FACA Official Cross Country State Rankings

It's time for the FACA / flrunners.com Volunteer Pollster's Official Cross Country State Rankings!

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Girls State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Girls Rankings

  By: Nathan Means, Mount Dora Bible School, nathan.means@chbs.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Real races, real numbers…  and some really tight competition.  Oak Hall showed their stuff at Katie Caples and then took a second to St. Thomas Aquinas at UF.  Maclay showed strength without their #1.  All the other teams have shown respectably in the first two meets.  Coming up we have broad range of meets this weekend leading into flrunners.com 13, which should bring plenty of head-to-head competition on both Friday and Saturday. 
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Oak Hall School, R2 (1) Good showing at Katie Caples with the win over Holy Trinity, second at UF
2. Holy Trinity Academy, R3 (2) Second at Katie Caples and first at Jim Ryun (21:14 avg)
3. Providence School, R1 (3) Fifth at Katie Caples, second at Bob Hans
4. Maclay School, R1 (4) Strong squad, even without Kurgatt, won Lincoln Invite
5. Shorecrest Prep, R3 (5) Second at Seffner (21:30 avg), 9th at UF
6. Brevard HEAT, R3 (15) Won Rockledge (21:40 avg)
7. First Academy Orlando, R2 (NR) 3rd at Astronaut (22:05 avg), 4th at Jim Ryun (22:44 avg)
8. St. Johns Country Day School, R1 (10) 3rd at Katie Caples varsity division, 9th at Bob Hans (22:20 avg)
9. Westminster Academy, R4 (6) 11th at Astronaut (22:52 avg), 4th at TKA Lions (22:15 avg)
10. Trinity Prep, R2 (8) 3rd at Trinity Prep (23:04 avg), 6th at Jim Ryun (23:13 avg)
11. Lakeland Christian School, R3 (11) 4th at Seffner (22:58 avg), 11th at Jim Ryun (24:14 avg)
12. Benjamin School, R4 (NR) 6th at TKA Lions (23:03 avg)
13. King's Academy, R4 (NR) 7th at TKA Lions (23:14 avg)
14. Pope John Paul II, R4 (NR) 8th at TKA Lions (23:14 avg)
15. Dade Christian, R4 (NR) 11th at Ferguson (24:12 avg), 10th at TKA Lions (24:18 avg)

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary: Impressive first two weeks, with ten girls dropping it under 20 on one or both weekends, and a couple more seem poised to join them.  Also of note is the effect of real races on these rankings - eight girls are in that were not in last week.  Big movers include Denae Chapman of Circle Christian, Grace Blair of Oak Hall, Holly Wooley of Brevard HEAT, and Emily Stallings of Providence.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Julie Wollrath, 10 - Holy Trinity Academy (1) 19:18 at Jim Ryun and 18:57 at Katie Caples Elite, won both
2. Stefanie Kurgatt, 12 - Maclay School (2) Has not raced yet.
3. Alex Eaton, 12 - Shorecrest Prep (3) 19:10 at UF and 19:37 at Seffner, won Seffner
4. Denae Chapman, 9 - Circle Christian School (15) 19:38 at Jim Ryun and 19:36 and Katie Caples Open, won KC Open
5. Brittney Olinger, 11 - Oak Hall School (6) 19:46 at UF and 19:43 at Katie Caples
6. Kelly Fahey, 12 - Trinity Prep (4) 19:54 at Jim Ryun and 19:47 at Trinity Prep
7. Sarah Candiano, 10 - Evangelical Christian School (NR) 19:59 at Optimist and 19:45 at Barron Collier
8. Grace Blair, 7 - Oak Hall School (22) 19:47 at UF and 20:25 and Katie Caples
9. Holly Wooley, 11 - Brevard HEAT (NR) 19:48 at Rockledge for the win
10. Kristin Sweeney, 12 - Maclay School (12) 19:51 at Lincoln for the win and 20:06 at Lion's Roar
11. Lauren Perry, 8 - Oak Hall School (8) 20:01 at UF and 19:59 at Katie Caples
12. Emily Stallings, 11 - Providence School (20) 20:06 at Katie Caples Elite
13. Mackenzie Dummer, 12 - Holy Trinity Academy (16) 21:20 at Jim Ryun and 20:16 at Katie Caples
14. Eden Meyer, 11 - Providence School (7) 20:13 at Bob Hans and 20:36 at Katie Caples
15. Danielle Dunn, 11 - Providence School (NR) 20:20 at Bob Hans and 20:50 at Katie Caples
16. Hannah Brookover, 9 - Calvary Christian (Clearwater) (NR) 20:35 at Seffner
17. Olivia Rovin, 8 - Shorecrest Prep (19) 20:25 at UF and 21:08 at Seffner
18. Rachel Valentine, 8 - Canterbury School (NR) 20:36 at UF
19. Amanda Baker, 10 - Westminster Academy (NR) 20:41 at TKA Lions and 21:07 at Astronaut
20. Emily Chapman, 10 - Brevard HEAT (11) 20:44 at Rockledge
21. Sarah McBeath, 12 - Evangelical Christian School (10) 20:53 at Optimist and 20:49 at Barron Collier
22. Jennifer Cott, 8 - Oak Hall School (NR) 20:53 at UF and 21:05 at Katie Caples
23. Sara Deiber, 11 - Brevard HEAT (NR) 21:03 at Rockledge
24. Sabrina Whiting, 11 - Seffner Christian Academy HS (13) 21:26 at Jim Ryun and 20:47 at Seffner
25. Brianna Wahy, 12 - Holy Trinity Academy (21) 21:42 at Jim Ryun and 20:56 at Katie Caples



