FACA Official Cross Country Rankings - State Rankings

It's time for the FACA / flrunners.com Volunteer Pollster's Official Cross Country State Rankings!

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Girls State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Girls Rankings   By: Nathan Means, Mount Dora Bible School, nathan.means@chbs.org
Team Rankings:
Commentary:  Ah, there's no place like home.  And Holy Trinity isn't at home this weekend.  I'm going to have to disagree with Jason and keep Oak Hall on top, and I don't think it's too close to call.  Oak Hall's November times have been in the hilly (OK, I'm at home at MDB, so I say that half-heartedly) parts of Gainesville, while HT's times are from their blazing fast home course (as are most of their PRs).  FSU is more like OH's home territory.  Beyond that, no huge surprises.  I was wrong about four qualifiers coming out of the regions last week.  All these words are for fun and discussion, though - line 'em up and run!
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Oak Hall School, R2 (1) Dominated Region 2 with four top-15 finishes
2. Holy Trinity Academy, R3 (2) Beat Shorecrest by 20 to win Region 3
3. Providence School, R1 (3) Easily won Region 1 
4. Shorecrest Prep, R3 (4) 2nd in Region 3
5. First Academy Orlando, R2 (5) Runner up in Region 2 with a great #1-#4
6. Maclay School, R1 (12) 2nd in Region 1 by a single point over St. John's Country Day
7. St. Johns Country Day School, R1 (8) 3rd in Region 1, one point behind Maclay
8. Lakeland Christian School, R3 (9) Struggled a bit in placing 5th in Region 3
9. Community School of Naples, R3 (11) Solid 3rd in Region 3
10. Brevard HEAT, R3 (6) 4th in Region 3, 6 points behind CSN, could overtake them
11. Circle Christian, R2 (14) Firmly 3rd in Region 2
12. Jay HS, R1 (NR) 4th in Region 1
13. Rocky Bayou Christian School, R1 (NR) 5th in Region 1
14. Trinity Prep, R2 (7) A few were under the weather in taking 5th in Region 2
15. Westminster Christian School, R4 (NR) Won Region 4 by a healthy margin
16. The Geneva School, R2 (13) 4th in Region 2, tight pack #2-5 might rise up to where I had them a month ago
17. Indian Rocks Christian, R2 (NR) 6th in Region 2 (by 3 over my MDB squad, and only 9 points ahead of 9th place!)
18. Kings Academy, R4 (NR) 2nd in Region 3 by 20 over 3rd
19. Westminster Academy, R4 (NR) 3rd in Region 4
20. St. Stephens Episcopal, R3 (NR) 6th in Region 3
21. Dade Christian School, R4 (NR) 4th in Region 4
22. Wellington Christian, R4 (NR) 5th in Region 4
23. Calvary Christian (Ft. Lauderdale), R4 (NR) 6th in Region 4
24. Aucilla Christian, R1 (NR) 6th in Region 1
Individual Rankings: 
Commentary: This is all for fun - What have you done for me lately? - I've adjusted regional times according to Jason's evaluation of courses and compared everyone.  I probably goofed somewhere, but it's close.  The real question is, how will these girls handle the weight of the state meet, the teams they may be carrying, the course itself, and everything else?  Most of them have already proven themselves in one capacity or another, at the very least by making it this far.  Great job to all of you and good luck!
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Julie Wollrath, 10 - Holy Trinity Academy (1) 17:53 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
2. Alex Eaton, 11 - Shorecrest Prep (8) 18:19 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
3. Kelly Fahey, 12 - Trinity Prep (3) 18:39 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
4. Sarah Candiano, 10 - Evangelical Christian School (2) 18:29 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
5. Brittney Olinger, 11 - Oak Hall School (4) 18:59 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
6. Grace Blair, 7 - Oak Hall School (7) 19:07 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
7. Sarah McBeath, 12 - Evangelical (NR) 18:54 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
8. Denae Chapman, 9 - Circle Christian School (5) 19:14 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
9. Emily Chapman, 10 - Brevard HEAT (10) 19:00 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
10. Saphara Harrell, 12 - Clearwater Central Catholic (NR) 19:03 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
11. Eden Meyer, 11 - Providence School (9) 19:26 @ Region 1, Sunnyhill Farms
12. Hannah Brookover, 9 - Calvary Christian (NR) 19:23 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
13. Holly Wooley, 11 - Brevard HEAT (11) 19:05 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
14. Lauren Perry, 8 - Oak Hall School (6) 19:26 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
15. Olivia Rovin, 8 - Shorecrest Prep (13) 19:10 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
16. Grace Casagrande, 11 - Cardinal Mooney (NR) 19:11 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
17. Lindsay Tomaini, 9 - Community School of Naples (NR) 19:12 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
18. Samantha Folio, 8 - Holy Trinity Academy (NR) 19:22 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
19. Christina McKinney, 11 - Mount Dora Bible (NR) 19:53 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
20. Kristin Sweeney, 12 - Maclay School (17) 19:58 @ Region 1, Sunnyhill Farms
21. Mackenzie Dummer, 12 - Holy Trinity Academy (12) 19:40 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
22. Danielle Dunn, 11 - Providence School (14) 20:14 @ Region 1, Sunnyhill Farms
23. Talia Carlson, 7 - Oak Hall (22) 20:12 @ Region 2, Santa Fe Community College
24. Lauren Csubak, 11 - St. Stephens Episcopal (NR) 19:55 @ Region 3, Holy Trinity Academy
25 Payton Crews, 7 - St. Johns Country Day (NR) 20:19 @ Region 1, Sunnyhill Farms



2A Girls Rankings   By: Doug Nowlin, Pine Crest School, doug.nowlin@pinecrest.edu
Team Rankings:
Commentary: My Regional poll last week was strictly by the numbers and completely devoid of opinion.  That changes this week.  It's the end of the 2012 cross-country season and time for one coach's prediction for Saturday morning's 2a Girls Race.  By 8:25 a.m., or so, we will know the final rankings for our 2a girls.  Until that time, this is how I anticipate the race will unfold.  I wish all teams well and look forward to seeing you at 8:00 a.m. on the starting line at Apalachee Regional Park.
  THE FAVORITE  Comments:
  Bolles Strong and well-balanced team.  You have to believe their goal was set one year ago at LER and they haven't lost sight of it for a moment.  This entire season Bolles has raced against the best competition in Florida, and at Great American.  Many weeks of outstanding results should have them confident that the achievement of their goal is near.  Have a great race on Saturday, Bolles girls!
