In Her Own Words: Autumn Bartlett - Running Into The New Season

Hi FlRunners! It’s Autumn. As the 2014 cross country season grows nearer every day an excitement and hope for a successful season also grows.
Whether you are an incoming freshman or a rising senior, the start to a new running season is full of anticipation of the races to come and of the potential to achieve the goals that were made at the end of the previous season. With the new season is an opportunity runners to put the efforts and hard work of the past year (or years) into play as we strive to run faster, run stronger, and run longer. Fellow Florida runners the new season provides the opportunity to build upon weeks, months, and years of training to improve your running.
For me, the new season offers prospects to achieve the goals that I have been aspiring to accomplish since my freshman year as I continually work to improve my times and potentially place higher in the state meet. I am certain that striving toward my desired goals will cause pressure, but I look forward to everything I hope to achieve and plan on working as hard as I can to have my dream season. As for my fellow runners, I hope that you all have the season you have been training hard for!
There is something about the ritual of the race, putting on the number, lining up, being timed, that brings out the best in us.
- Grete Waitz

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