Workout Wednesday: Caroline Johnston - Pole Vault Approach

Episcopal sophomore Caroline Johnston is one of the top multi-athletes in 2A placing third in the 100m hurdles and 8th in the high jump in 2016. Jacob Fuller had the chance to catch up with her at a recent workout with the Jacksonville Athletic Club to see her regiment and find out why she's excelling in the track and in the field. Johnston also trains with her Episcopal teammates and coach K'Vonte Scott when she is not working out with Eli Sunquist and the JAC.


  • Warm Up
  • 4x30m sprints with 3 minutes rest
  • Focus on getting her 5 left approach down for the pole vault
  • 15-20 jumps from 5 lefts, on a 12'4 135 lb. pole, holding at 11'6"
  • Followed up with 5x200m at 34-36 with 2 minutes rest as a tempo workout in flats
  • Cool Down

"She's been struggling going from a longer approach, so we are going back a step a month to get 6-7 lefts in by the state meet," said JAC coach Eli Sunquist.