A decent pack team, with a little bit of depth, they're just trying to move up as a squad to try and hold that top 15 spot.
T-16. Freedom, 2 (14) Another two-way tie for a final spot in a Region, the Freedom Patriots has a slight advantage due to a stronger #1, but don't think Newsome isn't right on their tail!
T-16. Newsome, 2 (NR) Just as I wrote about, it's a tight race for the sixth spot in Region 2. The wolves need to try and work their tighter pack just past Freedom if they want to make it to state this season.
17. Jupiter, 3 (12) Led by strong front runner Courteney Zboyan, these Warriors have some work to do with their pack if they want to stay in the top 20!
18. South Dade, 4 (18) The Buccaneers should be back once again at the state meet, but even with a strong returning group, I don't foresee much upward progression from where they left off last year. Top 15 could be a in range, but beyond that is a pretty tight race!
19. Spanish River, 3 (NR) The silver streak Sharks should be back at the state meet after having an off season, but how far this strong group of primarily juniors gets has yet to be written!
20. Dwyer, 3 (23) The third set of Panthers on this list, this strong pack team needs to work together to progress so they can start picking off teams on this list!
21. Cypress Bay, 3 (NR) Led by top competitor Katherine MacNeal, having her stagger should help the Lightning work their way back into the state meet. Unfortunately there isn't much depth on this squad.
22. Coral Reef, 4 (22) The Barracudas have a decent top five returning from last season, but hopefully a couple of strong incoming freshmen can solidify their varsity and move that varsity pack up a little bit.
23. Miami Sunset, 4 (NR) These Knight ladies should be back at the state meet this season, but nothing is guaranteed with Coral Gables right on their heels.
24. Coral Gables, 4 (24) The last team in last year remains where they were one year ago. These Cavaliers could possibly catch up Sunset with some decent training, but for now, they're fine where they are.
  Virtual Meet (2011 times):   Virtual Meet Notes: Bryce Seymour (Hagerty) transferred back in; Laurel Brennan (Park Vista) is back from injury.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Same format as last year for me, for the top returning individuals, I listed who I felt were the top returning 30 girls from the 2011 season (almost all have sub 20:00 PRs) and then I shifted them around based on their track & field performances. No jamboree or time trial times here. I also listed: Other potential top runners, including: Other 5k sub 20:00 girls; girls who broke 12:00 for the 3200m run; girls who broke 5:30 for the 1600m run; and girls who broke 2:20 for the 800m. If I have missed someone, or there is an error, please let me know! =)
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Bridget Blake, 12 - Dr. Phillips (NR) 17:26 PR, Two-Time Defending State CC Champion; 3200m (2xChamp)- 10:42 PR, 1600m (2xChamp)- 4:56 PR, 800m- 2:14 PR
2. Bryce Seymour, 12 - HAGERTY (NR) 17:41 PR, #3 returnee; 3200m- 10:53, 1600m- 5:12; Transfer from 1A
3. Emily Headly, 10 - Olympia (NR) 18:10 PR, #2 returnee; 3200m- 11:48, 1600m- 5:13
4. Julia Rodriguez, 12 - Plant (NR) 19:06 SB, #15 returnee; 3200m- 11:07, 1600m- 5:14
5. Meagan Schloss, 10 - St. Thomas (NR) 18:52 PR, #6 returnee; 3200m- 11:14, 1600m- 5:16
6. Scarlott Fox, 12 - Plant (NR) 18:47 PR, #5 returnee; 1600m- 5:08, 800m- 2:16
7. Amber Johnson, 12 - Dr. Phillips (NR) 18:44 PR, #4 returnee; 3200m- 11:29, 1600m- 5:11 SB
8. Kaitlyn Campo, 12 - Olympia (NR) 18:24 PR, #19 returnee; 3200m- 11:24, 1600m- 5:16
9. Courtney Filliben, 12 - Lourdes (NR) 19:12 SB, #11 returnee; 3200m- 11:37 SB, 1600m- 5:09, 800m- 2:15
10. Aylwyn Hernandez, 10 - Ferguson (NR) 19:12 PR, #9 returnee; 3200m- 11:42, 1600m- 5:22, 800m- 2:18