  Bishop Kenny Bishop Kenny has an advantage in having raced head to head with Bolles several times this season.  American Heritage has perhaps the most talent up-front, but can't match Bishop Kenny's depth.  Pine Crest … well, it's difficult writing about your own team.  Let's just say we are thankful to be healthy, and very excited about the opportunity to contend for a State Championship on Saturday.
  Pine Crest  
  American Heritage (Plantation)  
  THE CHALLENGERS These 8 challengers could provide some of the best competition of the day.  The scoring could be so close in some cases, that having a strong 6th and 7th runner to "push" and settle a tie-breaker could prove to be crucial.  Expect single digits to separate many of these teams.
  Lake Highland Prep Lake Highland Prep could be the strongest challenger.  These girls are on a roll and peaking for the most important race of the season.  An indicator of great coaching!
  Carrollton The defending State Champs lost their top runner to an injury a few weeks ago.  But that's why cross-country is a team sport -- her teammates have risen to the challenge.  I expect Carrollton to have their best race of the season on Saturday.
  Nature Coast Tech The girls of Nature Coast Tech have epitomized teamwork with a 1-5 split of sub-60 seconds the entire season.  Such a tight pack will ensure a strong placing on Saturday.
  Lemon Bay The Lemon Bay girls have really come on strong in the 2nd half of the season.  Two fast runners up front and a solid pack close behind will assert Lemon Bay as one of the better 2a teams this season.
  West Florida Tech Consistent competition in the Panhandle has kept West Florida Tech even with some of the best teams in other parts of the State.  All indications point to a team that is ready for Saturday.
  Ransom Everglades If any of my predictions are wrong, this one may be the likeliest.  Ransom could possibly finish much higher -- they usually do.
  Eastside A recent 1-5 split of 37 seconds (!!!) should give Eastside all the confidence they will need to keep their team within striking distance of a very high finish.
  Pensacola Catholic The girls of Pensacola Catholic race in a strong region and that level of competition will benefit them greatly at ARP.
  THE QUALIFIERS Just making it to Tallahassee is cause for celebration.  There are 104 schools in Florida with 2a girls cross-country teams.  Only 24 of those teams raced fast enough at the Regional competitions to advance.  Congratulations!
  (Alphabetical Order)  
  Academy of Holy Names  
  Berkeley Prep  
  Bishop Moore  
  Crystal River  
  Lake Nona  
  Lincoln Park  
Individual Rankings:
Commentary: Congratulations to all 2a girls for your participation in cross-country this fall.  If your season has ended, I encourage you to take a short break and then set your goals for next year -- especially trying to qualify for a trip to Tallahassee next November.  If you are one of the 24 teams or 10 individuals who qualified at a Regional 2a race, you should be very proud of your accomplishment.  Stay healthy this week and have a safe trip to Tallahassee.  I will be cheering all of you on, along with hundreds of others.  Smile and enjoy every second!  Here are my predictions:
  Athlete Name (Team)  Comments:
  THE FAVORITES (Alphabetical Order) - Expect a torrid pace at the start because of the competition and topography.  Should still be a 3-5 girl race as late as the 2.5 mile mark.  Few spectators will be able to see the eventual winner make her move in the forest, but the top girls will probably still be close enough in the last few hundred yards to ensure an exciting finish.
  Julia Montgomery (Pine Crest) I don't want to say too much about Julia, lest I allow a Pine Crest strategy or two to slip.  But I've listed her as one of the favorites for a reason -- expect Julia to vie for the title.
  Daesha Rogers (American Heritage Plantation) Daesha separated herself from the pack in the first 600 yards last year at LER.  And that was UPHILL.  The first 600 yards this year at ARP is DOWNHILL.  What will she do?  Should be an exciting start to the first race of the day.
  Mackenzie Wilson (Bolles) Mackenzie has won several competitive races this season.  Saturday's Championship will be the culmination of a very successful year.
  THE CONTENDERS (Alphabetical Order) Remember, this week's ranking is only my opinion.  The line separating the 3 girls above with these 2 girls is very thin.  Indeed, I believe the 2 girls listed here have the ability to win the Individual State Championship.  Julia, Daesha, and Mackenzie may have the slightest edge only because of the motivation of leading the way to a State Championship for their team.
  Adair Lyden (Lake Nona) Before Adair transferred to Lake Nona, I had the opportunity to watch her race many times on the challenging Westminster Academy course.  That experience, along with having a qualified Lake Nona team racing with her, should keep her near the front throughout the race.
  Claire Snyder (Academy of Holy Names) Claire doesn't race very often but when she does, she wins.  That expectation for winning, enjoyed by only a fortunate few, makes Claire a very serious contender for the Individual State Championship.
  INDIVIDUAL QUALIFIERS (Alphabetical Order) - Congratulations to these 10 young ladies on qualifying for the State Championship.  Have a great race!
  Katelyn DiCintio (Pompano Beach)  
  Katerina Dominguez (Suncoast)  
  Sofia Fernandez (St. Brendan)  
  Sarah Frederick (Bradford Co.)  
  Meagan Giddens (Taylor Co.)  
  Christina Hamilton (Satellite)  
  Ashley Heitling (Mt. Dora)  
  Sarah Northup (Tavares)  
  Katie Pinnell (North Broward Prep)  
  Maleia Storum (Cocoa Beach)  
  Sub-20:00 REGIONAL QUALIFIERS - Every Regional course is different, some producing fast times, and some not so fast.  But this list may give a rough idea who some of the faster runners will be Saturday morning.
  Mackenzie Wilson, Bolles -- 18:47  
  Daesha Rogers, American Heritage -- 18:58  
  Julia Montgomery, Pine Crest -- 19:00  
  Mikayla Hodges, Arnold -- 19:13  
  Michaela Ashley, Arnold -- 19:16  
  Mary Kate Thyfault, Bishop Kenny -- 19:23  
  Adair Lyden, Lake Nona -- 19:30  
  Ally Hajda, Bolles -- 19:32  
  Lily Arnold, Bolles -- 19:33  
  Rachel Shapiro, Bolles -- 19:33  
  Meagan Giddens, Taylor Co. -- 19:35  
  Kaysi Roberts, West Florida Tech -- 19:37  
  Rachelle Alexander, American Heritage -- 19:43  
  Macey Kaczorowski, Bishop Kenny -- 19:49  
  Ella Wurth, Pine Crest -- 19:53  
  SPECIAL MENTION - I'm sure many other runners may have experienced the misfortune of being injured this year, but I wanted to take a moment and recognize the achievements of Maria and Sarah, both seniors. Late season injuries will keep them from running at this year's State Championship. Maria and Sarah, we all wish you quick and healthy recoveries and hope to see you during track.
