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Coach Haley - 'I Won The NH State Championship In 1958, My Largo Kids Won Ten State Titles' Todd Grasley Oct 23, 2016

At the recent 3A District 10 Championship we had the honor of catching up with one of the winningest cross country coaches in state history, former Largo coach Brent Haley. Haley, who is volunteering with the Northeast program won ten state titles and had eight runner up finishes at the helm for the Packers, but ask him how many titles he won and he'd tell you one and that was in New Hampshire back in his high school days, the other ten he credits to the young men he coached.

User Videos: Seminole, Largo, Osceola Tri-Meet Todd Grasley Feb 26, 2014

Small meets need love too. Pinellas County schools Osceola, Seminole and Largo joined forces at Osceola High School for a tri-meet. Seminole coach Stephen Bain sent in these awesome race videos! Were you at a meet and took video? Races or interviews it doesn't matter. We want to see them and share them with the running community. Go to the meet page and add your videos! It's as simple as that.

The Great Race Part 2 - The Side Bar Michael Warre Oct 24, 2013

The 1974 Brandon Postal was a Great Race and a milestone in Florida Cross Country history! But I did not pass on the entire story of that race. There was an underlying cross country competition going on between, what would pit and become, two of the country's finest coaching legends and prep programs ever, Coach's Brent Haley of Largo and Joe Newton of York against one another!

The Great Race: Part 1 Michael Warre Oct 22, 2013

It was in 1968 when the late Jack Nason become the 1st Florida Prep to crack the 9:30 barrier. Then 2 years later 2 of Florida's best graduating Seniors, battled it out at the Atlanta Classic with Bobby Brooks fending off in state rival Mark O'Brien running 9:13.8 & 9:16.0 respectively finishing 1 & 2, vastly improving on Nason's best and obviously breaking that 9:20 barrier! 

Throwback Thursday: Learning From A Legend - Largo's Brent Haley Todd Grasley Sep 19, 2013

Four years ago Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen sat down with one of the winningest coaches in Florida history, Largo's Brent Haley. In this four part video series Coach Haley talks about the history of his teams, how to build a dynasty, training champions, and race strategy. Let's take a trip down memory lane in this edition of Throwback Thursday.

Brent Haley Interview, Part 1: A History Lesson Jason Byrne Sep 3, 2009

Coach Haley is perhaps the best coach ever in Florida.  His teams dominated during the 70s and 80s like none other.  We are doing four parts of this interview series:  history, building a dynasty, training, race strategy.  This first part on history takes us through Coach Haley's memories of those times, his teams, his competitors, his influences, and the story of his running/coaching career.