11. Charlotte Stevens, 11 - Winter Park (NR) 19:00 PR, #28 returnee; 3200m- 11:59, 1600m- 5:08, 800m- 2:20
12. Christina Kalis, 11 - St. Thomas (NR) 19:41 SB, back from injury; 1600m- 5:15, 800m- 2:15
13. Katherine MacNeal, 11 - Cypress Bay (NR) 19:47 PR, #30 returnee; 1600m- 5:11, 800m- 2:20
14. Caroline Gibson, 12 - Plant (NR) 19:43 SB, #39 returnee; 3200m- 11:31 SB, 1600m- 5:20 SB
15. Stephanie de la Guarda, 11 - Ferguson (NR) 19:06 PR, #41 returnee; 3200m- 11:52 SB, 1600m- 5:13, 800m- 2:21
16. Kaley Schmick, 10 - Cypress Creek (NR) 18:57 PR. #14 returnee; 3200m- 11:34, 1600m- 5:23
17. Courteney Zboyan, 10 - Jupiter (NR) 19:24 PR, #16 returnee; 3200m- 11:36, 1600m- 5:21
18. Brianna Rischar, 10 - St. Thomas (NR) 19:21 PR, #12 returnee; 3200m- 11:39, 1600m- 5:23
19. Lourdes Brea, 11 - Lourdes (NR) 19:05 SB, #20 returnee; 3200m- 11:43, 1600m- 5:20
20. Regan Farrow, 12 - Lake Howell (NR) 19:06 SB, #13 returnee; 3200m- 11:48, 1600m- 5:26
21. Abigal Hagan, 11 - Sarasota Riverview (NR) 19:29 SB, #29 returnee; 1600m- 5:19, 800m- 2:28
22. Laurel Brennan, 12 - Park Vista (NR) 19:51 SB, back from injury; 1600m- 5:21, 800m- 2:21
23. Emily Perkinson, 12 - Colonial (NR) 19:22 PR, 3200m- 11:53, 1600m- 5:26
24. Emily Hernandez, 11 - Ferguson (NR) 19:18 PR, #10 returnee; 3200m- 12:02, 1600m- 5:25
25. Sarah Carrion, 11 - Lake Mary (NR) 19:42 PR, 1600m- 5:28, 800m- 2:25
26. Katrina Santiago, 11 - Ferguson (NR) 19:46 PR, #25 returnee; 3200m- 11:41, 1600m- 5:31 SB, 800m- 2:27
27. Anna Montgomery, 11 - Plant (NR) 19:49 PR, #36 returnee; 3200m- 11:52, 1600m- 5:33
28. Lea Tardanico, 12 - Varela (NR) 20:28 PR, #40 returnee; 3200m- 11:42, 1600m- 5:33, 800m- 2:35
29. Sarah Raymond, 11 - Palm Harbor Univ. (NR) 19:34 PR, #17 returnee; 3200m- 12:19, 1600m- 5:36
30. Lauren Gavulic, 10 - Ferguson (NR) 19:28 PR, #22 returnee; 3200m- 12:10, 1600m- 5:40 SB
  Other girls to look for:    
  Marina Braynon-Moore, 11 - St. Thomas (NR) 19:18 PR, #20 returnee; 3200m- 12:13, 1600m- 5:42
  Cristina Figueras, 11 - Lourdes (NR) 19:02 SB, #7 returnee; 1600m- 5:43 SB (Injury)
  Taylor Watson, 10 - Olympia (NR) 18:52 PR, #8 returnee; NO TRACK
  Courtney Jacobazzi, 12 - Coral Springs (NR) 19:41 PR, #32 returnee; 3200m- 12:11, 1600m- 5:37, 800m- 2:34
  Samantha Abbott, 12 - Lake Mary (NR) 19:33 PR, 3200m- 12:14 SB, 1600m- 5:40 SB
  Emily Castella, 10 - Lourdes (NR) 19:39 PR, #34 returnee, 3200m- 12:41, 1600m- 5:30, 800m- 2:27
  Haley Albers, 11 - Hagerty (NR) 19:43 PR, #62 returnee; 3200m- 12:23, 1600m- 5:34, 800m- 2:32
  Erica Oosterhout, 10 - Plant (NR) 19:34 PR, #18 returnee; NO TRACK
  Cassie Ketchum, 10 - Boone (NR) 19:41 PR, #54 returnee; NO TRACK
  3200m Run, sub 12:00 runners    
  Ellyn Snider, 12 - Spanish River (NR) 20:40 SB, 3200m- 11:57, 1600m- 5:31
  Brianna Jackson, 12 - Newsome (NR) 21:20 SB, 3200m- 11:44, 1600m- 5:29
  1600m Run, sub 5:30 runners    
  Melissa Westmorland, 12 - Jupiter (NR) 20:48 PR, 1600m- 5:18, 800m- 2:27
  Rachel Licea, 12 - Ferguson (NR) 20:15 PR, 3200m- 12:11 SB, 1600m- 5:26 SB, 800m- 2:19
  Mariah Henderson, 11 - Wharton (NR) 20:44 PR, 3200m- 12:10, 1600m- 5:21
  Erica Lersch, 10 - East Lake (NR) NO CROSS COUNTRY, 1600m- 5:23, 800m- 2:30
  Jayden Davila-Mcclary, 10 - West Orange (NR) NO CROSS COUNTRY, 1600m- 5:25, 800m- 2:30
  Julie Roggeman, 12 - Bloomingdale (NR) 20:09 PR, 1600m- 5:29, 800m- 2:23
  Alex Meneses, 11 - Boone (NR) 21:00 SB, 1600m- 5:29, 800m- 2:31
  Marina Macguire, 10 - Cypress Creek (NR) 20:45 PR, 1600m- 5:29, 800m- 2:38
  Hannah Prock, 12 - Monarch (NR) 21:19 PR, 1600m- 5:30
  800m Run, sub 2:20 runners    
  Michelle Howell, 12 - Seminole Ridge (NR) 20:01 PR, 800m- 2:19, 400m- 55.5
  Taylor Johnson, 12 - Hagerty (NR) 20:12 PR, 800m- 2:17, 400m- 63.5 SB
  Danielle Turk, 12 - Oviedo (NR) 20:08 SB, 800m- 2:19 SB, 400m- 62.0
  Mikaela Palelis, 12 - Orange City (NR) 21:46 PR, 800m- 2:19, 400m- 60.9
  Paige Way, 12 - Flagler Palm Coast (NR) 21:56 PR, 800m- 2:20, 400m- 60.2