2A Girls Rankings

  By: Doug Nowlin, Pine Crest School, doug.nowlin@pinecrest.edu

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  American Heritage (Plantation) is scheduled to race this Saturday (9/22) at Fleet Feet in Stuart.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Bolles, R1 (2) Team Average:  20:48
2. Bishop Kenny, R1 (3) Team Average:  21:10
3. Carrollton, R4 (1) Team Average:  21:17
4. Robinson, R3 (NR) Team Average:  21:01
5. Nature Coast Tech, R2 (NR) Team Average:  21:38
6. Crystal River, R2 (NR) Team Average:  21:54
7. Holy Names, R3 (6) Team Average:  21:58
8. Pine Crest, R4 (NR) Team Average:  22:04
9. Cocoa Beach, R3 (5) Team Average:  22:09
10. Ransom Everglades, R4 (7) Team Average:  22:15
11. Pensacola Catholic, R1 (8) Team Average:  22:30
12. (Tie) Rockledge, R3 (NR) Team Average:  22:41
12. (Tie) Eastside, R1 (NR) Team Average:  22:41
14. West Florida Tech, R1 (NR) Team Average:  22:57
15. Gulf, R2 (9) Team Average:  22:59

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary:  Cross-Country is different from track.  Track times don't lie.  But in cross-country there are too many variables, so whenever possible, head to head competitions will be factored much more heavily than an athlete's 5K time.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. McKenzie Wilson, 9th, Bolles (10) At the Katie Caples Invite, McKenzie went head to head with the 2a pre-season favorite, Sarah Day, and finished 13 seconds in front of her.  Expect these top 3 girls to finish near each other throughout the season.  (SB 19:20)
2. Sarah Day, 12th, West Shore (1) Sarah remains one of the strongest 2a runners this season.  (SB 18:37)
3. Claire Snyder, 11th, Holy Names (4) Claire ran 18:48 (SB) on a very fast, mostly asphalt (due to flooding), course at the West Hillsborough Invitational.  But here is the important part:  She went head to head with the defending 4a State Champs (Plant), and beat them all.  Great job, Claire!
4. Adair Lyden, 9th, Lake Nona (7) Adair's first 2a race was sensational, chasing 4a's Bryce Seymour over the Chain of Lakes course and finishing 2nd in 19:34 (SB)
5. Julia Montgomery, 9th, Pine Crest (NR) Julia, running in her first HS race, won the Martin County Invitational in 19:47 (SB).
6. Clarissa Consol, 12th, Crystal River (NR) Congratulations to Clarissa, who won the Zac Lucas Invitational in 19:55 (SB).
7. Christina Hamilton, 12th, Satellite (NR) Christina has proven to be a very consistent 5K runner posting 20:00 and 19:59 (SB) in her first 2 races of the season.
8. Julia DeYoung, 11th, Robinson (NR) Leader of a strong Robinson team.  Julia ran 19:39 (SB) on the fast West Hillsborough course.
9. Sofia Miguez, 9th, Carrollton (NR) Sofia improved her time to 20:15 (SB) at the UF Mt. Dew Invitational.  Her Carrollton teammates will follow closely.
10. Lauren Archer, 9th, Ransom Everglades (6) Lauren has both speed and strong endurance.  Expect her to continue to bring her 5K time down.  20:22 on the challenging Larry and Penny Thompson Course.  20:16 (SB)
11. Maddy Hull, 11th, Robinson (NR) 20:09 (SB) on the fast West Hillsborough course.  Strong Robinson Pack.
12. Madison Scanlan, 11th, Robinson (NR) 20:13 (SB) on the fast West Hillsborough course.  Strong Robinson Pack.
13. Kaysi Roberts, 11th, West Florida Tech (NR) 20:17 (SB).  Defending Regional Champion, 2a R1.
14. Kari Grippo, 11th, Gulf (9) 20:21 (SB).  Against the tough competition of Katie Caples.
15. Ella Wurth, 12th, Pine Crest (NR) 20:26 (SB).  Consistent times in her first 2 races.
  No Results Reported:  Injuries?; Test Dates?; No Races Scheduled?
  Daesha Rogers (Heritage Plantation); Ashley Heitling (Mt. Dora); Colleen Doherty (Holy Names); Rachelle Alexander (Heritage Plantation); Savanna Gornisiewicz (Pine Crest)
  Honorable Mention:    
  Claire Castillo (Titusville); Ally Hajda (Bolles); Macey Kaczorowski (Bishop Kenny); Bridget Reid (Bishop Kenny); Amanda Sebetka (Rockledge); Meagan Giddens (Taylor County); Rebecca Farr (Pensacola Catholic); Alexa Lacy (Nature Coast Tech); Maleia Storum (Cocoa Beach); Haley O'Neill (Bishop Kenny)



