In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau

Cory Sayyeau ran in his last state meet Saturday. The Cocoa Beach finished 102nd after suffering a setback early in the race. See what Cory has to say about the meet in his video blog, as well as, a great season in review video. Cory you are one heck of a kid and runner. Thanks for all your hard work this season and letting our flrunners audience experience it with you!

The Race

I didn't edit anything this week on the video, no music , no subtitles , just me and the emotions that i had before the race and after. For anyone who did not know, at the start of the race around 300m into the race just as we were climbing the little hill at the start i got clipped from behind on my left foot and I went down hard.  I had the wind knocked out of me and the right side of my body, the side I landed on got cut up a little. My hip is bruised from somebody kicking it when i was on the ground. It took me 30+ seconds to re-group from everything, but I still got up and tried to make the best of it. This being my last state race and having my team be contenders for podium I gave it everything I had to catch back up. I ended up in 102nd place from being dead last.
I hope everyone likes the video this week and all the blogs and videos throughout the season. Thanks for the support throughout the season. Much love to everyone. Truly happy to say I was part of the bloggers, and congrats to every blogger, and all runners on great seasons.


To My Team

Thanks for some of the best six years of my life. Being on the team since 7th grade I've seen a lot of people leave, but this group of guys my senior year i will never forget. Im sorry things turned out the way they did. Once i hit the ground i felt like I let everyone down and I knew our chances at podium were done, but there was nothing going to stop me from finishing the race because i love you guys and i tried my best making my way back up.

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