In Her Own Words: Kendall Ellis - Back & Ready For 2014

Hey everyone! Turn us trackletes all the way up because it’s finally track season! Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Kendall Ellis and I am happy to blog for flrunners again. Just a little about me; I’m a senior (S/O to class of 2014) at Saint Thomas Aquinas (go Raiders) who has officially signed and committed to the University of Southern California (fight on Trojans).
Personally, of course I’ve been training, just as everyone else has, getting both the body and brain prepped for what is to come. I’m not one to talk about the season because hey anybody can talk, right? Talk doesn’t matter much, what you actually do when it comes time to perform does. However, I must say I’m excited to see what the 2014 track season has in store, not only for myself, but for every athlete. I fully believe some amazing feats are going to be accomplished this year and records will be shattered. Speaking of amazing things, it’s surreal to see so many past teammates and competitors tearing up the collegiate track. It’s great to see one another succeeding in our endeavors, just as it was great to see a large handful of us Floridians come one step closer in competing at the next level on National Signing Day this past week. Congratulations to you all!
Now, getting into some other stuff, I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the upcoming season but ultimately we’re all excited to get to do what we do. Running, jumping, hurdling, throwing. There’s no doubt that I will truly miss my free weekends, but I must admit I’m looking forward to getting to run. Heading into the season, I want to remind everyone to be positive. It feels amazing to be clear headed and focused on what you want out of yourself this year. Here’s a quote I’ve used before but still sticks with me: Yesterday’s fast is today’s slow. Stay focused. Set goals for yourself, write them down, remember them, keep them in mind on those days when you really want to quit at practice. Trust me I feel you we’ve all had those days. Just a matter of how you handle those thoughts. It’s time to get hyped, get excited, and show what we’ve got. What’s in the past is in the past, redeem yourself, defend yourself, or go out and make your presence felt on the track this year, it doesn’t matter what. New year, new season, new PRs, new opportunities. Let’s go get it y’all. I don’t have much to say in this first blog, except what I’ve previously stated - keep an open mind about the season, be confident in your abilities and training, and remember to go for the gold. Why? Because victory is best served gold. 

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