  Maria Balcazar, Carrollton Maria led Carrollton to the State Championship last year, and continued as the top runner this year until she broke her ankle.  As mentioned elsewhere in this ranking, her teammates have responded admirably.
  Sarah Day, West Shore Sarah also ran well last year.  This year she consistently raced sub - 19:00 and really set the competitive atmosphere for all 2a girls to follow.



3A Girls Rankings   By: Kevin Wable, Leon HS parent, kevinwable@gmail.com
Team Rankings:
Commentary: This season has moved very quickly and all teams in this state have shown tons of heart all year. The spirit of competition is strong among all these student- athletes. In working on these polls the level of competition on both the team & individual level has been fierce and makes for a tough task. Good Luck to all runners, coaches and parents!
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Estero HS Region 3 (1) The team to beat all year and nothing has changed
2. Ft Walton Beach Region 1 (2) A challenging team with cosistant results, can they close the gap
3. Chiles  HS- Region 1 (3) Solid Preformances and the home course advantage will propel this team 
4. Creekside HS Region 1 (10) Momentium from a tough regional will keep them moving up
5. Bartram Trail HS (9)  Great Regional keeps BTHS Can the keep it up against the highest competation?
6. Wiregrass Ranch HS (5) Team Moves Up w/ Outstanding Regional Preformances- can it be done again?
7. Lakewood Ranch HS (4) A Program ready to break out at the State Meet and enjoy the experience
8. Merritt Island HS (3)  Great Regional Victory for MIHS showing some muscle before their trip to STATE
9. Nease HS (13) Another Region 1 team showing it’s one of the top state programs in a Tough Division
10. Gulf Coast HS (8) This strong team maintain the most consistent team times, rounds out the Top 10
11. Ridgeview HS (NR) Fought Hard to Earn this Trip to State and that effort might earn them a top 10 Finish
12. Sarasota HS (NR) A top Program this 2012 Season and looking to improve against the toughest competation
13. Sickles HS (NR) Gaining ground this post season and could be the SURPRISE team in Tallahassee this weekend
14. Ft Meyers HS (7) Pushing up the ranks looks with exceptional post season effort 
15. South Fork HS (14) One of the most consistant teams in polls all season-can breakout this weekend
Individual Rankings: 
Commentary: Looking this Saturday's Big Race there are many runners that can sneak in to the top rankings. The competition among the top ten will be top notch and it looks to be a strong field. I think we will be surprised this weekend in Tallahassee as the runners take on a challenging cross country course. I have averaged times on each runner to factor out this poll so no time will be listed. Talented underclassman making a big impact on the poll with a least a dozen addition runners threating to place on the state stage on Saturday. Hoping for PR's aplenty for everyone....
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)   Comments:
1. Nikita Shah, 12th Wiregrass Ranch (3) a strong competator, that can surprise many this weekend
2. Emily Edwards,  11th Ft. Meyers (1) Has been ranked number 1 all season, is favored to win it all, 
3. Rachael Givens, 12th Chiles HS (14) The hometown favorite, running up to her potential after a season of recovery
4. Rachael Kling, 10th Pace HS (2) an amazing young runner in a tough region that will only make her stronger
5. Ivy Chastain 12 Ft. Walton Beach (6) One of the top runners on a team that strives to be the best AND the most well rounded
6. Emma Rudman 9th Ft. Walton Beach (5) Makes the most of her talent and makes the most of it! 
7. Kacy Smith, 12th Estero HS (7) Providing Leadership by example all season, it should be enough for the title for this senior
8. Taylor Tubbs, 12th Sebring HS (10) One of the strongest runners and could surprise many on the tough course 
9. Sarah Heigner, 12th Creekside (NR) Yet another runner fight to the top of the most competative Region
10. Amanda Spring 12th, Northeast HS (NR) Great Improvements shoot Amanda to the top 10- Great effort
11. Sarah Hammond 10th Merritt Island (8) Championship effort in Regionals will push her to the top in Tallahassee
12. Katy G. Solis 12th Estero HS (15) Another hard working, top athlete on this championship caliber team
13. Catherine Blaney, 12th Bellview HS (NR) a top 10 runner in that can outshine her peers in a tough race
14. Angelina Grebe 10th, Sarasota HS (NR) a gifted underclassman that is shining in the post season
15. Elizabeth Mulford, 10th Ocala Vanguard (NR) A surprise addition to the top 15, that is rising to the top of her class



4A Girls Rankings   By: Ryan Raposo, John A. Ferguson HS - rraposo@dadeschools.net
State Team Rankings:
Commentary: After comparing the Region results to the District results, as well as my FACA rankings all year, I will successfully say that the HUGE discrepancies by many team's performances over the last two weeks is saddening. The ONLY factor that can cause a half dozen teams to run somewhere between 54 seconds to 1:50 SLOWER in a week's time (much of Region 2), or a half dozen teams to run somewhere between 47s to 1:10 FASTER in a week's time (much of Region 3), is measurement discrepancies. So for many athletes and teams that were greatly disappointed this past week, and for the many that are coming this week, let me just say I'm sorry. Now with that out of the way, please note that the rankings below are NOT based on Region times, but rather based on my best guesstimate of what the state meet will bring us based on all of the information I've obtained throughout the season. And if you hate the way the rankings come out, then go run fast and prove me wrong!
  Course Adjustments: To best compare the current Regional times to Apalachee Regional Park, I'm going to add 10 seconds to Region 1 teams, add 30 seconds to Region 3 teams, and leave Region 2 and 4 teams as is (with exception to Plant). Note that St. Thomas Aquinas and Plant both ran away with their Region championships, so those two teams are a little harder to gauge than the rest.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. St. Thomas Aquinas, 3 (T-1) 1st in R3, Mock State Meet Score- 48 points; Avg: 18:39 (add 30s), Spread: 48s
  Why they are ranked #1- The Raiders are undefeated in 4A this year and all anyone had to see was their dominance at the FSU Invite (Pre-State) this year. They're running on a completely different level than everyone else and this is their meet to win.