Boys State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Boys Rankings

  By: Ken Vinal, Trinity Preparatory School, vinalk@trinityprep.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Since 2004, Holy Trinity and Trinity Prep have shared the medal stand at the state meet six times. Holy Trinity won in 2004, 2008, and 2011, and Trinity Prep won in 2007, 2009, 2010. Those two teams will make it seven co-appearances at the state meet in Tallahassee with Holy Trinity claiming the state championship.
Circle Christian, Maclay, and McKeel have strong teams, and are a runner or two away from kicking one of the Trinity’s off the medal stand on 17 November. I ranked them 3, 4, 5, but it easily could be 3, 3a, and 3b.
The (Prev.) are the team places from the 2011 State Championship.
Quote of the week:” Cross country is like poker. You have to be holding five good cards all the time.” R. Geiger
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Holy Trinity, 3 (1) The Tigers may just be the best team in Florida.
2. Trinity Prep, 2 (2) The Saints look to capitalize on a strong track season.
3. Circle Christian, 2 (4) The Centurions ave the talent to challenge TP for the Region 2 crown.
4. Maclay, 1 (5) Vikings have a strong 1, 2, 3.
5. McKeel, 3 (10) With one senior in the top 5 the Wildcats have a bright future. This year is a preparation for a 2013 state championship run.
6. Pensecola Christian, 1 (14) The Warriors have Region 1 perennial champion Macly in their sights.
7. Shorecrest Prep, 3 (NR) The Chargers will be a top 10 team in Tallahassee after missing last years state meet.
8. Bishop Snyder, 1 (8) These Cardinals will fly high with their eye on Maclay and Pensecola Christian in Region 1
9. Seffner Christian, 2 (9) Senior Noah Lambert leads the Crusaders back to the state meet.
10. Mount Dora Bible, 2 (7) The Bulldogs were 5th at the Ted Benz preseason meet.
11. Keswick Christian, 3 (17) The Crusaders and Shorecrest will battle for runners-up in Region 3.
12. Kings Academy, 4 (15) The Lions are the Kings of Region 4
13. Tampa Prep, 2 (6) These Terapins will have to run fast to guarantee a trip to Tallahassee.
14. PK Yonge, 2 (3) The Blue Wave has the talent to surprise a team or two in Region 2.
15. Calvary Christian Academy, 4 (NR) The Eagles 3200m times warrant this ranking.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: I took into consideration 2011PR, state meet finish, 3200m, and 1600m time. 
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team    Time, Comments:
1. Daniel Salas, 12, Trinity Prep   Salas will be hard to beat this year, but Westlake, Kattenberg, and Brown will be on his heels.
2. Garrett Westlake,12,  PK Yonge   Enters 2012 with the fastest 2011 PR
3. Tristan Kattenberg, 12, Holy Trinity   Kattenberg leads a stacked Holy Trinity squad
4. Alex Brown, 12, Holy Trinity   Won the Wickham Park Jamboree over Kattenberg by 2-seconds
5. Cole Oliver, 12, Holy Trinity   Oliver was the #1 1600m for HTA
6. Scott Simpson, 12, Kings Academy   Ran well and LER and has 10:04 3200m PR
7. Jacob Endrulat, 12, Keswick Christian   Starts the season with 7th best 2011 time and 10:05 3200m
8. Travis Covert, 12, Maclay   He is capable of hanging with the top 5
9. Jordan Foster, 12, Circle Christian   Placed 8th at Wickham Park with a 17:01, but he has the speed to out kick anyone.
10. Dylan Scott, 11, Baker HS   Scott is the first ranked non-senior 
11. James Daughton, 11, Maclay   14th best 2011 PR, but his track times were behind teammate Rutledge
12. Patrick McNamra, 10, Admiral Farragut   First sophomore on the list did well at LER and has a 3200m PR of 10:05
13. Sam Millson, 11, Trinity Prep   Millson broke 10:00 in the 3200m
14. Jack Rutledge, 11, Maclay   He broke 10:00 in the 3200m 
