In His Own Words: Nic Jacobsen - Finding A Rhythm Nic Jacobsen Oct 30, 2014

Hey flrunners, sorry it has been a while since my last post, but that is not to say that little has been going on. The middle portion of my season has been a little rocky to say the least. Heading into  the Invitational back at the start of the month, I got sick and really wasn't able to shake it off fully for about two weeks. Regardless, I still should have ran better than how I did in that race, but I was just never able to find a rhythm.

In His Own Words: Nic Jacobsen - Leap Of Faith Nic Jacobsen Sep 22, 2014

Hey Flrunners! It's been about three weeks since my last update and I have had such a hectic schedule lately that it has felt more like three months. Since the beginning of this month, I have definitely added a lot more activity both physically and mentally in my life at school and in running, but I have been able to survive my first batch of tests, essays, quizzes, and races of the year (for the most part). September isn't a month that I put all that much stock into as far as racing, but it is still nice to have my first two races out of the way so I can start to get into a rhythm.

In His Own Words: Nic Jacobsen - Race Week Nic Jacobsen Sep 02, 2014

I can’t believe that the season has truly started and results from pre/early season races are starting to pile in already! The past two weeks since I have started school have been very up and down for me both physically and mentally. Between enduring a boatload of texts, quizzes, and essays, attending meetings for student council and other clubs, leading the cheers at the first home football and volleyball games of the year, training, and (of course) getting sick after the first week of school, I have hardly even had a minute to think about racing! 

In His Own Words: Nic Jacobsen - Summer Training Log Plus Bold Season Predictions Nic Jacobsen Aug 17, 2014

Hello again! Now that I have finally gotten back home to South Florida, the heat index may be high, but the excitement is even higher! Although I enjoyed my time running through woods, over hills, along cliffs, and on beaches up north, it is comforting to be situated at home and I am eager to get back into consistent training at a high level. With this past week being the start of official practices and meetings, it has been a blast getting the team back together, running, joking, and plotting the season ahead. With that being said, I would like to take one last look back on a great summer and go into a bit more detail as to how I tackled my training. 

In His Own Words: Nic Jacobsen - Ready To Rumble Nic Jacobsen Aug 03, 2014

Hey FlRunners! My name is Nic Jacobsen and I am going to be a junior this year at Saint Andrew’s School in Boca Raton. Throughout my season I will be taking you all with me on the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs that defines cross country. With school just two or three weeks away for most of us, the excitement that comes with the fall invitationals and showdowns is looming, and I am eager to get started!