In Her Own Words: Bryce Seymour


Hey runners! It seems like the 2012 cross country season is just flying by. Now that we have past all the in season big meet milestones, the only thing left is the championship season. We are now down to the last five weeks and for me it is my last five weeks of high school cross country ever. I hope every runner out there enjoys and embraces these last couple of weeks because these are the weeks every runner should be looking forward to.
The past two weeks for me have been exciting. Right after the FSU/Pre-state meet I went on another official visit. I was in a little time crunch being that my plane took off at 11. So right after the race I cooled down, said goodbye to my team, packed up, took the fastest shower ever, and headed to the airport. I had a great experience on this official visit. I enjoyed going to a state I have never been to before and meeting a tremendous group of runners and coaches. For all the younger runners out there look forward to official visits and keep your options open. I think they are great experiences to see what is out there and give you a chance to experience various size schools in different climates along with the opportunity to see many different coaching styles and philosophies. So embrace the experience and find a place that is right for you both academically and athletically.
I arrived home Monday night and had some time to get some extra studying in for my big Biology exam the next day, yet still get a good night sleep. I am a big believer in getting in a good night sleep every night. I believe that sleeping is one of the best recoveries for your mind and body.  Personally I try to get nine hours or more of sleep every night. Therefore, I try to manage my time each day to the best of my ability so I can accomplish that. Plus I am really grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep. 

This past Saturday our school hosted the Hagerty Invitational. To be quite honest I used to dread this meet. I never really liked the course, however, I have grown to like it and enjoyed racing on it very much. Good thing too because it will be our district course. I am fortunate to say that I placed first at the meet, but more importantly the team came in first. We all had a great experience at our home meet and I hope all the other teams who attended did too. I got to meet the Spruce Creek girl’s team and they were all so sweet. I think one of my favorite things about cross country besides racing and training, is getting to meet different runners from different teams. All and all it was a great weekend. 
With conference just around the corner, everyone on my team is excited. We have big goals ahead of us and hope we can capture all of them. We are all still training hard and keeping the quality runs in. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and have fun with the final stretch almost ahead of us!     

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