3A Girls Rankings

  By: Kevin Wable, Leon HS parent, kevinwable@gmail.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  So much Talent in 3A makes this a tough task, Some movement in the Top 10 but the Season is off to a FLYING start!
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Estero HS- Region 3 (1) Solid Talent- 1 of only 2 teams w/ 3 Runners under 20:00- but the season is young
2. Merritt Island- Region 4 (10) 2nd Team w/ 3 Runners under 20:00, Strong Results Pushes Team into 2nd Place- For Now
3. Ft Walton Beach- Region 1 (2) Freshman Talent Leading the Team, Kicked Off Season on a Tougher Than Expected Venue
4. Lakewood Ranch- Region 3 (4) 1-5 Split Time of 1:28 Shows, XC IS a Team Sport
5. Bartram Trail HS- Region 1 (11) Jumps 6 Spots on Solid Effort
6. Chiles HS- Region 2 (13) Running Strong w/o their Top Runner 
7. George Jenkins-Region  NR Out of Nowhere-Summer training must have paying off
8. Gulf Coast HS- Region 3 (6) Sharks are Looking Good in the Early Meets
9. Ridgeview HS-Region  1 (9) Making a Solid Statement Early in the Season
10. Sickles HS-Region 2 NR Solid Preformances- Starting the Season Off Right
11. Niceville HS- Region 1 (6) Early Season Success is a Reasult of Hard Work and Good Coaching
12. Columbia HS- Region 1 NR Another Team Starting the 2012 Season Strong
13. Wiregrass Ranch HS- Region  (3) Possiable Slow Start for a Team that Finished 2011 Strong
14. Bishop Kenny HS-Region  NR Strong Start for Bishop Kenny
15. Nease HS- Region 1 (7) One of Many Teams Off to a Good Start

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary: Early Season Results are Posted Faster than I can Update, Many Changes to come over the Next Few Weeks, Many Runner starting the Season off with Solid Times
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Kacy Smith, Senior- Estero HS (1) 19:04.60, Early Season Races, Not a Good Indicator 
2. Emily Edwards,  (2) 19:10 Starting 2012 with 3 Solid Race Preformaces
3. Katy G. Solos  (3) 19:19-Solid Start to the 2012 Season
4. Emma Rudman, Freshman- Ft Walton HS (4) 19:26- Starting Freshman Season Off Soild Start
5. Elizabeth Mulford, Junior-  HS (5) 19:26, A Fast Start to a New Season
6. Hanna Loder, Senior- Matanzas HS (14) 19:26. 2012 Off to a Great Start
7. Caroline Barlow, HS (7) 19:31.- 2012 Season is looking good with this Solid Time
8. Ivy Chastain, (8) 19:31.73 Another Solid Preformance 
9. Sarah Hammond (9) 19:38:01 A Good Early Season Race
10. Audrey Carpenter, (10) 19:45- One of many Early Season Great Race Times
11. Jessica Fletcher- (NR) 19:45.00, Another Solid Runner on a "Rising" Team
12. Rachel Kling-Pace HS (NR) 19:46.00- Another Solid Region 1 Runner Pushing the Pack
13. Elizabeth Harper, Senior- Merritt Island HS (13) 19:47, Starting 2012 Right where she left off 
14. Nina Li, (NR) 19:51.00 Starting the season off on the Right Foot 



