In Her Own Words: Kendall Ellis - Healthy Body, Happy Runner

Hey y’all! Many of us have our first meet this week, whether it be a dual meet or a larger meet. As for Saint Thomas Aquinas our first dual meet is Wednesday against Blanche Ely, South Broward, and West Broward. This weekend we’ll be competing at Louie Bing where schools from all over will come head to head to show what they’re bringing to the season. 
For this blog I’d like to talk about the importance of staying healthy. I’ve seen too many athletes’ seasons' hurt because well, they got hurt. Now by no means am I a doctor but I know it’s not enough to simply take care of an injury once it’s already happened. Preventive measures are equally important. As someone who’s had chronic back issues throughout the years, I must say my chiropractor is my best friend. Walk up in the chiropractor like what’s up I got a problem. But really. Take care of your bodies, these are our machines. We don’t have equipment and tools like other sports, track is simply our bodies and our spikes so take care of it, it’s precious cargo. Pay attention to your bodies, know the difference between being sore and being genuinely hurt, don’t ignore the little things take care of them before they turn into bigger things. I already know us trackletes love us some KT tape, no need to mention that. Ice baths on the other hand, not so much. For me it truly is a love hate relationship. Ice, stretch, get a good night’s sleep. I know the struggle is oh so real to get sleep as student athletes, but we really have to try. The point is, I’d like to see everyone have a great healthy season so that we can all run to the very best of our abilities with our bodies in tip top shape.
On another note, just for fun, I have to say having music play every once in a while during practice adds a whole other dynamic to it. It makes things fun, loosens us up, ready to have a good day at practice. Listening to throwbacks while watching my teammate Tony Cruz bust out the hottest dance moves  makes everyone just a little bit happier to be at practice. It’s kind of hard not to smile when music is playing and teammates are dancing, regardless of what the workout for the day is. Just thought ya’ll ought to know.
Best of luck in your training and upcoming meets! Stay positive, stay healthy, and remember to go for the gold. Why? Because victory is best served gold. 

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