Live Coverage of the 2A State Meet

The team was on site at Showalter today for the 2A State Meet.   Full results are posted and interviews are uploading.  Look for thousands of photos and meet summary article tomorrow.  In this article is the archive of the "live tweet".




  1. Results: FHSAA 2A State Finals
  2. American heritage team champs for girls
  3. Raines girls won runner up trophy.
  4. Raines girls won
  5. Godby boys won. Getting their trophy. 61 pts
  6. I did not get all race vids tonight shorthanded. Sorry. Will try to get from db
  7. That's all for the night. Gonna grab some more interviews and start uploading !
  8. Episcopal kw bay. 3:17.9
  9. Three are all together. Bay moving up
  10. Episcopal leads on third exchange 230. Kw them bay
  11. Episopal into second
  12. Kw still leads 139
  13. Pack in reeling kw in
  14. Key west lead on leg one. 49
  15. Final heat of night. Boys 4x400 heat 2 on track
  16. Jackson, Washington , cypress lake 3:21.2 unofficially
  17. Just got barker inter view. Back on track. Andrew Jackson lead last lap
  18. Titusville wins out of "slow heat" 3:55.09
  19. Heat 1 was faster. Waiting on official word
  20. 3:56 fl high Jones. Bolles.
  21. Third exchange. 2:57 bell. American heritage
  22. Big pack. 1:58. Fit teams in cintentin including bolles. Leader fell on back stretch
  23. 56.5 first leg
  24. False start
  25. Girls 4x4 fast heat gun
  26. Montoya Cruz davidson. 234
  27. Barker wins. 9:24
  28. Montoya holds on 15m back. Bell lap
  29. Barker surges to lead
  30. Cruz davidson 3 4
  31. Montoya barker separating. Two to go. 7:08
  32. Montoya barker. Cruz.
  33. Five pack up front. Davidson in it. 444
  34. Cruz montoya barker. 3:30. Right on pace !
  35. Cruz, montoya 2:20
  36. Montoya leads lap one in 68
  37. Boys 110h video uploading now
  38. McCoy second. Smith third. Davis fourth
  39. Olivia Faye of php wins. Pjp sweeps distance events. 10:59! First time under 11
  40. Faye, smith, McCoy, Davis, Chandler. Cocoa beach. Carpio. Bell lap
  41. Mcoy third. Davis fourth
  42. Two to go Faye big lead. 8:16
  43. Freeman interview
  44. Faye 5m lead. McCoy passed carpio for third. Three to go
  45. Carpio moved into third
  46. Freeman interview uploading... Back on the track, at the mile Olivia Faye and Casey smith 1-2 5:29
  47. Going to try to interview Freeman now.
  48. Girls 3200 is up next ... Carpio looks ready
  49. Interview with a very content Stephanie Schappert.
  50. Boys 200 - jerimy strainge with second gold ... 21.43 unofficially
  51. 23.52 official for Freeman. Brianna Frazier second around 24.57
  52. 23.57 unofficially for Freeman
  53. Freeman on track going for number three and maybe a record? Girls 200
  54. Girls 100h video uploading. Boys 100m now up.
  55. First time in florida history... state meet wheelchair race. Pic:
  56. Terrell Bryant of godby wins 1:54.99 unofficially
  57. 57 second split for pack in 800
  58. Someone tell Stephanie schappert to come my way for an interview. Trying to snag her!
  59. Freeman video up. Boys 100 uploading now. High hurdles vids will upload next. Trying to do this and keep updating tweets
  60. Schappert wins girls 800. 2:10.8 unofficially after that 1600!
  61. Girls 100m video with Freeman state meet record 11.39 uploading now
  62. Boys 400 Heat 2 - photo finish. Wow Winston 47.59. Pamilton 47.60 !!
  63. @m_boone dyestat ? No no no
  64. Boys 400 heat 1 - 49.28 rockledge
  65. 53.64 official for Frazier!
  66. Girls 400 heat 2 - brianna Frazier wins 53.6 unofficially
  67. Alissa Barrett of gulliver 57.49 unofficially girls 400 heat 1
  68. RT @123ball123: what is th point of having subs if you aren't allowed to use them <- I agree checkin 1hr b4 race no subs after
  69. 400m up next ... What a fast 4x1. Someone txt me where that is nationally
  70. 41.04 trinity catholic!!!!!