15. Troy Clark, 11, Mount Dora Bible   Clark clocked a 16:57 at Ted Benz
16. Andrew Cacciatore, 10, Holy Trinity   Has a 2011 PR of 16:43
17. Ramos, Adam, 12, Dade Christian   Ramos may not have the fastest PR, but he placed 18th at LER
18. Joseph Janson, 11, PK Yonge   Placed 25th at LER
19. Ross Porter, 11 , Shorecrest   17th best 2011 PR - 16:51
20. Nima Beheshti, 11, Admiral Farragut   20th best 2011 PR - 16:56
21. James Gehret, 10, Bp Snyder   21st best 2011 PR - 16:57
22. Daniel Guilberr, 11, Calvary Christian   Leads a Calvary Christian squad that is 45th on the FLRunners team 3200 list
23. Chaney Hewlett, 9 , Calvary Christian   Ditto
24.  Josh Keenan, 12, Seffner   9th best 2011 PR - 16:30 and placed 14th at LER.
25. Paul Reggentin, 11, Trinity Prep   Despite a disappointing track season, Reggentin placed 16th at LER



2A Boys Rankings

  By: Mike Becker, Ransom Everglades, mbecker@ransomeverglades.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Bishop Kenny comes out of the gate as the pre season #1 with most of its team returning from its runner up finish in 2011.  Cocoa Beach also returns a fine cast from its 4th place finish, and should provide Bishop Kenny with a great early season match up if they in fact do meet early.  After the "big two" it gets dicier, so please don't get offended if I am wrong (and it takes a week or two to sort things out - remember last year I was 10 for 10 in the final week of predicting the top 10 teams.  In any case,  perennial powers Jesuit, Bolles, Ransom and Berkeley lost key runners but will prove to be challengers if they rebuild quickly. Tampa Robinson lost 4 of 7 but seems to be a program that reloads quickly as well. Lake Highland appears to be somewhere in or near the top 10.  That leaves us with some interesting teams.  Immokalee returns most of its team, and can certainly challenge if it performs on the big stage.  Lake Nona is coming up fast and had a great track season.  If track and field is a predictor, sky's the limit here.  Finally a word about Lehigh and West Florida Tech.  These two programs are as strong as any program in AA with their 1 and 2 runners.... so with some developing depth, who knows.  I look forward to getting constructive feedback from all of you.
  Team Name, Region    Comments:
1. Bishop Kenny   Returning 5 of their top & puts BK in place as preseason favorite.
2. Cocoa Beach   Returning more of their top 5 than BK, puts CB in a solid position to be a cofavorite this year
3. Immokale   This talented group had an off day at state last year. If anyone can challenge BK and CB early its these guys
4. Tampa Jesuit   Finished strong last fall; will likely be stronger this year 
5. Nature Coast   Returns most of its strong team from 2011
6. Berkeley Prep   This solid program loses some of its top 7,  but will be somewhere in the top 10 all fall
7. Ransom Everglades   The defending state champs may rise higher than this as the season progresses, but Ransom lost 4 of its top 5.   
8. Lake Nona   Returns virtually its entire team; well coached, and will likely be  better than 8th by season's end
9. West Florida Tech   With a great 1-2 punch, some depth will throw them into the mix
10. Bolles   Though Bolles lost most of its varsity, this program will reload quickly 
11. Lake Highland Prep   Returns much of a strong team
12. Lehigh   Like Florida Tech, Lehigh needs depth , but their 1-2 punch is as strong as anyone in this list
13. Robinson   I know, Robinson is likely better than this, but they lost a lot "on paper", will likely be in top 10 if they rebuild quickly
14. Eastside   Loses much of team but is an improving, solid program
15. I know, I left you out…. But next week you will appear