4A Girls Rankings

  By: Ryan Raposo, John A. Ferguson HS, ryanraposo@gmail.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary: There was quite a bit of shuffling at the first two weekends of competition, but most surprising was the number of teams that didn't compete in a major meet that I had in my original preseason rankings. I think that in two more weeks we'll have a much better breakdown of where the 4A girls teams really stand. I truly feel that St. Thomas is the team to beat right now. Plant ran well at their meet (which should be classified as a road race by definition) but STA looks to be on a different level so far this season.
What to look for this weekend: #1 St. Thomas, #4 Ferguson, and #7 Park Vista are all at the Spanish River Invitational along with many of the other Region 3 and Region 4 teams. Also #3 Hagerty, #9 Lake Brantley, and #10 Dr. Phillips are all at the Overbay-Monte Carlo Invitational.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. St. Thomas Aquinas, 3 (4) 19:44 Team Avg, 1st @ UF Mountain Dew; last week- 20:25 Team Avg, 1st @ UM Greentree
2. Plant, 2 (T-1) 19:43 Team Avg, 1st @ West Hillsborough (the majority of the race was asphalt; ~20 seconds fast or so)
3. Hagerty, 1 (6) 20:52 Team Avg, 1st @ DeLand Invite; last week- 20:54 Team Avg, 2nd @ Astronaut Invite
4. Ferguson, 4 (T-1) 20:46 Team Avg, 1st @ Ferguson Falcons Invite
5. Lourdes, 4 (3) 20:44 Team Avg, 5th @ UF Mountain Dew; last week- 21:47 Team Avg, 3rd @ UM Greentree
6. Olympia, 1 (5) 21:21 Team Avg, 2nd @ Jim Ryun Invite; last week- 21:14 Team Avg, 1st @ Trinity Prep Invite
7. Park Vista, 3 (12) 21:25 Team Avg, 1st @ TKA Lions Invite; last week- 22:32 Team Avg, 1st @ Martin County Invite
8. Newsome, 2 (T-16) 21:27 Team Avg, 1st @ East Hillsborough; last week- 21:45 Team Avg, 1st @ Newsome Wolves Invite
9. Lake Brantley, 1 (NR) 21:35 Team Avg, 2nd @ DeLand Invite; last week- 22:50 Team Avg, 9th @ Astronaut Invite
10. Dr. Phillips, 1 (T-13) 22:15 Team Avg, 12th @ UF Mountain Dew; last week- 23:26 Team Avg, 5th @ Trinity Prep Invite
11. Colonial, 1 (10) 22:11 Team Avg, 4th @ Spikes and Spurs Classic (last week)
12. Jupiter, 3 (17) 21:39 Team Avg, 2nd @ TKA Lions Invite (their 4 minute spread is killing them)
13. Lake Mary, 1 (7) 22:36 Team Avg, 5th @ Jim Ryun Invite; last week- 21:52 Team Avg, 6th @ Katie Caples Elite
14. Vero Beach, 2 (NR) 22:12 Team Avg, 10th @ UF Mountain Dew; last week- 22:19 Team Avg, 5th @ Astronaut Invite
15. Dwyer, 3 (20) 22:05 Team Avg, 3rd @ TKA Lions Invite
16. South Dade, 4 (18) 22:13 Team Avg, 2nd @ Ferguson Falcons Invite; last week- 23:35 Team Avg, 6th @ UM Greentree
17. Freedom (Tampa), 2 (T-16) 22:23 Team Avg, 11th @ UF Mountain Dew; last week- 22:27 Team Avg, 2nd @ Newsome Wolves Invite
18. Sarasota Riverview, 2 (8) 22:32 Team Avg, 1st @ BRC Invite; last week- 22:45 Team Avg, 3rd @ Newsome Wolves Invite
19. Coral Reef, 4 (22) 22:28 Team Avg, 4th @ Ferguson Falcons Invite; last week- 23:29 Team Avg, 5th @ UM Greentree
20. Palm Beach Central, 3 (NR) 22:46 Team Avg, 5th @ TKA Lions Invite
21. Bloomingdale, 2 (NR) 23:08 Team Avg, 2nd @ East Hillsborough; last week- 23:45 Team Avg, 6th @ Seffner Christian Kickoff
22. Coral Springs, 3 (NR) 23:29 Team Avg, 9th @ TKA Lions Invite
23. Miami Sunset, 4 (23) 24:44 Team Avg, 13th @ Ferguson Falcons Invite
24. Coral Gables, 4 (24) 25:17 Team Avg, 15th @ Ferguson Falcons Invite
  Dropped from Rankings:    
  Winter Park, 1 (9) 23:08 Team Avg, 21st @ UF Mountain Dew (without #1 Charlotte Stephens)
  Seminole, 2 (11) IDLE? Racing their pre-conference meet this Wednesday.
  Spruce Creek, 1 (T-13) 21:50 Team Avg, 3rd @ DeLand Invite; last week- 22:08 Team Avg, 4th @ Astronaut Invite
  Palm Harbor University, 2 (14) IDLE? Racing their pre-conference meet this Wednesday.
  Wharton, 2 (15) 23:41 Team Avg, 7th @ Jim Ryun Invite; last week- 23:22 Team Avg, 7th @ Newsome Wolves Invite
  Spanish River, 3 (19) IDLE? Racing at their home invitational this weekend.
  Cypress Bay, 3 (21) IDLE?
  Current Virtual Meet:   Virtual Meet Notes: Only the top six teams from each Region are listed.

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary: All of the girls are ranked by their season best performances up to now. I shaved 15 seconds off the Jim Ryun Invite results (due to course difficulty) and added 20 seconds to the West Hillsborough Invite results (due to the majority of the race being run on pavement). With 15 girls already sub 20, it looks to be another strong year in Class 4A!
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Bridget Blake, 12 - Dr. Phillips (1) 19:36 @ Trinity Prep, cruising to a win; should make her true debut at flrunners just like last year.
2. Bryce Seymour, 12 - Hagerty (2) 18:39 @ DeLand Invite
3. Alexa Cruz, 9 - St. Thomas (NR) 18:52 @ UF Mountain Dew; Holy moly! 2nd HS race ever!
4. Amber Johnson, 12 - Dr. Phillips (7) 19:07 @ UF Mountain Dew
5. Christina Kalis, 11 - St. Thomas (12) 19:17 @ UF Mountain Dew
6. Julia Rodriguez, 12 - Plant (4) 19:00 @ West Hillsborough
7. Danielle Van Liere, 9 - Fletcher (NR) 19:30 @ Katie Caples Invite
8. Courtney Filliben, 12 - Lourdes (9) 19:34 @ UF Mountain Dew
9. Courteney Zboyan, 10 - Jupiter (17) 19:47 @ TKA Lions Invite
10. Marina Braynon-Moore, 11 - St. Thomas (31) 19:50 @ UF Mountain Dew
11. Lourdes Brea, 11 - Lourdes (19) 19:52 @ UF Mountain Dew
12. Caroline Gibson, 12 - Plant (14) 19:33 @ West Hillsborough
13. Scarlott Fox, 12 - Plant (6) 19:34 @ West Hillsborough
14. Autumn Bartlett, 10 - University (NR) 19:54 @ DeLand Invite
15. Emily Headley, 10 - Olympia (3) 19:59 @ Trinity Prep
16. Brianna Rischar, 10 - St. Thomas (18) 20:07 @ UF Mountain Dew
17. Kerstin Sosa, 11 - Hagerty (NR) 20:11 @ DeLand Invite
18. Katrina Santiago, 11 - Ferguson (26) 20:13 @ Falcons Invite
19. Alexa Chen, 10 - Sanford Seminole (NR) 20:15 @ DeLand Invite
20. Katherine MacNeal, 11 - Cypress Bay (13) IDLE
21. Kaley Schmick, 10 - Cypress Creek (16) 20:17 @ Trinity Prep
22. Bailey Sullivan, 11 - Plant (NR) 20:00 @ West Hillsborough
23. Morgan Hull, 11 - Palm Beach Central (NR) 20:21 @ TKA Lions Invite
24. Brenna Johson, 11 - Hagerty (NR) 20:21 @ Mike Gibson Summertime Run
25. Alycia Loriz, 12 - Spruce Creek (NR) 20:22 @ DeLand Invite
26. Emily Nix, 9 - Winter Park (NR) 20:26 @ UF Mountain Dew
27. Brianna Jackson, 12 - Newsome (41) 20:26 @ Newsome Invite
28. Kaley Dolye, 11 - Park Vista (NR) 20:29 @ TKA Lions Invite
29. Tiffany Gargiulo, 12 - Hagerty (NR) 20:29 @ Astronaut
30. Kaitlyn Campo, 12 - Olympia (8) 20:45 @ Jim Ryun Invite
  Other girls to look for:    
  Emily Perkinson, 12 - Colonial (23) 20:31 @ Spikes and Spurs
  Margaret Schloss, 10 - St. Thomas (5) 20:32 @ UF Mountain Dew
  Laurel Brennan, 12 - Park Vista (22) 20:32 @ TKA Lions Invite
  Barbra Vilson, 12 - South Dade (NR) 20:32 @ Falcons Invite
  Lea Tardanico, 12 - Varela (28) 20:34 @ Falcons Invite
  Regan Farrow, 12 - Lake Howell (20) 20:36 @ DeLand Invite
  Annie Tedesco, 11 - Freedom (Tampa) (NR) 20:39 @ UF Mountain Dew
  Lauren Gavulic, 10 - Ferguson (30) 20:39 @ Falcons Invite
  Lily Kloepfer, 9 - St. Thomas (NR) 20:39 @ UF Mountain Dew
  Sarah Carrion, 11 - Lake Mary (25) 20:41 @ Katie Caples
  State Mock Meet Score:    
  1) St. Thomas- 66, 2) Plant- 94    




