In Her Own Words: Autumn Bartlett - What I Know Now vs What I Knew Then

First off I would like to congratulate all those who ran this past weekend. we had some really great times posted and everyone should be really proud of themselves. In honor of the first meet of the season I thought I would present to you, my fellow runners a list of what I know now versus what I knew my freshman year.

What I (Thought) I Knew Then:

- Cross country is distance running.
- Cross country is not on a track.
- Any training shoes or sneakers would work for racing.
- 4 mi was considered a "long run".
- Running is only about legs.
- Running is an individual sport.
- There is no need to run year round.
- Two sips of water before a race will definitely be enough to properly hydrate.
- If something hurts, ignore it.

What I Know Now:

- Cross country involves running the distance of 3.1 mi (5k).
- Cross country is on a range of different terrains and contrary to popular belief, does not involve running across the country.
- Lighter running shoes such as flats, spikes, or waffles are a must for racing.
- 8-10 mi is a long run, 4 miles is a quick run.
- Running requires all around fitness, to be a successful runner an athlete should focus on strengthening core and arms in addition to strengthening legs.
- In cross country it is extremely important to have a strong team to push you and to help you progress as an athlete.
- It's important to keep training during the year. Cross country is very dependent on training outside of team practices (especially when it comes to summer training).
- If it hurts tell your cross county coach, your track coach, your athletic trainers, everybody, and focus on getting better.
Thanks so much for reading and I hope all of you do well in your upcoming races! "Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself."  -William Faulkner

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