Individual Rankings:

Commentary:  Not only is there no clear favorite, it is even hard to tell who the challengers are. Not only is Irigoyen finally gone, but so were the top 8 finishers at Little Everglades.  The top returner is Michael Barr of BK, but he was only a step in front of Cory Sayyeau; and to complicate things both were defeated by other returners at various meets last year ( including their own teammates).  I could have just listed returners in order of times last year, but as we all know, track times tend to be a great predictor of improvements since state cross country. Stathis and Guerette ran 4:24, and are top 1600 returners, while Casiano ran 9:53 as top 3200 runner in group.  Beware middle school FL Runners' track state champions Nic Jacobson and Gaby Correa (3200 and 1600 respectively - who both will certainly be upsetting the apple cart as the season progresses). I am sure there will be healthy disagreement over this list, and equally sure that I am missing some guys that should be listed and aren't.   I am confident that by the second honor roll, there will be more agreement.  If I am missing something, you know where to find me.  
Additionally:  I am sure that some guys will feel slighted, by not being included here, but the cream will rise to the top soon enough.  Look for someone in this class to develop into a clear favorite, but who that is, will be anyone's guess.  I know that it is hard to compare track accomplishments with XC accomplishments.  But I have tried to do so, when constructing this honor roll. Barr is top retruner from state XC in 2011. Stathis is top 1600 runner in group. Casiano's 9:53 is top 3200 time.  Hard to factor  in how some kids from progrms that only compete locally ( like Labelle, Lake Placid and Hardee will do). Beware the FL Runners 1600 and 3200 middle school state champions Nic Jacobsen and Gaby Correa. O fcourse I have no idea who transferred in from other schools or states.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team    Time, Comments:
1. Michael Barr - Bishop Kenny   The top returner from Little Everglades.  Also had a strong track season   
2. Cory Sayyeau - Cocoa Beach   Was "right" behind Barr last year..., enough said 
3. Miguel Casiano - Lehigh   The stronger of a 1-2 punch 4:33 and 9:53 prove strong, appears to be ready to challenge
4. David Yarbrough- Bishop Kenny   Strong runner in 2012 track season including a 4:29 1600
5. Leonel de la Cruz- Immokalee   4:31, 9:59 and 25th at the 2011 state XC meet, 
6. Erick Medina LaBelle   Finished 3rd in region 3 XC last year and 30th at state, shows the ability to finish in top 10
7 Tim Oloughlin - Jesuit   17th at state in 2011
8. Costa Stathis- Cocoa Beach   4:24 1600 track season and has teammates to push him; he could be better than 8 for sure
9 Kentre Patterson - Episcopal   Ran some great races in 2011, 4:31 1600 in track season
10. Nic Jacobson- St. Andrews   FL Runners middle school 3200 champion  will likely be somewhere in top 10
11. Gaby Correa - Ransom Everglades   FL Runners middle school 1600 champion, always within breathing distance of Jacobson
12. Christian Vazquez- Lehigh   Although he had an off day at state in 2011, a 9:56 P.R. in track puts him in the mix along with Casiano
13. Spencer Guerette- Anclote   4:24  indicates he has made vast improvement in spring.  Could be a lot better than 13th  
14. Joe Loyack- Lake Nona   Number one runner  on a team with plenty of upside
15. Jan Bergengruen- Ransom Everglades   Although a disappointing 2011 state meet, he has the ability to go top 10 
16. Cody Van Natter -  Nature Coast   16:25 at state; Appears to be number one returner from what "was" a close pack of runners last year.
17. Jim Thimogene- America Heritage   Inconsistent, but a strong 16:19 at state shows his potential
18. Alec Clark- West Florida Tech   16:24 returner from state; 
19. Mark Sortino- West Florida tech   Right next to Clark
20. Tyler Sidelsky- Lake Highland   Top freshman in group ran 16:35 last year; likely to improve more than upperclassmen?
21. Dalron Shelton- Lake Placid   16:20 at state last year; peaked late last year
22. Chris Moralez- Hardee   16:31 at state last year
23. you know who you are…. You will be here next week