  How they'd win- Racing to win. Just keep doing like they've done all season. (Same advice from last season.)
  How they'd lose- Having a large spread. If Plant can sneak their pack inbetween a spread out STA team, you could have an upset.
2. Plant, 2 (T-1) 1st in R2, Mock State Meet Score- 72 points; Avg: 20:14 (subtract 45s), Spread: 29s
  Why they are ranked #2- The Panthers are the back-to-back defending State Champions, and have shown that they're the only team that might have the depth to get anywhere near St. Thomas. Although their season performances have fluctuated, don't ever lay down on Plant or Coach Harrison.
  How they'd win- Depth and Spread. Exactly the same as last year. If they can get their pack inside the St. Thomas pack, they just might pull it off.
  How they'd lose- If another team is just better than they are. Same as last year. If St. Thomas is the better team, then so be it.
3. Olympia, 1 (3) 1st in R1, Mock State Meet Score- 113 points; Avg: 19:27 (add 10s), Spread: 2:05
  Why they are ranked #3- The Titans have tightened their pack from a year ago and have been consistent in their sub 20 team averages. On a really bad day they might drop to 4th place, but they're much closer to catching Plant and making the podium then getting caught by anyone else.
  How they'd make the podium- Hope that Plant or St. Thomas race each other to the point where one of the two teams falls out, probably Plant, and Olympia can squeeze in for silver!
4. Hagerty, 1 (4) 2nd in R1, Mock State Meet Score- 148 points; Avg: 19:48 (add 10s), Spread: 2:29
  Why they are ranked #4- The Huskies still maintain that sub 20 average (although skewed from a strong #1), but lack the tight spread and strong #5 runner to be able to make the podium. I feel as if they're in a no-man's-land here, similarly to Ferguson, with hardly anyone to catch or get caught by.
5. Ferguson, 4 (5) 1st in R4, Mock State Meet Score- 152 points; Avg: 20:01, Spread: 48s
  Why they are ranked #5- Although the entire top six are returning from last year's varsity group, the Falcons haven't really progressed this season as a team. On an absolute perfect day they'll be 3rd, on an average day they'll be 5th. They're currently a 22 seconds slower team average than they were just a year ago.
  Solid Top Ten Teams: While these schools don't appear to have the fire power to crack the top five, they should be able to solidify their place in the state record books by being top ten squads. Mock State Meet Scores- >190 points 
6. Colonial, 1 (9) 3rd in R1, Avg: 20:10 (add 10), Spread: 1:04
7. Newsome, 2 (13) 2nd in R2, Avg: 20:32, Spread: 1:41
8. Lourdes Academy, 4 (12) 2nd in R4, Avg: 20:36, Spread: 1:08
  Top Ten Hopefuls: Led off by a few Region 1 teams (and there could easily be another two or three of them in this group that didn't make it to state) many of these teams do have a legitimate shot at top ten, yet with an off day, they might be hanging out closer to 15th. That's the curse of being hanging around the middle of the pack, anything could happen and one runner could make that much of a difference.
9. Dr. Phillips, 1 (7) 5th in R1, Avg: 20:02 (add 10), Spread: 4:07
10. Lake Mary, 1 (8) 6th in R1, Avg: 20:33 (add 10), Spread: 1:09
11. Mandarin, 1 (6) 4th in R1, Avg: 20:31 (add 10), Spread: 1:18
12. Spanish River, 3 (16) 2nd in R3, Avg: 20:10 (add 30), Spread: 3:11
13. Park Vista, 3 (18) 3rd in R3, Avg: 20:43 (add 30), Spread: 1:35
  Top 15 Hopefuls: Any of the teams below have a shot at making the top 15 if they pull it all together in Tallahassee. Slight advantage will probably go to the teams with smaller spreads.
14. Vero Beach, 2 (15) 3rd in R2, Avg: 21:20, Spread: 56s
15. Seminole, 2 (NR) 4th in R2, Avg: 21:25, Spread: 1:27
16. Cypress Bay, 3 (21) 4th in R3, Avg: 20:57 (add 30), Spread: 3:25
17. Sarasota Riverview, 2 (NR) 5th in R2, Avg: 21:32, Spread: 30s
18. Coral Reef, 4 (19) 3rd in R4, Avg: 21:16, Spread: 1:51
19. Bloomingdale, 2 (14) 6th in R2, Avg: 21:52, Spread: 2:46
  Top 20 Hopefuls: Most of these teams are just content with the fact that they made it to the State Championship. Make sure to have fun, enjoy the meet, and welcome to Tallahassee! =)
20. South Dade, 4 (20) 4th in R4, Avg: 21:49, Spread: 1:25
21. Dwyer, 3 (20) 5th in R3, Avg: 21:27 (add 30), Spread: 1:38
22. Douglas, 3 (NR) 6th in R3, Avg: 21:43 (add 30), Spread: 1:07
23. Coral Park, 4 (24) 5th in R4, Avg: 22:54, Spread: 3:10
24. Coral Gables, 4 (NR) 6th in R4, Avg: 22:56, Spread: 2:00
State Individual Rankings:
Commentary: For the individual rankings, I modified the Region times, and the whole thing is still a mess. Region 1 had 10 seconds added; Region 2 stayed the same except for Plant (45 seconds subtracted);  Region 3 had 30 seconds added; and Region 4 stayed the same. Even with all of that, this is just a rough guesstimate. The Mock State Team Score that was listed in the team rankings at least looked to be somewhat accurate.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Bridget Blake, 12 - Dr. Phillips (1) 18:06 (10s was added for Region 1)
2. Emily Headley, 10 - Olympia (15) 18:27 (10s was added for Region 1)
3. Amber Johnson, 12 - Dr. Phillips (3) 18:34 (10s was added for Region 1)
4. Alexa Cruz, 9 - St. Thomas (4) 18:39 (30s was added for Region 3)
5. Bryce Seymour, 12 - Hagerty (2) 18:44 (10s was added for Region 1)
6. Christina Kalis, 11 - St. Thomas (32) 18:57 (30s was added for Region 3)
7. Ellyn Snider, 12 - Spanish River (31) 19:06 (30s was added for Region 3)
8. Katherine MacNeal, 11 - Cypress Bay (7) 19:08 (30s was added for Region 3)