Boys State Rankings by Classifications:


1A Boys Rankings

  By: Ken Vinal, Trinity Preparatory School, vinalk@trinityprep.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Ranking teams is easy when you have head to head competition like this past weekend's Jim Ryun Invitational. Several of the top 1a teams in the I-4 corridor christened the Holloway Park course with their sweat, and while the results at the top places were no surprise, Geneva's strong race earned the Knights a top ten ranking.  However, how does Holloway compare to other courses around the state? Is it an extreme hellacious on the Flrunners scale, or is it merely slow? Last Saturday it was the it was very much the former.
Up in the panhandle Maclay scored a big win at the Lincoln Invitational and placed 4th at the Lion's Roar. Maclay is not ready to challenge Trinity Prep for the #2 spot right now, but a lot can change in 8 weeks. Never underestimate a Droze coached team.
Quote of the week: "Every day you have to test yourself. If you don't, it's a wasted day." Terry Butts
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Holy Trinity, 3 (1) The Tigers are 2-0 for the season and beat their rivals at Jim Ryun. 
2. Trinity Prep, 2 (2) Salas was first at Jim Ryun, but the Saints fail to upset HTA.
3. Maclay, 1 (4) 2012 may be the year Maclay returns to the state medal stand.
4. Circle Christian, 2 (3) Centurions were 6th at Katie Caples and 5th at Jim Ryun
5. McKeel, 3 (5) McKeel was 8th at Jim Ryun
6. Seffner Christian, 2 (9) Crusaders are right behind McKeel
7. Geneva (NR) This young team can be in the top-5 at the state meet.
8. Keswick Christian, 3 (11) Keswick moves up in the rankings proving place is more important than time is cross country
9. PK Yonge, 2 (14) Placed 8th at the Lecanto Invitational
10. Indian Rocks Christian, 2 (NR) Won Indian Rocks Invitational
11. Mount Dora Bible, 2 (10) Averaged 19:29.6 at Katie Caples
12. Clearwater Central Catholic, 3 (NR) Finished 3 points behind Indian Rocks
13. North Florida Christian, 1 (NR) Placed 8th at the Lincoln Invitational
14. Bishop Snyder, 1 (7) 12th out of 31 teams at Bob Hays
15. Shorecrest Prep, 3 (NR) Finished 8th at Seffner Christian Kick-off

Individual Rankings: 