3A Boys Rankings

  By: Carl Egbert, Barron Collier HS, carlegbert@yahoo.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  Belen Jesuit is again the class of 3A but things should be very interesting for the runner up spot. Fort Myers has two young men capable of being in the top 5 and FWB is capable of going low. Estero is always ready to run in November and Chiles has a 30 second spread 1-5 that can come in handy in a big meet. We will get a chance to see 3 of the top teams go at it at the Barron Collier Invite this Saturday. #2 FM, #4 Estero and #7 Naples open up on this new layout.
  Team Name, Region    Comments:
1. Belen Jesuit , 4   Too deep and too well coached to not win again
2. Fort Myers HS , 3   Coach Palmer has these boys focused on a podium spot this year
3. Fort Walton Beach, 1   Very deep and talented team and could challenge for a podium spot
4. Estero, 3   Coach Sommer also has these boys ready to run fast when it matters most
5. Chiles, 1   30 second split could be tought and they can go low
6. Steinbrenner, 2   Will need their 4-5 to drop significantly if they want to challenge for a top 5 spot
7. Naples, 3   Talented group who needs to learn how to put it together in November
8. Creekside , 1    
9. Wiregrass Ranch, 2    
10. Stanton Prep, 1   60 points separates #9-15 on Computer List and 6 of them are from Region 1
11. Niceville, 1    
12. Navarre, 1    
13. Choctawhatchee, 1    
14. Sarasota , 2    
15. Bartram Trail , 1    

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: This is a two horse race in my opinion with Avery Lopez getting the edge simply because of Carlos M missing some of the spring. Avery put down some impressive times on the track and was only 1.5 seconds behind Carlos at XC States last year. The boys from Niceville will again make some noise but two young men from Ft Myers HS are also looking to bring home some hardware.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team    Time, Comments:
1. Avery Lopez, 12- Belen Jesuit   15:32 , 4:17/9:22 
2. Carlos Miranda, 12- Palmetto Ridge   15:17 , 15:30 @ Fast Cat a few weeks ago proves he is in good form
3. Thomas Howell, 11 - Niceville   15:29 , 4:26 / 9:27 
4. Nicholas Morken , 11 - Niceville   15:38 , 1:58 / 4:23 
5. Michael Magoulas , 11 - Belen Jesuit   15:55 , 4:36/9:48 
6. Andrew Iglesias, 11- Pembroke Pines   15:39 , 4:27/9:37 
7. Tyler Bennent, 11 - Fort Myers   15:34 @ Fast Cat means someone had a productive summer
8. Aesop Brown , 12 - Fory Myers   15:42 , 15:58 @ Fast Cat was 29 seconds faster than he ran last year
9. Buddy Gates, 12 - Naples HS   15:40, 4:30/9:39
10. Fabian Thomas, 11 - Belen Jesuit   15:50, 4:27/9:34 
11. Ermias Bireda, 12 - Wiregrass Ranch   16:09 for 15th @ States last year and went 4:26 in the spring
12. Jose Cartagena, 12 - Estero   16:12 win @ John Clay shows he is ready
13. Lee Shearer , 12 - Naples HS   16:18 @ John Clay pushing Jose C to the line
14. Travis Nichols, 11 - Land O Lakes   15:58 , 9:46 on the track this spring
15. Matt Magee, 12 - Steinbrenner   16:07, 4:28 / 9:57



