In Her Own Words: Kendall Ellis - Friends Turned Family

Hey everyone! Kendall Ellis here back for this week’s blog. This past weekend Saint Thomas Aquinas competed at the Louie Bing Invitational. I’d like to extend a congratulations to Miami Northwestern for winning on the girls side and another congratulations to my girls team for placing second. Another huge congratulations to the STA boys team for winning on the men’s side. There were some amazing individual performances as well as relay performances last weekend so be sure to check out the results. This Wednesday Saint Thomas hosts a dual meet at home against Coral Glades and Pompano. This weekend we’ll be at the Sam Burley Hall of Fame Invitational expecting some more fast times.  
Louie Bing was a good meet, the typical meet STA begins the season with. It’s great to see so many South Florida athletes opening up with such fast times, especially my teammates. Personally I’ve never opened up so fast, with a 54.86 in the 400 meters. My teammates Diamond Spaulding and Krystal Sparling ran season openers of 24.37 in the 200 meters and an 11.82 in the 100 meters, respectively. On the distance side, Alexa Cruz cruised to the finish line in 11:27.86 in the 3200. I’m excited to see what the season has in store for these girls and the rest of the team as well because I’m sure there are some greater things to come. From here on out I expect the season to fly by, especially since it’s my last high school track season. For all the seniors, it’s time to handle our business and go out with a bang, making sure we enjoy our last bit of high school. 
Speaking of the last bit of high school, I know I’m going to miss my teammates a ridiculous amount when I head off to USC. These girls have become family over my four years at Saint Thomas. I’ve grown closer to my teammates and genuinely look forward to seeing each of them succeed as I enter college. I can admit in the past years there were some problems, there was drama, but this no drama, we don’t want any drama.
Us lady Raiders have become such a close knit group of girls this year, getting to know each other a little better with each passing season. We’re teammates on the track but even better we’re friends off the track too. Even Diamond Spaulding, who transferred from American Heritage, fell right into the mix of girls and clicked with all of us at STA. We’re like family, sisters, always keeping it real with each other but always there for one another. Trust me we’re an interesting group of girls, a team full of nicknames, and a team full of laughs. Whether it be at practice, meets, in the hallways, in texts, we’re almost always laughing about something. Chemistry is important, not just for relays but because we’re girls. We like to talk, we like to socialize, we’re always around each other so we might as well get along and like it. As the bonding queen I’ve been slacking in my duties, but no worries I have some things in mind. All I know is at the end of the day, my teammates and I all have love for each other despite our differences and the different ways we show it. 
Well that’s all for this week. I wish ya’ll the best of luck in your training and upcoming meets and remind you all to go for the gold. Why? Because victory is best served gold. 

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