Varela, Magoulas Cruise To Miami-Dade County Wins

Junior Natalie Varela of Gulliver Prep, and freshman Adam Magoulas of Belen Jesuit, coming down the final stretch to each earn their first individual Miami-Dade County Cross Country Championship.

Friday afternoon marked this year's Miami-Dade County Youth Fair Cross Country Championship where a couple of teams continued to show their dominance, while a couple of individuals got to bring home their first individual county crowns.

Held at the notable Larry & Penny Thompson Park, the weather was uncharacteristically reasonable being mostly overcast and not very hot, although slightly humid. Interestingly enough, this was the second week in a row where better weather was displayed for one of the state's more difficult and historically steamy venues. 

Here are the race recaps. 

Junior Varsity Race Recaps:

In the girls JV race there was a couple of strong packs pushing through the mile mark into the halfway point of the course by both Lourdes and Carrollton.

As the girls came down the final stretch it appeared as if Carrollton had picked up the win as their top three girls finished in 2-3-4 overall, however the gap to their 4-5 runners was too much as Lourdes not only picked up the individual win, but staggered five inside the Carrollton number four, to pick up the tight four-point victory. Lourdes not only picked up the victory, but once again showed strength in numbers as their 47 girls made up 34% of the field. 

The boys JV race this year, which has been dominated by Belen for quite some time, was the most dominant that we have seen in both county history and in Belen's rich XC history.

From start to finish there was a gold streak leading the race and when it was all said and done Belen finished first through 18th, eleven of which were in the 18s, followed by eight more of their boys in the 19s. A perfect score, 18 second spread, and a 75-point margin of victory, with ten of their top eighteen being underclassmen; seven freshmen and three sophomores!

Junior Varsity Winners:

Girls JV Individual Champion: Ane Guerrero, 9 - Lourdes Academy (23:56.07)
Girls JV Team 
Champions: Lourdes Academy - 27 points (24:55.70 avg)
Boys JV Individual Champion:
John Lee, 11 - Belen Jesuit (18:07.49)
Boys JV Team 
Champions: Belen Jesuit - 15 points (18:15.08 avg)