4A Boys Rankings

  By: Jorge Fleitas, Christopher Columbus HS, jfleitas@columbushs.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  10 Region 1 teams should be in the top 15 for 2012.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Colonial, Region 1 (1) Colonial is so strong that their perceived weakness may be a number 5 runner that had 17:03 PR last year and already started 2012 with a 17:27 SB at Ted Benz.  I think Ted Benz has proven that the Grenadiers are the real deal.
2. Mandarin, Region 1 (8) Mandarin with its disappointing 8th place finish at the state meet should find a podium finish in 2012 lead by John Weaver and a 30 second spread.
3. Olympia, Region 1 (7) The Titans have a very nice #1-3 punch in Watson, Zagra, and Headley if the supporting cast can come together look for Olympia to finish here in November.
4. Sunset, Region 4 (15)  Sunset did a great job addressing a couple of areas of weakness during the summer of 2012. They picked up a #2 runner in Kenny Castro former Columbus runner, and #3 runner in Malik Gunter former South Dade # 1. After the track season Nick Diaz had they have a 1-3punch that could be enough to make a run at a podium finish or win a couple races.
5. Columbus, Region 4 (2) Are they the team that will fall apart in 2012?  Or are they going to be the team that will shock the state in 2012?  There are more questions than answers right now for the Hellions, in week 1 they will not be in full strength with a couple of Seniors taking the ACT.
6. HB Plant, Region 2 (3) Time and time again they just seem to have all the right tools to make a run at the state title. Plant had 5 guys under 10:22 in the 3200m in track- watch for Plant to make a big impact in 2012.
7. Flagler Palm Coast, Region 1 (NR) After a disappointing 2012 season look for FPC to be a force to be reckoned with, a nice pack with a 54sec split may be enough for a top 3 finish in 2012.
8. John A Ferguson, Region 4 (18) The Falcons take the 8th spot because 5 guys under 4:49 in the 1600. Not much more to say-it seems they have the speed but can they last 5000m is the question.
9. Park Vista, Region 3 (12) I believe Park Vista will surprise some teams in 2012. They show a lot of promise, if they can find a front runner in Chris Grinley look for them to contend in a top 5 finish.
10. Spruce Creek, Region 1 (10) Spruce Creek probably has one of the best packs in the state with a 32sec spread it may be enough to make a bang in 2012.
11. Winter Park, Region 1 (9) As we all know Region 1 is the Region of death- the Park will be fighting with Lake Mary, Oviedo, Boone, and Liberty for the sixth spot to the state meet come November.
12. John I Leonard, Region 3 (5) What can the combination of Salvador Medrano and Charlie Bengston bring John I Leonard in 2012? 
13. Newsome, Region 2 (11) Lars Benner finished 13th in 2012 CC season look for him to lead Newsome to a top 10 finish in 2012.
14. St. Thomas, Region 3 (6)  
15. Seminole, Region 2 (4)  

Individual Rankings:

  Athlete Name - Team    
1. Arroyo, Andres Colonial HS       
2. Convey, Kurt    Coral Reef        
3. Castro, Kenneth   Sunset  (Miami)      
4.  Fernandez, Daniel Columbus (Miami)    
5. Benner, Lars  Newsome HS       
6. Pineiro, Keneth DeLand HS     
7. Ramirez, Raul Colonial HS     
8. Medrano, Salvador John I. Leonard        
9. Diaz, Nick  Miami Sunset    
10. Profitt, John Colonial HS       
11. Licht, Caleb  Colonial HS     
12. Mckenna, Paul  Countryside    
13. Marquez, Brandon Timber Creek    
14. Linares, Daniel Columbus (Miami)     
15. Martinez, Justin  Newsome HS    
16. Bengston, Charlie  John I. Leonard    
17. Deleva, Anthony  Coral Glades    
18. Serna, Angelous  Varela    
19. Shannon, James Luc  Mandarin HS    
20. Ortega, Pedro  Columbus (Miami)    
21. Lindsey, John  Winter Park HS    
22. Whitehead, Nassor Cooper City        
23. Rodrquez, Jorge  John I. Leonard      
24. Watson, Ben  Olympia HS    
25. Decker, Kyle  Colonial H    



*Please remember that all of these rankings are done by volunteers and are meant to increase the overall enjoyment of the sport for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. They are just for fun and should not have a lot of weight put on them. But if you have issues (such as a missed athlete or team), please email the individual pollster for your classification / gender, or direct major concerns to Flrunners Administrator / FACA Rankings Representative: Coach Ryan Raposo- ryanraposo@gmail.com