The First Annual John Capel Flyra Track and Field Track Meet 2021

Brooksville, FL

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Entries close Wednesday March 10, 6 p.m.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are NO elementary hurdles. Once again, there are NO elementary hurdles. Thanks.Registration closes for middle school students on Wednesday, April 10, 7 p.m. Thanks

Important, this is a great track and field venue the surface is a 6 lane rubber track. We want to make sure folks know.


$5 per spectator


EVENTS and Schedule

NO Pole Vault


Rollin schedule beginning at 10:30 with the 4x800 relays. Thus, it will go in order but as the event arrives. If there is a need for a delay for rest, it will be implemented. To clarify: the running will be with rolling schedule starting at10:30 with the relays reporting to clerk, but the field events will work straight through. There will no delays. If one event finished, we will move immediately to next field event in order below. If there is a * behind the event, this event may be combined for 'competition'. One example if there is only one relay team of boys, can run with the girls, etc.. Those type situations.

8:00 AM Gates OPEN for general

(Javelin can warmup at 750)

8:10 AM Brief coaches' meeting for those who are there

8:20 Girls Long Jump-Middle School and Elementary

8:40Boys High Jump

8:50 AM3000 Meters Reports to clerk to get hip numbers to go at 9

First set of field events report to be ready to go at 8:20

8:20 AM

8:20 AM


 8:40 AM

 9:00 AM




Followed by Boys' Long Jump ELEMENTARY BOYS' LONG JUMP

Boys'  High Jump

Girls Shot Put Boys' Discus Girls' 3000 Meter Run*Boys' 3000 Meter Run* ELEMENTARY 1500 Meters*

10:30AM 3200 Relays report to clerk  10:40 AM Rolling Schedule for remainderof day for running events ONLY .Field will be held as one finishes, etc.


Girls 4x800 Meter Relay*Boys' 4x800 Meter Relay*Girls Triple Jump

Boys Triple Jump Boys' Shot Put Girls' Discus ELEMENTARY 4x400 Meters*Girls' 100 Meter Hurdles Boys' 100 Meter Hurdles Girls 100 Meter Dash Boys' 100 Meter Dash Girls' High Jump ELEMENTARY 100 METER DASH Girls' 1500 Meter Run*Boys' 1500 Meter Run*Girls' 4x100 Meter Relay Boys' 4x100 Meter Relay ELEMENTARY 4x100 Meters*Girls' 400 Meter Dash Boys' 400 Meter Dash ELEMENTARY 400 METER DASH Girls' 200 Meter Hurdles Boys' 200 Meter Hurdles Girls' 800 Meter Run Boys' 800 Meter Run ELEMENTARY 800 METER RUN* Girls' 200 Meters Boys' 200 Meters ELEMENTARY 200 METER DASH Girls' 4x400 Meter Relay*Boys' 4x400 Meter Relay*


Meet Fees:

$10.00 Per Athlete for middle school

$5.00 per elementary athlete

$90.00 Per team after 8 athletes or more (this is for middle schools; elementary are individuals. However, on elementary, no school will be charged over 100 dollars for up to 20 participants)

$50.00 per One Gender(Middle School Team)

Checks need to be written out to Hernando High School