In His Own Words: Austin Droogsma

Wow, what a crazy past two weeks this has been its only March and I've already made one of my season goals. Two weeks ago I finally hit the big 60 and I didn't just hit it once I hit it twice on back to back throws and I've been up around there ever since. I've been averaging 58-59 feet on almost every throw. It has been really great seeing my work start to pay off I'm really excited to see wat the rest of the season holds and its still so early. My discus has been struggling lately and I'm stalled at 175-180 feet, but I just have to keep working and fight through adversity. Also, the conditions have been horrible hear, but that's no excuse.

I need a big throw soon and I think it will happen this week. Wednesday I am going to Mobile, Alabama for a throws meet at U.M.S Wright and I think that could turn up some good competition and push me to hit a big throw. Then aturday I travel to the school I signed with over in tallahassee and go to the FSU Relays. I need to put on for my coaches over there and really show them what kind of thrower they are getting. It's going to a good week and I hope to see some big throws!

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