9. Kaitlyn Campo, 12 - Olympia (5) 19:11 (10s was added for Region 1)
10. Bailey Sullivan, 11 - Plant (12) 19:15 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
11. Margaret Schloss, 10 - St. Thomas (17) 19:17 (30s was added for Region 3)
12. Julia Rodriguez, 12 - Plant (13) 19:19 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
13. Marina Braynon-Moore, 11 - St. Thomas (28) 19:24 (30s was added for Region 3)
14. Brianna Rischar, 10 - St. Thomas (37) 19:27 (30s was added for Region 3)
15. Autumn Bartlett, 10 - University (22) 19:28 (10s was added for Region 1)
16. Anna Montgomery, 11 - Plant (10) 19:30 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
17. Danielle Van Liere, 9 - Fletcher (25) 19:30 (10s was added for Region 1)
18. Regan Farrow, 12 - Lake Howell (6) 19:32 (10s was added for Region 1)
19. Stephanie de la Guarda, 11 - Ferguson (36) 19:34 (Actual time for Region 4)
20. Isabella Whelan, 9 - Buchholz (41) 19:39 (10s was added for Region 1)
21. Scarlott Fox, 12 - Plant (9) 19:39 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
22. Emily Pitisci, 12 - Plant (11) 19:44 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
23. Sinclaire Johnson, 9 - Lake Brantley (16) 19:44 (10s was added for Region 1)
24. Kerstin Sosa, 11 - Hagerty (20) 19:44 (10s was added for Region 1)
25. Emily Nix, 9 - Winter Park (39) 19:45 (10s was added for Region 1)
26. Brianna Jackson, 12 - Newsome (30) 19:46 (Actual time for Region 2)
27. Emily Perkinson, 12 - Colonial (14) 19:47 (10s was added for Region 1)
28. Danielle Turk, 12 - Oviedo (42) 19:48 (10s was added for Region 1)
29. Asha Douglas, 10 - Colonial (NR) 19:48 (10s was added for Region 1)
30. Megan Murphy, 12 - Olympia (NR) 19:49 (10s was added for Region 1)
31. Katrina Santiago, 11 - Ferguson (18) 19:53 (Actual time for Region 4)
32. Catherine Vianale, 11 - Spanish River (NR) 19:55 (30s was added for Region 3)
33. Molly Price, 12 - Lourdes (NR) 19:57 (Actual time for Region 4)
34. Sarah Carrion, 11 - Lake Mary (23) 19:57 (10s was added for Region 1)
35. Brenna Johson, 11 - Hagerty (29) 19:58 (10s was added for Region 1)
36. Emily Zwijacz, 10 - Newsome (NR) 19:59 (Actual time for Region 2)
37. Aylwyn Hernandez, 10 - Ferguson (33) 20:00 (Actual time for Region 4)
38. Jade Fungquee, 11 - Monarch (45) 20:01 (30s was added for Region 3)
39. Erin Waterman, 11 - St. Petersburg (NR) 20:06 (Actual time for Region 2)
40. Lourdes Brea, 11 - Lourdes (48) 20:07 (Actual time for Region 4)
41. Taylor Watson, 10 - Olympia (NR) 20:07 (10s was added for Region 1)
42. Stephanie Cajas,  12 - Newsome (35) 20:09 (Actual time for Region 2)
43. Samara Taylor, 12 - Coral Reef (NR) 20:09 (Actual time for Region 4)
44. Tiffany Gargiulo, 12 - Hagerty (27) 20:10 (10s was added for Region 1)
45. Ania Grzeszczak, 9 - Mandarin (38) 20:11 (10s was added for Region 1)
46. Christina Schultz, 11 - Mandarin (46) 20:11 (10s was added for Region 1)
47. Theresa Duncan, 11 - Mandarin (34) 20:12 (10s was added for Region 1)
48. Lauren Gavulic, 10 - Ferguson (NR) 20:15 (Actual time for Region 4)
49. Lauren Castillo, 12 - Palm Beach Central (NR) 20:18 (30s was added for Region 3)
50. Kaley Doyle, 11 - Park Vista (NR) 20:18 (30s was added for Region 3)
51. Sierra Middleton, 11 - Dr. Phillips (NR) 20:19 (10s was added for Region 1)
52. Rachel Licea, 12 - Ferguson (NR) 20:22 (Actual time for Region 4)
53. Olivia Nicholson, 11 - Boca Raton (NR) 20:22 (30s was added for Region 3)
54. Amber Pearce, 9 - Jupiter  (NR) 20:24 (30s was added for Region 3)
55. Amy Licht, 11 - Colonial (NR) 20:27 (10s was added for Region 1)
56. Lily Kloepfer, 9 - St. Thomas (NR) 20:28 (30s was added for Region 3)
57. Stephanie Musinsky, 11 - Spanish River (NR) 20:29 (30s was added for Region 3)
58. Lea Tardanico, 12 - Varela (NR) 20:31 (Actual time for Region 4)
59. Olivia Piatkowski, 10 - Olympia (49) 20:32 (30s added for Region 1)
60. Olivia Suski, 10 - Seminole (NR) 20:33 (Actual time for Region 2)
61. Emilie Flament, 12 - Olympia (26) 20:34 (30s added for Region 1)
62. Caroline Gibson, 12 - Plant (19) 20:39 (45s was subtracted for Plant, R2)
63. Brianna Paczynski, 11 - Palm Harbor Univ. (NR) 20:43 (Actual time for Region 2)
64. Samantha Abbot, 12 - Lake Mary (NR) 20:43 (30s added for Region 1)
65. Annie Tedesco, 11 - Freedom (Tampa) (40) 20:45 (Actual time for Region 2)




Boys State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Boys Rankings   By: Ken Vinal, Trinity Preparatory School, vinalk@trinityprep.org
Team Rankings:
Commentary: Who will win the 1a race, Holy Trinity or Trinity Prep. I've thought of a score of scenarios, compared track times, cross times, age, and eye color to answer that question. Sure, I want my team to win, however it always comes back to Holy Trinity beat us twice this season. It will be close, very close, but the boys from Melbourne will take home the gold. Good luck and God bless to all the teams racing Saturday. You've made it to the state championship and every runner can be a hero.  Quote of the week:  "Some of the greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."  -Doug Larson
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)   Comments:
1. Holy Trinity, 3 1. HTEA will be back-to-back state champions.
2. Trinity Prep, 2 2. The Saints will make it close, but close only counts in horseshoes
3. Maclay, 1 3. Maclay, clearly the best of the rest of 1a, averaged 17:13 to win region 3. 
4. PK Yonge, 2 5. 2nd at region 2 and avg 17:29, #5 must step up for PKY to be 4th.
5. Seffner Christian, 2 7. PKY beat Seffner by 1 point at region 2 with a 17:41 avg. The bigger field at state may play to Seffner's advantage.
