In Her Own Words: Kendall Ellis - Salute To State

Hey ya’ll! Kendall Ellis here with my blog of the week. Last Thursday were regionals and they went very well. I couldn't be more excited. Everything is truly in God’s timing and it was time to PR, a new personal best of 53.09 in the 400 meters. I’m very proud of my STA girls who reign as 2014 Regional Champions and to all those who qualified to state. 
 I honestly don’t have much to say in this blog because I’ve said it all before. Stay focused. This is the meet all your training and hard work has been preparing you for. Go into the meet confident without a doubt in your mind. Have fun and get excited. Whatever the weather may be, don’t let it stop you from accomplishing what you’re going up to Jacksonville for. Don’t get distracted. Run without a spirit of fear and go handle your business on the track, in the sand, or in the ring. 
Essentially this is the end of the high school track season. I’ll be competing in the Brooks PR, New Balance Nationals, Great Southwest, and World Juniors over the summer but I’ll never get another high school state meet. It’s a guarantee that I will cry; that’s family that I’ve experienced and shared things with that nobody else but them knows. Every laugh at practice, every struggle at meets, every weekend story, they’ve been apart of it all. I can’t say how much I truly love my teammates and how much they mean to me, but I’m sure that I will give my all in my last state meet as a senior, despite the tears.

A special good luck to two good friends of mine Nigel Bethel and Deja Parrish in their 2A state meet. To everyone else, I wish you the best of luck as well. I hope you surprise yourself, go above and beyond.
Don’t forget to go for the gold. Why? Because victory is best served gold. 

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