In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Todd Grasley Dec 26, 2012

Cocoa Beach senior Cory Sayyeau can't get enough of his Go Pro Camera. This Christmas he got a pole to go with it to make it easier to film those awesome workout videos. So what did he do? He invited teammate Costa Stathis along for an off-season six miler and the two decided to take the flrunners audience along for the run.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau - Foot Locker South Experience Cory Sayyeau Nov 26, 2012

Cocoa Beach senior Cory Sayyeau finished out his cross country career by competing at the Foot Locker South Championships. As he has in prior week's Cory takes us along for the journey in this great video blog, an encore to the regular season! Special thanks to Cory and the rest of our bloggers this cross country season. We definitely enjoyed them!

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Nov 19, 2012

Cory Sayyeau ran in his last state meet Saturday. The Cocoa Beach finished 102nd after suffering a setback early in the race. See what Cory has to say about the meet in his video blog, as well as, a great season in review video. Cory you are one heck of a kid and runner. Thanks for all your hard work this season and letting our flrunners audience experience it with you!

In Her Own Words: Stefanie Kurgatt Stefanie Kurgatt Nov 15, 2012

Habari! Congrats to everyone who will be competing this coming weekend at State. I would like to make this blog a little different than the rest, basically a little bit of motivation for everyone who is a runner, competed in the 2012 cross country season, and preparing for the state meet on Saturday. You all deserve some major recognition for your achievements.

In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour Bryce Seymour Nov 13, 2012

Hey Flrunners! What an exciting last two weeks it has been. I can’t believe we have already finished districts and regionals and that the state meet is in just a couple of days. Districts and regionals are always a mix of emotions for me.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Todd Grasley Nov 06, 2012

Cocoa Beach senior Cory Sayyeau has been cranking out some awesome blogs throughout the course of this cross country season. This week Cory decided to kick his game up a few notches and unleash the Go Pro camera. In this video Cory takes us on a journey as he and his team prepare for the district championship meet. You've got to check this out. Awesome stuff and great job by Cory!

In His Own Words: Ace Brown Ace Brown Nov 06, 2012

Hi FLRunners! Sorry it’s been a while since my last post. A lot has been going on so I will try to break it down quickly.My team went to the Lely Invite on October 20th, but coach held back the top five guys so we would be rested for the conference meet on the following Wednesday. 

In His Own Words: Garrett Westlake Garrett Westlake Nov 05, 2012

Hey Florida runners, it’s been awhile since I have last blogged. Training has been going very well especially with the recent change in temperature. I prefer colder weather, so I’m really enjoying running right now. We had two weeks off to focus on training that led up to our district race on the 1st.

In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour Bryce Seymour Nov 01, 2012

Happy fall! The best part about that statement is that is that the weather has actually made it FEEL like fall. One thing all of us in Florida know is that we need to take advantage of the cool weather while it lasts because tomorrow we may see it be 80 degrees again. I’m hoping the nice cool fall weather stays around for the next three weeks for the championship season. 

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 31, 2012

Hey everyone, glad to be writing again from the week off. Well Hurricane Sandy pretty much spoiled having Cape Coast Conference Saturday morning but we were able to have it Monday after school. Coming into the race we definitely had a lot of confidence that we would defend our title from last year.

In Her Own Words: Stefanie Kurgatt Stefanie Kurgatt Oct 23, 2012

Habari! Hope everyone is doing well, as the weather is cooling off. I absolutely love this weather.Tallahassee has been just gorgeous. Like always, Florida distance running is a powerhouse! Thanks for everyone who does the race recaps, they are wonderful, and it is nice to be updated on races that Maclay does not attend.

In His Own Words: Ace Brown Ace Brown Oct 16, 2012

Hi, FLRunners! It is that time of the season when conference championship meets start rolling around with the state series not far behind. Being a senior this year I have a lot of mixed feelings about all that.

In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour Bryce Seymour Oct 16, 2012

Hey runners! It seems like the 2012 cross country season is just flying by. Now that we have past all the in season big meet milestones, the only thing left is the championship season. We are now down to the last five weeks and for me it is my last five weeks of high school cross country ever.

In His Own Words: Ace Brown Ace Brown Oct 11, 2012

Hi FLrunners. Another big cross crounty meet this past weekend in Tallahassee for my Green Wave team. The FSU / Pre-State Invite at Apalachee Regional Park was so cool. The course was epic, the weather was cooler than we were used to, and the competition was tough.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 10, 2012

Well this has become a habit writing about how poorly I've been doing! The one thing I can take out of it is that I"m not giving up and I still have faith in myself to have a chance at state.

In Her Own Words: Stefanie Kurgatt Stefanie Kurgatt Oct 09, 2012

Habari! (I realized I always say “hello”’ in my blogs, so I figured I might change it up a bit and say it in Swahili). First and foremost, HUGE congrats to Estero runner Kacy Smith, for recently committing to Ole Miss. What a wonderful, talented young lady who only will continue to shine.

In His Own Words: Garrett Westlake Todd Grasley Oct 03, 2012

Hey Florida runners! This week I raced a thet flrunners Invite at the Chain of Lakes Park. It has to be one of my favorite courses, because I usually PR there. It’s such a great atmosphere to be around so many runners from around the state, and also having Adam Goucher there this year as well. My race did not go as I had envisioned it the days leading up to it.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 02, 2012

Hey flrunners. First off, congrats on hosting another amazing meet this year. This week what can I say our team is very odd when it comes to trying to run everyone well at the same time.

In His Own Words: Garrett Westlake Garrett Westlake Sep 26, 2012

Hey Florida runners! This past weekend I raced at the Alligator Lake invite in Lake City. I raced there last year too and it is one of my favorite courses I have ever run, but this year was quite different than last year. All the rain had caused the course to be extremely muddy and slippery. It was alot of fun though because I have never raced in conditions like that before. I won the race last year and came in second this year, but was the first finisher from Florida. Some teams came down from Georgia and there was some steep competetion there. 

In Her Own Words: Stefanie Kurgatt Stefanie Kurgatt Sep 26, 2012

Hello Flrunners! As always hope everyone is having a great season thus far and continues to as the season progresses. There have been some pretty impressive performances all throughout Florida and everyone is really showing that distance running in Florida is one to be reckoned with. Congrats to all the runners who each week continue to excel and truly show their passion for running. 

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Sep 25, 2012

Everyone calls it a mud fest and that’s putting it mildly. At the Fleet Feet Invitational at South Fork, I cant even explain the amount of water and mud on the course! Coming into the race, this week has been a solid week of training and the team is still working on closing the gaps. We have an eighth grader Sam Addington who has been putting in so much effort in practice and it is paying off a great deal for us. Heading into the race we looked to bring everyone closer together. 

In His Own Words: Ace Brown Ace Brown Sep 19, 2012

Hello again! With two races under my belt things are beginning to look great. The Barron Collier Invite that took place last Saturday was an eden of luscious Bermuda grass, insane humidity, and the regular Florida heat. It proved itself to be a tough course along with the conditions and definitely thrust toughness upon those who took part in the 3.1 mile, triple-looper. Despite the solid training during the week leading up to the race, I felt like I wasn’t in the game mentally. I suppose I just needed a bit of a wake up call to get things going. 

In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour Bryce Seymour Sep 18, 2012

Hello runners! This past week was just a normal week for me with school and running. Although the season has just started I am trying to enjoy every minute and make the most of my last high school cross country season. Reality has begun to catch up with me as I approach my first official visit and begin the process of filling out college applications