6. Circle Christian, 2 4. 4th in region 2 with a  17:47 avg. 
7. McKeel Academy. 3 10. 2nd in region 3, avg  17:29, with an impressive 40-sec spread. 
8. Mt. Dora Bible, 2 15. 5th in region 2 with a  17:49. Running slow courses pay-off in the championship season.
9. Pensacola Christian, 3 9. 2nd in region 1, avg 17:52, with a strong 1 & 2
10. Bishop Snyder, 1 8.  Same avg as Pensacola last week, 17:52, but placed 3rd by 5 points
11. Shorecrest, 3 NR  3rd in region 3,  avg 17:31. Could very well finsih 7th or higher Saturday
12. Westminister Academy, 4 11.   1st in region 4, avg 18:11 on a somewhat slow course. 
13. Indian Rocks Christian, 2 12.  6th in region 2, 18:04 avg. 
14. Calvary Christian, 4 NR Finished a mere 2 points behind Westminister in region 4,  18:16  avg
15. Clearwater Central Catholic, 3 14. 4th in region 3,  18:00 avg.
16. Admiral Farragut Academy, 3 NR 5th in region 3, 18:09 avg.
17. Westminster Christian School, 4 NR 3rd in region 4, 18:39 avg.
18. North Florida Christian, 1 NR 4th in region 1, 18:27 avg.
19. St. Petersburg Catholic, 3 NR 6th in region 3, 18:35 avg.
20. Archbishop Curley HS, 4 NR 5th in region 4, 18:57 avg. Will benefit from larger field at state.
21. Christ's Church Academy, 1 NR 5th in region 1, 18:42 avg.
22. Dade Christian School, 4 NR 4th in region 4, 18:32 avg. 
23. Miami Country Day School, 4 NR 6th in region 4, 19:01 avg.
24. Wewahitchka HS, 1 NR 6th in region 1, 19:09 avg
  Honorable Mention:    
  Geneva School, 2    
  St. Stephen's Episcopal, 3    
Individual Rankings: 
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Daniel Salas, 12, Trinity Prep (1) 15:17, Looks to be the 4th Trinity Prep state champion
2. Alex Brown, 12, Holy Trinity (2) 15:39, this tiger will be ready to pounce should Salas falter
3. Tristan Kattenberg, 12, Holy Trinity (3) 15:55, several runners will be on Kattenburg's heels
4. Troy Clark, 11, Mount Dora Bible (6) 16;13, Clark likes to go out fast 
5. Griffith Rutherford, 11, North Florida Christian (21) 16:04, Region 1 champion will prove he his one of the best
6. Hunter Potts, 12, Graceville (NR) 16:13, region 1 runner-up
7. Garrett Westlake,12,  PK Yonge (4) 16:05, Westlake has the potential to challenge Salas and Brown. 
8. Ross Porter, 11 Shorecrest Prep (14) 16:24, 3rd in region 3
9. Sam Millson, 11, Trinity Prep (9) 16:27, Sam has been TPS' #2 in the championship season
10. Jesse Millson, 9, Trinity Prep (18) 16:19, Jesse will push big brother Sam
11. Joseph Janson, 11, PK Yonge (7) 16:29, 6th in region 2
12. Andrew Cacciatore, 10, Holy Trinity (8) 16:29, Cacciatore is key to HT's team win
13. Josh Keenan, 12, Seffner Christian (5) 16:02, district 8 champion, and 8th in region 2
14. Scott Simpson, 12, King's Academy (13) 16:33, two-time region 4 champion
15. Trevor Kattenburg, 8, Holy Trinity (12) 16:40, an 8th grade phenom and future champion
16. Chas Cook, 9, Trinity Prep (16) 16:46, 7th in region 2. 
17. Jacob Endrulat, 12, Keswick Christian (17) 16:32, 6th in the very competitive region 3
18. Jordan Foster, 12, Circle Christian (19) 16:32, 9th in region 2
19. Nima Beheshti, 11, Admiral Farragut (NR) 16:53, had a great race at region 3 placing 7th
20. Patrick McNamara, 11, Admiral Farragut (NR) 16:54, 8th in region 3
21. Travis Covert, 12, Maclay (23) 15:59, 7th in region 1. Covert wants to prove his 15:59 was no fluke
22. Nicholas Gonzalez, 10, Geneva (15) 4:43:00 PM16:43, 2nd in district 6, and 11th in region 2
23. Cole Oliver, 12, Holy Trinity (11) 16:33, 18th in region 3, and runs well in big races
24. Franco Martins, 10, Windemere Prep (NR) 16:59, had a breakout race in region 2 placing 10th
25. Paul Reggentin, 11, Trinity Prep (22) 16:54, 12th in region 2



2A Boys Rankings   By: Mike Becker, Ransom Everglades, mbecker@ransomeverglades.org
Team Rankings:
Commentary: BK is poised to win another title to add to its trophy case. If their team is healthy, they are untouchable. They have depth and elite individuals. And they have run on the  FSU Course. Lake Nona is well coached and young. But it is probably not their time "yet". Lake Nona, on paper, does likely get on the podium with BK if they race well. Upsetting one these two teams could be Immokalle. Their 5th man (who has lagged) will be the key. Cocoa Beach has the 1-3 needed for the podium, but needs Goliathan efforts from 4 and 5. That leaves us with several other solid teams. The region 2 teams are really close together... but Jesuit has a small edge on paper over Berkeley and Robinson. Ransom will defend its 2012 title bravely and finish somewhere between 3rd and 9th. Nature Coast has a pack that has the capability of getting near the podium. I like West Florida to round out the top 10, though it very easily could be LHP, Pine Crest or Bolles. Then again I could have it all wrong.   
