Bolles Bulldog Classic 2014

Jacksonville, FL
Hosted by Bolles HS
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Meet Information

Bulldog Classic
The Bolles School

Date: Friday, March 7th, 2014

Registration: Each school must use for online entries to the Bulldog Classic. To register for this years meet, go to www.flrunners .com and find the meet on the schedule. You can then register your athletes using performances found in the database. Entries are due no later than 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 3rd. FLRunners will not process entries after that time. Mail or bring entry check to meet. $50 per team. $90 for both boys and girls. If you have less than 5 athletes, you can pay $10/athlete.

Entries: You can enter two athletes in each event and one relay team per event. Athletes who do not meet the standards in the distance events can sign up for the B races on the day of the meet. B races have unlimited entries and the faster heats end up being very competitive. There will be minimum marks for Field events, see the Field Events Section below. Standards for the individual distance races are as follows. If you enter an athlete at a time that does not meet the standard, that entry will not be accepted. If you enter an athlete in the High Jump or Pole Vault with a seed mark that is below opening height (or with no mark), they will not be accepted. Please check the entry list on the week of the meet to confirm your entries. Athletes should have verified marks in the FLRunners database that meet the standards below to be accepted.
800: Girls: 2:35 Boys: 2:06
1600: Girls: 5:45 Boys: 4:40
3200: Girls: 12:45 Boys: 10:20

Also, if you have more than two athletes in an event on your team that have verified performances in the FLRunners database that shows they could have scored at last years Bulldog Classic, you can enter the additional athletes by emailing their information to Coach Dearing and their points will score in the meet. Any additional entries beyond the first two will be charged a $5 extra entry fee to compensate the timing company for their manual entries of these athletes.

12:45 p.m.: Coaches Meeting in Colmery Skills Center, under stadium, next to tennis courts.
1:15 p.m.: 4X800m Relay
2:00 p.m.: Field Events
2:00 p.m.: B races in the following order: 100, 1600, 400, 800.
Unlimited entries Sprints will be FAT, but not recorded. Distance races are hand timed.
5:00 p.m. Running Finals: Regular order of events. Heats against time;
fastest first. (except 4X400; fastest last).

Field Events: Begin at 2:00 p.m. Check in at event site.
We will start with the following events all at 2:00:
Minimum Mark (after 1st attempt)
Boys Discus 100 0
(followed by girls) 70 0
Girls Shot 25 0
(followed by boys) 38 0
Girls Long Jump 13 6
(followed by Triple Jump) 28 0
Boys Long Jump 18 0
(followed by Triple Jump) 36 0
Boys High Jump 5 8 Opening Height, 510, 60, 62, 64,
Girls High Jump (will start at 3:00 on Pit 2) 4 6 Opening Height, 48, 410, 50, 52,
Girls Pole Vault 7 6 Opening Height 76, 80, 86,
Boys PoleVault (will start at 4:00 on Pit 2) 10 0 Opening Height 106, 110,
Every athlete will have their first attempt measured in the throws and jumps. After that, that athlete must meet the minimum standard in order to receive a mark. There will not be finals in any field events. We will be using a Plus 1 instead of finals. If an athlete meets the required minimum in their event, they will be allowed one additional attempt at the conclusion of their flight. The athletes best mark out of their four attempts will be used for placing. We are using this method to allow for athletes to complete their field events before the running events begin. I apologize if this in an inconvenience.

Minimum Bonus* Minimum Bonus*
Shot Put Girls: 26 00 29 0 Boys: 38 00 42 0
Discus Girls: 70 00 80 0 Boys: 100 00 115 0
Long Jump Girls: 13 6 14 6 Boys: 18 0 19 6
Triple Jump Girls: 28 0 30 0 Boys: 36 0 40 0

Running Events:
B Races:
Begin at 2:00 p.m. Check in at starting line. Unlimited entries. We will attempt to run these fastest heats first. Each athlete will be given their time at the finish line by timers (hand timing for some races, others will be FAT at the discretion of the timing crew). These marks will not be recorded.
Events will be in the following order (girls then boys): 100m, 1600m, 400, 800m

Invitational Races:
Begin at 5:00 p.m. and will use fully automatic timing. These will be finals, heats against time. We will run fastest heats first (except 4X400, which will be fastest last). You can enter two athletes per running event and one team per relay event. Athletes who do not meet the standards for the distance races may sign up for the B races on the day of the meet. Events will be in the following order (girls then boys):

100/110H, 100, 1600, 4X100, 400, 300H, 800, 200, 3200, 4X400.

Awards: Event winners will receive a Bulldog Classic T-Shirt. Ribbons to places 1-8. Trophies will be given to team champions and runner-ups.

Entry Fee: $50 per team: $90 for both Boys and Girls team.

Entry Deadline: Entries are due on FLRunners no later than 11:59 p.m. Monday, March 3rd.

Parking: There is school the day of the meet, so parking will be difficult. I strongly recommend that you use as few vehicles as possible. All team buses need to park in the special events parking area by the football stadium.

$5.00. Concession stand will be open during the meet. Concession will offer chicken, hamburger, and hotdog dinners with the proceeds benefiting the track program. Please ask your parents and team to help support our track program.

Contact Information: No fax, phone, or mailed entries will be accepted. All entries must be submitted through If you have any questions, you may contact me via email at or by phone at (904) 234-0191.

If you have any questions regarding entries, etc. you may also direct them to Scott Peters, who will be providing our timing. He can be reached at