Golden South Update (4/28) Apr 28, 2021

Register below for Golden South SeriesSeries #1 - Saturday, May 15th @ Dunbar High SchoolSeries #2 - Friday, May 21st @ East Lake High SchoolSeries #3 - Saturday, May 29th @ Lake Region High SchoolLake Region High School will be site of final leg of Golden South Series on Saturday, May 29thWe are excited to have secured three different locations for 2021 Golden South Series for our three dates in May around Florida.The first meet of the series will be held at Dunbar High School in Fort Myers (Lee County) on Saturday, May 15th.The second meet of the series will be held at East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs (Pinellas County) on Friday, May 21st.The third and final meet of the series will be held at Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake (Polk County) on Saturday, May 29th.Eagle Lake High School will serve host of the second leg of series on Friday, May 21stA couple of changes to the meet format in the past beyond being broken out into the meet series. We have made these tough decisions in mind of putting on an event that is efficiently run in terms of organization, logistics, and cost. Especially in light of being an unusual Covid year as well as this event coming together literally in the last month. There will be no field events. This will only be the case and exception in 2021 with a return of field events in 2022 as due to the short planning period of deciding to bring this event together did not have confidence in the ability to find enough officials as well as have entry numbers to justify the logistics work needed to execute an event including field events. On the flip side, we will be glad to support and cover any post-season events that might pop up catering to field event athletes like a pole vault or throws-only competition. There is an opportunity there to do a dedicated meet for specific field events for anyone ready to jump on it. Dunbar High School kicks off the first Golden South series event on Saturday, May 15th down in Fort Myers.The meet will currently be all individual events. If enough interest in certain relays, we could certainly have wiggle room in the meet schedule, but our experience is most post-season meets, the relay interest and participation is typically very lacking compared to individual races.There are no entry standards for any of the races. While the emphasis of the meet will certainly be to gather the best of the best for the fast sections, we welcome athletes of all abilities and times to enter. So don't be intimidated to enter the meet and think you are not fast enough to run at Golden South. This is a post-season opportunity for all. With more sections of each event as well instead of an elite-only division like in past Golden South events, that will give athletes more ample time to recover to compete in a second or third race.Meet questions can be directed to Brandon Miles at