  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Daniel Salas, 12, Trinity Prep (1) Earned his 2nd win of the season at Jim Ryun
2. Garrett Westlake,12,  PK Yonge (2) 16:05, Coasted to a 20 second win at the Lecanto Invite
3. Tristan Kattenberg, 12, Holy Trinity (3) 16:08, 2nd at Katie Caples, 4th at Jim Ryun
4. Alex Brown, 12, Holy Trinity (4) 16:06, 1st at Katie Caples, 5th at Jim Ryun
5. Travis Covert, 12, Maclay (5) 16:57, 3rd at the Lincoln Invite, 9th at The Lion's Roar
6. Troy Clark, 11, Mount Dora Bible (15) 16:45 4th place at Katie Caples and a "fast" 17:07 win at Mt. Dora Bible
7. Jacob Endrulat, 12, Keswick Christian (7) A "fast" 17:47 at Jim Ryun is a sub-17:00 just about anywhere else.
8. Cole Oliver, 12, Holy Trinity (5) 16:55, 8th at Katie Caples
9. Jordan Foster, 12, Circle Christian (9) 17:01,  17:45 10th place at Jim Ryun 
10.  Josh Keenan, 12, Seffner (24) 16:57, 1st at Seffner Christian Kickoff and impressive 7th at Jim Ryun
11. Scott Simpson, 12, Kings Academy (6) 17:03, 5th at TKA Lions Invitational
12. Trevor Kattenberg, 8, Holy Trinity (NR) 17:07, 17:49 12th place at Jim Ryun
13. Jack Rutledge, 11, Maclay (14) 17:06, 6th at Lincoln Invitational
14. Sam Millson, 11, Trinity Prep (13) 17:44, 3rd at TPS Invite, 18:34 at Jim  Ryun
15. Isak Davis, 10, Geneva (NR) 17:50, 14th at Jim Ryun
16. Jesse Millson, 9, Trinity Prep (NR) 17:54, 17th at Jim Ryun
17. Tristan Rhodes, 10 Trinity Prep (NR) 17:49, 18th place 17:55 at Jim Ryun
18. Andrew Cacciatore, 10, Holy Trinity (16) 17:23, 22nd at katie Caples, 19th at Jim Ryun
19. Joseph Janson, 11, PK Yonge (18) 17:08, 8th at Lecanto Invitational
20.  Jonah Wilamowski, 11, Bp. Snyder (NR) 17:26, 1st at Katie Caples Varisty Race
21. Ross Porter, 11 , Shorecrest (19) 17:34, 2nd at Seffner Kickoff and 23rd at UF Mt Dew
22. James Gehret, 10, Bp Snyder (21) 17:44, 5th in K. Caples Varsity race
23. Jake Mazziotta, 8, Maclay (NR) 18:00, 9th at Lincoln Invitational
24. Paul Reggentin, 11,Trinity Prep (25) 18:07 at Jim Ryun
25. Nicholas Gonzalez, 10, Geneva (NR) 17:46, 17:50 at Jim Ryun



2A Boys Rankings

  By: Mike Becker, Ransom Everglades, mbecker@ransomeverglades.org

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Despite FL Runners' time comparisons ( quite a silly idea... and by the way Van Natter is listed twice for NC ) [Raposo Edit: Van Natter FIXED!], Bishop Kenny is still the team to beat .  Barr, Yarborough and Perry are all legit top ten candidates.  And they are probably hungry from a 2011 runner up finish.  But here comes Nature Coast.  It is unclear how slow or how fast a day Zac Lukas was, but  these guys also have 3 legitimate top ten apsirants.  The final challenger for the team title at this early juncture appears to  be Cocoa Beach. CB had an off day at Caples ( with one guy dropping out), but with 3 top ten aspirants, these guys , too, can challenge BK .  After the big three,  there is a clear gap.  Jesuit and Robinson posted studly times at West Hillsboro, but FEW of those guys have done so at other places, so more input is needed. That being said, both of those teams appear to be for real.  Ransom continues to improve, though to reference great Ryan Raposo, the times you have seen thus far from Ransom are posted at  Larry and Penny Thompson Park ( slowest course in Florida by far).  Eastside ran well at Mt. Dew.  Lake Nona ran well at Titusville, and is likely to keep improving as they are a true pack.That leaves Immakolee, BP, Rockledge, Bolles  and West Florida Tech ( which needs a 5th runner evidently) .  Keep the tips coming.  I am sure by FL Runners  the cream will rise to the top, and we will all be able to make a legit prognostication for the big race in November.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Bishop Kenny (1) With strong performances in Caples and Ridgeview BK, leads the way
2. Nature Coast (5) With a closer pack than BK, and with improving runners at the top of their top 5, these guys appear to be a strong challenger for the gold. 
3. Cocoa Beach (2) Hard to tell which Cocoa Beach team to rank - the one that looked  awesome at Wickham Park or the one that had trouble in Jacksonville.  Only time will tell, but on paper, CB is a legit threat for gold.
4. Tampa Jesuit (4) Speaking of hard to tell, … not sure what to  make of West Hillsboro… but either way Jesuits's fourth runner is at worst low 18s 
5. Ransom Everglades (7) Strong at 1-2, the challenge remains to have freshman close the gap
6. Lake Nona (8) Even Without an  oustanding number one runner, these guys are climbing the charts; 2nd at Astronuat 
7. Robinson (13) Right behind Jesuit on road course; their fifth beat Jesuit's fifth
8. Eastside (14) They appear to be better than they ran in 2011, with a strong finish at Mt. Dew
9. Immokalee (3) Strong at 1-2 in Fort Myers Optimist, but they need to improve depth to hold this spot
10. Berkeley Prep (6) Stil rebuilding from loss of seniors, but still a top ten team  
11. Rockledge (NR) Improved from 2011, but have an uphill battle in toughest AA  region
12. West Florida tech (9) Best of the Panhandle, and with 4 runners under 19:00 earlt
13. Bolles (10) Still rebuilding, but you know they will be there

Individual Rankings:

