Meet Information

SPECIAL NOTE: There are NO elementary hurdles. Once again, there are NO elementary hurdles. Thanks.

Registration closes for middle school students on Thursday, April 27, 7 p.m. Thanks

Important, this is a great track and field venue but the surface of the track is more of asphalt. We want to make sure folks know.

All information, schedules, updates can be found on the Official meet web site link that is found underneath name of the event to the right. Thanks

Track Meet Administrator Daniel Epstein
Questions (352) 613-4478

Registration help:
Individual & club instructions are at the bottom of the above page.

Meet Fees
$10.00 Per Athlete
$5.00 per elementary athlete
$90.00 Per team after 8 athletes or more
(this is for middle schools; elementary are individuals. However, on elementary, no school will be charged over 100 dollars for up to 20 participants)
$50.00 per One Gender( Team)

Payments can be made through Paypal
Checks need to be written out to
Daniel Epstein
45 N Country Club Drive
Crystal River Fl 34429