In His Own Words: Garrett Westlake

Hey Florida Runners! I just had one of the last races of my high school cross country career and it feel surreal. All I have left is districts, regionals, and of course state. When I was younger I always dreamed about being a senior and how awesome it would feel to be the oldest, but I dont feel that way anymore. I wish I could go back to being a freshman again and relive all of my running experiences. There is just something about the high school "atmosphere" of cross country that you can't get anywhere else.
So about the race. It was a small local race in my hometown of Gainesville that I have raced at since I started running in the 7th grade. I really like the course. It's got a big hill with some little ones thrown in and on Saturday there were a few muddy spots as well. It was the first time I had won at this race and it felt really good to win after years and years of trying. Last year I placed second behind my coach's son Chris Godwin and I had him to push me all throught last year. I wanted to start out the race a little more conservative than I usually do. The first mile I came through at 5:00 and earlier this year when I raced there I had come through at 4:53.
Aside from my performance, our team raced better than we had all season with a 17:35 average. Joe Janson came in second right behind me. We talked about going 1,2 in a meet all summer and throught this season, and to finally accomplish it was incredible. There isn't a better feeling in the world, than turning around and seeing your team mate come in right after you. We also had Nicholas Pelegrina who is a freshman finally break the 18 minute barrier! In the beggining of the season he ran somewhere in the 21's on this course. I have never met anyone with so much natural talant and determination. He is going to have a very bright future in this sport. Also a big congratulations to Grace Blair from Oak Hall who won the race on the girls side, and is only in the 7th grade! I was very impressed with her run. I wish I was that fast in 7th grade.
My next race is districts on November 1st, so I wont be blogging until then, but as always I hope everyone has some good and safe weeks of training leadining up to the state meet series.

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