Commentary:  Anyone  that has not put in a time yet has been removed from honor roll this week.  Don't sound the alarms… Clearly there are some top runners who haven't  opened yet.  Anyway, Barr is undefeated against AA runners , but there are certainly a group of challengers.  The Cocoa Beach trio put times in at Wickham, but  Barr was victorious head to head.  Walton may only have run 16:39, but 11th in that race ( with Belen etc there) was a very impressive performance.  The Nature Coast pack is congregating around the top 15 but it is hard to tell who their number one is.  As for Oloughlin, 16:20 ( even on the road) is impressive.  Only time will tell if the Jesuit and Robinson boys are really that fast.  The three studly freshman from the middle school state meets are likely to improve a ton.  But to date, it doesn't look as though any of them belong in the top 10 ( Jacobson may belong there,  hasn't posted a time yet).  Finally, don't scream if your name isn't on this list.  It is way, way early.  I expect the Lehigh boys, the West Florida guys, an Eastside runner or two, Medina, and others to make this list soon.  But after just two races, we gotta use the data generated to date.  Hopefully , most teams show up to FL RUNNERS
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Michael Barr - Bishop Kenny (1) Beating some of his rivals at Caples, keeps Barr on top 
2. Xavier Walton - Astronaut (NR) Walton/s 16:39 at Mt. Dew is a legit, solid race 
3. Costa Thathis- Cocoa Beach (8) Won at Rockledge after a strong Caples race
4. David Yarbrough- Bishop Kenny (4) Solid  effort at Caples
5. Dylan Taylor - Cocoa Beach  (NR) Withoug being privy to what happened at Caples, don’t know how his 16:25 stacks up  
6. Tim Oloughlin Jesuit (7) 16:20 on a road course… hard to place  this effort…. But clearly a great run
7 Cory Sayyeau- Cocoa Beach (2) A little up and down early but a top 10 runner somewhere
8. Jan Bergengruen - Ransom Everglades  (15) 17:14 at Larry and Penny Thompson is a fabulous  early season time
9 James Harkless -Nature Coast (NR) co-top runner of a close pack
10. Cody Van Natter - Nature Coast (16) ditto see above
11. Daniel Dean - Middleton (NR) Five seconds behind Oloughlin for this freshman … so if that course is close to legit……?
12. Austin Decker - Bolles (NR) Last of the sub 17:00 runners on legit courses as of 9/15
13., Leonel De la Crus- Immokalee (5) 17:09 opener at Fort Myers
14. Gaby Correa- Ransom Everglades (11) Not to sound like a broken record… but 17:22 at Larry and Penny equals sub 17 anywhere else
15. Dalton Shepard - Lake Placid (NR) I bet he is top ten soon….. Needs to run against the top competition to make a comparison
16. Nick Buliga - Gulf (NR) 17:01 opener
17. Zac Perry- Bishop Kenny (NR) 17:14 at Caples 
18. Alex Pedraza- Golden Gate  (NR) 17:12 at Fort Myers Optimist
19. Spencer Guerette- Anclote (13) 17:21 at Mt. Dew
20. Kevin Ciccone- Nature Coast (NR) 17:13 at Zac Lucas
21. Brad Franco - Bishop Kenny (NR) 17:21 Caples



3A Boys Rankings

  By: Carl Egbert, Barron Collier HS, carl_egbert@hotmail.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Now that we have two weekends behind us things are beginning to take shape. Belen Jesuit is by far the class of 3A with a bunch of schools piling up behind the fighting for the podium. We will have a good incdicator in two weeks at FL Runners and Pre States  the following week.  It will be fun to see how holds it together as we progress throught the season.
  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Belen Jesuit , 4 (1) The class of the state right now.
2. Fort Walton Beach , 1 (3) Great pack running at Washington Wildcat. 
3. Chiles , 1 (5) :47 second spread 1-5 at Bob Hans Invite
4. Fort Myers, 3 (2) Back to back wins at BC Invite and Optimist. 
5. Leon, 1 (NR) Runner Up to FWB at Lions Roar
6. Steinbrenner, 2 (6) Runner Up at West Hillsborough and 2nd at Lecanto
7. Sarasota, 2 (14) Wins at Lecanto and Bradenton 
8. Estero , 3 (4) Runner Up to FM at BC and Optimist 
9. Creekside, 1 (8) 4th at Katie Caples
10. Niceville, 1 (11) Top 2 can run with anyone in the state but need 4-5 to step up
11. Naples, 3 (7) Going to need #5 runner to step up if they are going to crack top 10
12. Ocala Vanguard, 1 (NR) 4th at Bob Hans
13. Stanton Prep,1 (10) 6th at Bob Hans
14. Martin County,4 (NR) 4th at UF
15. Land O Lakes, 2 (NR) 3rd @ Lions Roar

Individual Rankings: 

