In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour

Hello runners! This past week was just a normal week for me with school and running. Although the season has just started I am trying to enjoy every minute and make the most of my last high school cross country season. Reality has begun to catch up with me as I approach my first official visit and begin the process of filling out college applications

Aside from school and running I did have one extra task to accomplish. I have always ran in the same style and brand racing flat since freshman year. Unfortunately, that shoe is no longer available. So the week before my first race I spent over an hour trying on and picking out what I thought to be the right shoe for me. What felt great in the store ended up not being the shoe I thought it would be on the race course. I did not like them at all. So I decided to go back to the drawing board (or in my case the internet being that I had exhausted my options at the store) and order a new pair of racing flats. Usually the running stores in my area don’t have a shoe that will fit my feet because they are so narrow. So generally I order all my shoes from Running Warehouse or Road Runner Sports. Also, I like racing in flats over spikes and usually during cross country season most running stores only have spikes. I had seven different pairs of shoes shipped to my house.From there, after trying them on and seeing which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t, I narrowed it down to two pairs. In the end I decided to keep both pairs and use one pair for cross country and the other for track. This past weekend I raced in the pair I decided I would use for cross country and I absolutely love them. My mom likes Running Warehouse because it offers free two day shipping, free returns, and the option to actually run in the shoe and still return them.  So even if I hated the shoes I wore this past Saturday I had the option to return them.

This leads me into the race from this past weekend. My team and I competed at the Deland Invitational. Surprisingly, the course was still a little wet from the rain a few weeks back so it was once again a fun run with some mud! I was fortunate enough to place first individually with the Hagerty girls' team placing first as well.  Way to go girls.I met Autumn Bartlett from University High School who got second. She had a great race and is such a sweet girl. Keep up the great work Autumn. All in all, this weekend was once again a wonderful experience. 
With some big races like FLRunners and Pre-State on the horizon the excitement is just building. I am excited to see everyone’s hard work and efforts start to pay off. The other day I came across this photo and just wanted to share it with you guys!  I think it is such a true statement and one we always need to remember.  Enjoy the rest of your week and keep the good times rolling as you log the miles!  

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