In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour

Hey everyone! I am happy to say that cross country season is about to finally kick off. This weekend my team competed at the Mike Gibson Summertime Run, which is always a fun unofficial first meet, but before I talk about this weekend, I am going to talk about the week before the race.

Last Sunday, all the girls on my team met up for one of the girls, Brenna's birthday (Happy Birthday again Brenna). We went out to Olive Garden and had a team lunch and then we went to her house and decorated water bottles for this year. We were going to go swimming, but because of Isaac, it was storming all day. Speaking of Isaac, I hope everyone was safe and sound and you guys didn't get hit too bad by it and were able to get all your training in. Besides the melancholy weather, it was a fun day and great team bonding get together. 

This week was the beginning of my first week of classes. I had the luxury of starting two weeks later then when my high school started. This is because I am Dual Enrolled. I absolutely love Dual Enrollment. For those of you that don't know what Dual Enrollment is, it is when high school students can take classes at the local college or university and get high school and college credit for each course. I am full time Dual Enrolled, so I take all my classes at the local college and then have one high school online class. My schedule is pretty compact, but I manage to get everything in!

My training for this week went really well. It was a normal week with high intensity and quality runs. This week my team had solid runs back to back. All of the girls are working extremely hard.

On Saturday, as I stated before, my team raced at the Mike Gibson Summertime Run. I did not race because my coaches and I wanted to get one more strong training week in before starting the race season. I still attended and cheered on my team and helped my coaches with splits. For two girls on the team it was their first race ever, (one being a foreign exchange student from Switzerland)  so it was great to watch their race and cheer them on. One of my teammates, Kerstin, won the race and ran a new PR! She along with all the other girls are well on their way to having an amazing season this year. I am sure everyone is looking forward to racing in their uniforms next weekend. Good luck to everyone, as we begin to see the benefits of all our hard work this summer! Remember though, November is a long way off, so keep up the great training!


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