Commentary: Carlos Miranda and Avery Lopez have established themselves as the front runners in 3A so far. Carlos opened his season with a 16:08 win at Optimist. His winning time was just off last years time where he was pushed all the way to the line. Avery was 2nd to Convey in Miami then traveled to UF to pick up a win in 15:47.  The top 10 guys will be a revolving door as we everyone on the line at Fl Runners and Pre State.
  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Carlos Miranda - 12 - Palmetto Ridge (2) 16:08 win at FM Optimist Meet. Just off his winning time from last year; Carlos proves he is back and fit.
2. Avery Lopez - 12 - Belen Jesuit (1) 15:47 win at UF. Will only get better as season goes on.
3. Nick Morken - 11 - Niceville (4) 15:55 win at Wildcat Invite.
4. Thomas Howell - 11 - Niceville (3) Slightly off his teammate finishing 2nd @ Wildcat in 16:08
5. Fabian Thomas - 11 - Belen Jesuit (10) 16:10 for 3rd at UF
6. Sukhi Khosla - 10 - Leon (NR) 16:15 at Lions War winning
7. Ace Brown - 12 - Fort Myers (8) Gave Carlos some company through 2 miles enroute to 16:18 @ Optimit
8. Tyler Bennett - 11 - Fort Myers (7) Fell off a bit from his win @ BC Invite. 16:23 for 3rd at Optimist
9. Tim Bulger - 12 - FWB (NR) 16:26 for 3rd @ Wildcat Invite
10. Trey LaNasa - 10 - FWB (NR) 16:27 @ Wildcat Invite
11. Michael Magoulas - 11 - Belen Jesuit (5) 16:27 @ UF
12. Travis Nichols - 11 - Land O Lakes (14) 16:29 @ Lions Roar finishing 2nd and 2nd @ Jim Ryun in 16:50 in stack field
13. Buddy Gates - 12 - Naples HS (9) 16:34 for 3rd @ Optimist in his season opener. 
14. Caanan Meester - Kitterman - 11 - Bayshore (NR) 16:27 win at Bradentons Runners Club Invite
15. Courtland Bernard - 12 - Sarasota HS (NR) 16:28 for 3rd @ Lecanto and 16:32 for 2nd to Caanan @ Bradenton RC



4A Boys Rankings

  By: Jorge Fleitas, Christopher Columbus HS, jfleitas@columbushs.com

Team Rankings:

  Team Name, Region (Prev.)  Comments:
1. Colonial, Region 1 (1) The preseason # 1 Grenadiers seems to have taken all its frustration out on FPC at Spikes and Spurs Classic and are unlikely to race anybody else in 4A till FSU!
2. Mandarin, Region 1 (2) I believe it could take a while for the state to see how good Mandarin really is. It seems they have about 4 quad meets until we see them run against Colonial at Bale N Trail. An impressive win at Bob Hans with a 16:54 team average leaves them at #2
3. Columbus, Region 4 (5) The Hellions look legit, but key injuries to there top 5 can cost them a chance to contend.
4. HB Plant, Region 2 (6) The West Hillsborough Invitation required a course change to mostly pavement. I believe you cannot disregard a 10 sec spread #1-6 and a victory over an amazing Steinbrenner team. If this course was a ligitimate 5k the State better watch out for this team.
5. Sunset, Region 4 (4)  How good are they? Well, transfer #3 from Doral gives Sunset an edge to move up to a top 3 team in the State.
6. St. Thomas, Region 3 (14) A very young team that has a lot of room for improvement has made a leap to be a top 5 finisher at the state meet.
7. Olympia, Region 1 (3) A very tough Jim Ryun Course moves the Titans down a couple notches but I still have them as a Top 10 team come November.
8. Flagler Palm Coast, Region 1 (7) Thomas Carroll leads an eager Bulldogs team that willl bounce back at Alligator Lake XC Invitational after a dissapointing finish at UF.
9. John A Ferguson, Region 4 (8) The Falcons looked better after the Falcon Invite the 55 sec spread may be enough to hold off the teams following them in the rankings.
10. Boone, Region 1 (NR) If you listen carefully you might start hearing the chants "Braves!" Boone looked impressive at UF look for them to be a top 10 team if they continue there success.
11. Lyman, Region 1 (NR)  
12. Park Vista, Region 3 (9)  
13. Oviedo, Region 1 (NR)  
14. Winter Park, Region 1 (11)  
15. Coral Reef, Region 4 (NR)  

Individual Rankings: 

  Athlete Name, Grade – Team (Prev.)  Time, Comments:
1. Arroyo, Andres Colonial HS    (1)  
2. Convey, Kurt    Coral Reef     (2)  
3. Fernandez, Daniel Columbus (Miami) (4)  
4. Lindsey, John  Winter Park HS (21)  
5. Licht, Caleb  Colonial HS  (11)  
6. Profitt, John Colonial HS    (10)  
7. Benner, Lars  Newsome HS    (5)  
8. Ferrentino, Connor Freedom (NR)  
9. Pineiro, Keneth DeLand HS  (6)  
10. Weaver, Bryce HB Plant (NR)  
11. Weaver, John Mandarin (NR)  
12. Jower, Tyler Mandarin (NR)  
13. Medrano, Salvador John I. Leonard     (8)  
14. Diaz, Nick  Miami Sunset (9)  
15. Bengston, Charlie  John I. Leonard (16)  
16. Mckenna, Paul  Countryside (12)  
17. Marquez, Brandon Timber Creek (13)  
18. Carroll, Thomas Flagler Palm Coast (NR)  
19. Castro, Kenneth   Sunset  (Miami)   (3)  
20 Delgado, Fabian Killian (Miami) (NR)  
21. Hernandez, Pedro Columbus (Miami)  (NR)  
22. Martinez, Justin  Newsome HS (15)  
23. Deleva, Anthony  Coral Glades (17)  
24. Ramirez, Raul Colonial (7)  
25. Schanze, Justin Oviedo (NR)  




*Please remember that all of these rankings are done by volunteers and are meant to increase the overall enjoyment of the sport for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. They are just for fun and should not have a lot of weight put on them. But if you have issues (such as a missed athlete or team), please email the individual pollster for your classification / gender, or direct major concerns to Flrunners Administrator / FACA Rankings Representative: Coach Ryan Raposo- ryanraposo@gmail.com