  Team Name (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Bishop Kenny (1) If I were a betting man, I'd double down on BK; they are a clear favorite 
2. Lake Nona (2) Looks like Lake Nona is making a charge, are ready to challenge for the podium, but might not be ready for gold until 2013  
3. Immokalee (4) Wins the toughest district; their 4 man spread gets them on the podium easy, will their fifth close it up? If so, they are on the podium
4. Cocoa beach  (5) 1-3 solid, and always close to Immokalee.  If their 4 and 5 step it up, they can get on the podium too
5 Jesuit (3) This young team can certainly finish higher than 5
6. Ransom Everglades (7) 1-3 ran solid at weak region; if 4 and 5 are ready to jump 30 seconds they can challenge for top 5
7. Nature Coast (6) If NC were a stock, you could but low this week and take a chance; on paper they have enough of a pack to challenge for top 5
8. Berkeley Prep (8) Improving rapidly, it wouldn’t shock followers if BP was 5th
9. Robinson (9) Same as BP, this program could be 5th as well 
10. West Florida Tech (10) Solid 2nd in tough region, could go as high as 5th as well
11. Lake Highland Prep (13) I am sure they can be top 10, even though they are listed 11 here
12. Pine Crest (17) With 5th man improvement, even these  can even be 5th
13. Labelle (NR)  
14. Bolles (16)  
15. Gulf (11)  
16 Bishop Moore (12)  
17.  Key West (NR)  
18 Pensacola Catholic (NR)  
19 Episcopal (15)  
20 Eastside (14)  
21 Suncoast   (NR)  
22 St Andrews (18)  
23 Vilages (NR)  
24 Pace (NR)  
Individual Rankings:
Commentary: With no "clear" favorite, Yarbrough, Pedraza and Barr are most likely to bring home the gold. Yarbrough and Pedrza win convincingly in strong  regions (in fact Pedraza destroyed the field).  Barr, although havng been defeated in the second half of the season, has posted the fastest time. Of the 45 Florida runners (across clasifications) who have broken, 16:00 only Barr has broken 16:00.  Now this all being said, it is not  a foregone conclusion that the winner will be one of these three. Unlike the past 3 or 4 years (when the favorite was clear), this race is more wide open. Clark was only 5 seconds behind Yarbrough and  presents himself as a challenger if there is another improvement left.  Klumpp and Velez win regions and look to carry momentum.  Then there is always the wild card..... the runner who nobody has predicted will  finish in the top ten,  but who prove us (at least me) all wrong. Unlike the the last three or four years, this is the year where no one is really sure. 
  Athlete Name – Team (Prev.)  Comments:
1 David Yarbrough - Bishop Kenny (1A) Wins region 1 and is on a roll
2. Alex Pedraza - Golden Gate (3) Wins region 2 and is on a meteoric rise, that he hasn’t matched up with BK makes this very intetesting.  That he improved by minutes in just a month makes it even more interestng 
3. Michael Barr- Bishop Kenny (1B) The only man in the field who has broken 16:00 clearly is capable of winning 
4. Leonel De La Cruz- Immokalee (6) 2nd to the streaking Pedraza last week
5. Xavier Walton - Titusville (4) Only 3rd last week, but was in toughest region for sure
6. Alec Clarke - West Florida Tech (19) A narrow loss to Yarbrough, peaking at right time 
7. Erick Medina -Labelle (8) A meter or two behind Walton last week
8. Tim Olaughlin- Jesuit (5) Has already raced well at FSU
9. George Velez - Lake Nona (18) Region champion likely to be a top ten finisher, one would think
10. Jonathan Klumpp (NR) Another region champion who cant be ignored
11. Max Boreland- Berkeley Prep (NR)  
12. Payton Bailey - Lake Highland Prep (16)  
13. Kentre Patterson- Episcopal (NR)  
14. William Decker- Bolles (10)  
15. Carsten Thue-Bludworth- Eastside (NR)  
16. Jean Carlos Peralta -Lake Nona (12)  
17. Nic Jacobson - St Andrews (21)  
18. Gaby Correa - Ransom Everglades (NR)  
19. Nick Buliga - Gulf (9)  
20. Jan Bergenguren- Ransom Everglades (20)  
21. Spencer Guerrette- Anclote (17)  
22. Christian Vazquez - Lehigh (13)  
23. Miguel Casiano - Lehigh (15)  
24. Dylan Taylor - Cocoa Beach (NR)  
25. Costa Thasis- Cocoa Beach (7)  
26.  Michael Remach - Pensacola Catholic (NR)  
27. Zach Perry - Bishop Kenny (NR)  
28. Chris Norton - Bishop Kenny (NR)  
29 Sam Geiman Suncoast (NR)  
30.  Kevin Ciccone - Nature Coast (22)  



3A Boys Rankings   By: Carl Egbert, Barron Collier HS , carlegbert@yahoo.com
Team Rankings:
Commentary: I am willing to hand Belen Jesuit the State Title as they are just too deep for anyone in Florida. The real battle will be for the 2nd spot. FWB with a :24 second spread at Regions is just plain sick especially when running 16:01-16:25. Fort Myers will have 2 low sticks but will have to wait and see how their 3-5 finish. Their #5 at Regions was a frosh and that is a lot to ask of a young runner. Sarasota and Naples have been in my opinion flying under the radar this year and both will have 2 low sticks up front but #5 runner running 17 minutes could be a liability in this field.What the leaders decide to do upfront will definitely have an affect on how the team race plays out. Clemente blew this race up last year by blistering the first mile and pulling out many runners way over their heads. A more reasonable first mile may help FWB as they will be able to pack up better. Going to be lots of fun and good luck to everyone.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Belen Jesuit, 4 (1) Too much talented and too much depth
2. Fort Walton Beach, 1   Their tight pack running with earn them 2nd on Saturday
3. Fort Myers, 3   They need their 3-5 to MAN UP if they are to snag the #2 spot
4. Sarasota, 2   Running really well when it matters and could sneak up on some people
5. Naples, 3   Talented enough to be #2 if they could all just put it together on the same day
6. Leon, 1   If they have a good day they could be 3rd at best
7. BOSS, 2   A solid top 10 program
8. Chiles, 1   Sight hiccup at Regions but should rebound here
9. Estero, 3   They ran out of their minds last year at State Meet and would not be surprised if they do it again
10. Niceville, 1   With 2 runners possible in top 5 they really are just scoring 3 runners
11. Palmetto Ridge, 3    
12. Wiregrass Ranch, 2    
13. Creekside, 1    
14. Martin County, 4    
15. Washington, 1    
16. Sickles, 2    
17. Lakewood Ranch, 3    
18. Lankd O Lakes, 2    
19. Pembroke Pines, 4    
20. Winter Springs, 2    
21. Osceola, 3    
22. Melbourne, 4    
23. Archbishop McCarthy, 4    
24. Jensen Beach, 4    
Individual Rankings: 
Commentary: This preview is straight out of the "What have you done for me lately Dept." I don't care what your season PR is or how fast you ran at Pre State back on 10/6. This is about who is ready to throw down the 3rd Saturday in November and who is ready to turn themselves inside out for a chance at glory! The 3A race is gonna be a MAN'S RACE! I truly believe six different runners have a chance to win and it could come down to teammates battling it out for the individual title.  Will the Fort Myers duo be able to break Miranda twice in three weeks or will Avery Lopez repeat what Clemente did last year? 
