Karen Xiang: Get To Know Nease's Newest Star Cory Sayyeau Sep 17, 2013

Nease standout  Karen Xiang placed 22nd in last season's Cross Country Finals and 8thin the state during the outdoor track season. She is currently undefeated taking down a state champion and some of the top girls in the state in recent years. This cross country season she has run a personal best of 18:30 and won three big meets. Xiang is very humble about the way she is running right now/ We caught up with her to talk about the 2013 season and the success she is having.

Rockledge Raider XC Classic Preview Cory Sayyeau Sep 13, 2013

The Rockledge Raider XC Classic was a meet starting in 2001 through 2005. The meet was discontinued until last year rising from the ashes the Rockledge Raiders decided to give it another go and since has attracted many local and non local teams to enter. At the beautiful Robert A. Anderson Park in Rockledge, it serves as a great venue for cross-country racing.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau - Foot Locker South Experience Cory Sayyeau Nov 26, 2012

Cocoa Beach senior Cory Sayyeau finished out his cross country career by competing at the Foot Locker South Championships. As he has in prior week's Cory takes us along for the journey in this great video blog, an encore to the regular season! Special thanks to Cory and the rest of our bloggers this cross country season. We definitely enjoyed them!

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Nov 19, 2012

Cory Sayyeau ran in his last state meet Saturday. The Cocoa Beach finished 102nd after suffering a setback early in the race. See what Cory has to say about the meet in his video blog, as well as, a great season in review video. Cory you are one heck of a kid and runner. Thanks for all your hard work this season and letting our flrunners audience experience it with you!

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 31, 2012

Hey everyone, glad to be writing again from the week off. Well Hurricane Sandy pretty much spoiled having Cape Coast Conference Saturday morning but we were able to have it Monday after school. Coming into the race we definitely had a lot of confidence that we would defend our title from last year.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 10, 2012

Well this has become a habit writing about how poorly I've been doing! The one thing I can take out of it is that I"m not giving up and I still have faith in myself to have a chance at state.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Oct 02, 2012

Hey flrunners. First off, congrats on hosting another amazing meet this year. This week what can I say our team is very odd when it comes to trying to run everyone well at the same time.

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Sep 25, 2012

Everyone calls it a mud fest and that’s putting it mildly. At the Fleet Feet Invitational at South Fork, I cant even explain the amount of water and mud on the course! Coming into the race, this week has been a solid week of training and the team is still working on closing the gaps. We have an eighth grader Sam Addington who has been putting in so much effort in practice and it is paying off a great deal for us. Heading into the race we looked to bring everyone closer together. 

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Sep 18, 2012

No big meet or far away trip this week, just a local fun meet. This week going into the race we knew our chances of performing really well against the rest of the local competition was good. Even though we were missing two of our top five we still had the same mind set to win the meet. 

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Sep 10, 2012

Hey everyone, I’m sure Flrunners page views have sky rocketed after this first week of the cross-country season! Well, I started my senior season at the Wickham Park Jamboree last weekend running 16:31 and then Katie Caples happened. 

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Sep 04, 2012

Hey everyone, back again writing and just before the season kicks off. The past few weeks have been a little shaky for us. Since we train in the afternoon we’ve been getting rained out so many times. Those days are usually our work-out days in which I already ran in the morningso I just do another  six miles or so on my own since there is no practice. Due to that, leading up to the Wickham Park Jamboree we didn’t have the best couple weeks.  

In His Own Words: Cory Sayyeau Cory Sayyeau Aug 07, 2012

Hello, Florida Runners! The name's Cory Sayyeau. I'm out of Cocoa Beach, and I'll be giving you guys the inside scoop throughout the season about what happens on the Space Coast side of Florida.