Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Miami, FL, USA

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart

3747 Main Highway Miami, FL, USA
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Scouting Report: Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart Girls Marivi Madiedo Aug 28, 2013

Carrollton has always been known as a team who flies under the radar. In 2011 they were ranked 5th in the 2A State Championship meet. To everyone’s surprise they captured their first state championship. Last year, they started off strong, ranked 4th in the state and proved to be a top competitor with a strong set of new girls.

2A Girls Meet Summary Jason Byrne Nov 20, 2011

Davidson earns first state championship over challenging Rogers! Carrollton earns title, while Bolles shows grace by handing American Heritage their second place trophy.

The 10-Day Recap of Miami XC Ryan Raposo Nov 7, 2010

Jason has been looking for more South Florida XC coverage this season and due to the lack of interest I decided I would try to put a few articles together for everyone. And seeing as how I was without a computer last week I figured I would put together a 10-Day Recap of what’s been going on with cross country here in Miami-Dade County. (I really wanted to put together a nice write up of the GMAC Championship last week, so I’ll start off with that and lead into the various district championships from this past week).   Now without further delay, here’s what’s been happening down south…