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Carlos Miranda, 12 - Palmetto Ridge (1) Looked better at Region Meet but needs to have A game to win State Title
2. Avery Lopez, 12 - Belen Jesuit (2) Will be in the hunt to the very end
3. Thomas Howell, 11 - Niceville (3) If he is going to win he can't let the horses get away early
4. Tyler Bennett, 11 - Fort Myers (4) Has been awesome all year does he have any gas left in the tank?
5. Nicholas Morken, 11 - Niceville (5) Goes out hard and if he hangs around can be dangerous
6. Ace Brown , 12 - Fort Myers (6) Looked great last 2 weeks and pushed Carlos to the line last week
7. Fabian Thomas , 11 - Belen Jesuit (7) #2 in for Jesuit not far behind
8. Sukhi Khosla, 10 - Leon (8) Will cap off solid season with Top 10 finish
9. Zachary Summerall, 10 - Sarasota (9) Has been on fire last 2 weeks and will finish off monster November with Top 10
10. Michael Magoulas, 11 - Belen Jesuit (10) 3rd Jesuit runner in
11. Bobby Ormsby, 12 - Cypress Lake (NR) Great month of racing for Bobby capped off with near miss of Top 10
12. Fator Zainelabdin, 12  - Sickles (NR) Top 10 potential
13. Buddy Gates , 12 - Naples (NR) Is healthy and rested and outside shot at Top 10 with good race
14. Travis Nichols, 11 - Land O Lakes (NR) Travis is another runner with Top 10 potential
15. Tim Bulger , 12 - FWB (NR) First FWB runner in 
16. Ryan Rodriguez , 10 - Belen Jesuit    
17. Charles Shackleford , 11 - FWB    
18. Tyler Bess - Lima , 12 - BOSS    
19. Mark Robertson , 11 - Washington    
20. Lee Shearer , 12 - Naples    



4A Boys Rankings   By: Jorge Fleitas, Christopher Columbus HS, jfleitas@columbushs.com
Team Rankings:
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Colonial, Region 1 (1) Colonial 1-2 punch in Arroyo and Ramirez is reliable it looks like if they do there job it will be enough for the State Title. 
2. Mandarin, Region 1 (2) The Mustangs almost knocked off Colonial from the #1 spot, they proved they can contend for the title come Saturday.
3. Columbus, Region 4 (4) The Hellions finally looked like one of the top teams in the State at Regionals, and they must have a perfect day at the State Meet, anything less will land them off the podium.
4. Sunset, Region 4 (3) The Knights are one man away a healthier Kenny Castro, and they're as scary as anyone.
5. HB Plant, Region 2  (5)  An easy Region win and a weak Region 2 comes at the perfect time for Plant and puts them well rested into the State Meet.
6. St. Thomas, Region 3 (6) A 16:33 team Average put St. Thomas with every team in the Top 5. It seems through head to head matchups they will finish 6th at the state Meet.
7. Flagler Palm Coast, Region 1 (11) After last weeks Regional performance FPC has a solid shot in finishing at the 7th spot on Staurday.
8. John I Leonard, Region 3  (14) The most improved team of the year is John I, it seems like each week they get better and better a 16:48 team average put them here.
9. Boone, Region 1 (8) Boone 16:50 Team Average at Regional has them sitting in the top 10 at the State Meet.
10. Winter Park, Region 1 (7) The Park proves me wrong with a stunning put together effort at Regionals has the Park possibly finish top 7 at the State Meet.
11. Timber Creek, Region 1 (NR) When was the last time the Creek made it to State. Marquez has given the Creek hope. Can they Finish in the Top 10?
12. Park Vista, Region 3 (13) Look for revenge on John I by park Vista it seems they got stung at Regionals a 17:01 Team Average has them finishing just outr of top 10 at States.
13. John A Ferguson, Region 4 (12)  Falcons always leave there best performance for last look for them to finish top 10 at states.
14. Coral Reef, Region 4 (10) It seems that Injuries has hindered the Reef to fall just shy of a top 10 finish.
15. Seminole, Region 2 (NR)  I don’t know how Seminole does it but year in and year out it seems like they come from nowhere to finish at the top of the State. 
Individual Rankings: 
  Athlete Name, Team    
1. Arroyo, Andres Colonial HS       
2. Pineiro, Keneth DeLand HS     
3. Fernandez, Daniel Columbus (Miami)    
4. Ferrentino, Connor Freedom    
5. Marquez, Brandon Timber Creek    
6. Diaz, Nick  Miami Sunset    
7. Convey, Kurt    Coral Reef        
8. Mckenna, Paul  Countryside    
9. Ramirez, Raul Colonial    
10. Benner, Lars  Newsome HS       
11. Deleva, Anthony Coral Glades    
12. Chandler, Sam St. Petersburg    
13. Lindsey, John  Winter Park HS    
14. Medrano, Salvador John I. Leonard        
15. Delgado, Fabian Killian (Miami)    
16. Radar, Caleb Spanish River    
17. Carroll, Thomas Flagler Palm Coast    
18. Shannon, Lucas Mandarin    
19. Weaver, John Mandarin    
20 Mack, Sam Mandarin    
21. Licht, Caleb  Colonial HS     
22. Bengston, Charlie  John I. Leonard    
23. Lucas, Travis HB Plant    
24. Linares, Daniel Columbus    
25. Weaver, Bryce HB Plant    



*Please remember that all of these rankings are done by volunteers and are meant to increase the overall enjoyment of the sport for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. They are just for fun and should not have a lot of weight put on them. But if you have issues (such as a missed athlete or team), please email the individual pollster for your classification / gender, or direct major concerns to Flrunners Administrator / FACA Rankings Representative: Coach Ryan Raposo- ryanraposo@gmail.com