  71. It is my pet peave when the fhsaa calls stuff state records when they are not
  72. These are some studs here
  73. Hallandale 47.22 raines just behind girls 4x1
  74. Barker says there'll all bummed bevy they were set for a school record and were on pace through two legs at 3:55
  75. Wallace did not run he is struggling to recover. There are a lot of upset people that they could not sub
  76. Barker wins relatively slow and tactical race
  77. Lap 3 boys 1600 barker leads
  78. Cruz davidson barker
  79. All bunched davidson Barker lead
  80. Sorry. Trying to tweet , take pics and video at same time and don't have enough hands
  81. Schappert wins in 451
  82. Schappert leads 228 half. Chandler smith huskey are top 4 pack
  83. Schappert and chandler lead at lap 1. Picture:
  84. Strainge of north broward 10.66 winner
  85. 11.39 official
  86. Freeman wins 100 (of course) waiting on time
  87. I am shorthanded tonight so may miss some events with video
  88. I will tweet lap by lap photo splits during 1600s and interview after
  89. Austin of rickards wins high hurdles... Moving up hurdles for 110 now
  90. G 100h starting
  91. @rellHOE webcast is all doctorbob. I just embed it. I see him up in the tower so assume he is on now
  92. He has had to visit pulminilogist earlier in season so known issue there.
  93. Michael Wallace update: he us recovering at hotel. Will attempt 1600
  94. Finals start in 20 minutes
  95. Anthony amodio of archbishop McCarthy won pv in 15-6
  96. Jessica Ramsey of boynton beach wins shot 42-11.75
  97. Austin Haley of Rickards is fastest 120h qualifier 14.58
  98. I am leaving for Showalter Field now. See you all there! Still need a hand if anyone wants to help me out tonight at the meet.
  99. Julia Rogers snapped her pole in half earlier. Here's the photo of the aftermath!
  100. Live update link via Half Mile Timing:
  101. Photo of Paige Shirley (Episcopal) clearing 11-6 to win FHSAA 2A pole vault championship
  102. Paige Shirley pic
  103. Paige Shirley wins girls pole vault. Cleared 11-6
  104. Freeman wins lj over waggonner. She will try for 20 more point tonight and state record maybe..????
  105. Pole vault is battle of episcopal girls as expected. Octavious Freeman is leading long jump
  106. Via Jeff Adams sms: Girls PV julia just snapped a pole she is OK and still jumping!
  107. RT @cox_steve: 9:18??? Dang!!! RT @flrunners: Bishop Kenny girls win 4x800
  108. My bad Lincoln Park is the boys 4x8 winner. I was told War Eagles and thought that meant astro! Congrats LPA! Sorry for the mixup
  109. If you're wondering, they said bk could not sub out wallace because they had already presented on the field
  110. Hopefully everything us ok with Michael and will see hum run later. One thing is Barker will be 100% fresh
  111. Michael Wallace had heart fluttering issues. They tried to reorder legs, first 2 ran then stepped off
  112. Astronaut win 4x8 in 8:01... Bk dropped
  113. 4x8 h2 is delayed bk first leg is having issues heart fluttering. Don't know if nerves or medical. But they paused start for him
  114. Bk is favored. key is how fast barker"s split is. If he doesn't have to bust it too hard could see a 4:07 1600 from him 2nite
  115. Pinecrest boys won first heat on 8:02 that's really fast for the "slow heat"! Heat 2 starting
  116. Btw... Could really use an extra hand 2nite. If anyone will be there and wants to help email or dm me
  117. Bishop Kenny girls win 4x800
  118. RT @GCRecruiting: At the FHSAA Class 2A track meet. Looking forward to watching some FAST #Gators prospects today...
  119. 2000 photos from 1A by Jeff Adams uploading now
  120. Send me any updates at @flrunners and I'll rt them.
  121. The 4x800s are up first and the girls long jump and boys discus should be starting shortly
  122. Welcome to the 2A Live Tweet on flrunners. Things are getting started at the track now.