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Former DeLand Coach Under Hospital Care Ralph Epifanio Feb 14, 2015

It was reported to me that Dale Papineau, former DeLand coach and currently a teacher/coach at Father Lopez, not long ago had a seizure while in class. The resultant fall broke several vertebrae. More recently, these were surgically reinforced.

Athletes Of The Week: Kimani Austin-Reese & Keneth Pineiro Todd Grasley Feb 28, 2014

Miami Norland senior Kimani Austin-Reese and Deland senior Keneth Pineiro are this week's Athletes of the Week. Austin-Reese, a UCLA commitment kicked off the season  with a first place showing and state leading time of 43.17 in the 300 hurdles. Pineiro, coming off a fifth place showing at the 4A Cross Country Finals, proved he had the base work needed to be successful on the track. The Embry Riddle signee pulled the distance double at the East Coast Classic winning both the 1600 and 3200 meters in state leading times of 4:24.08 and 9:34.72 respectively.

Ralph's Musings - 4A District 2 Championship Ralph Epifanio Oct 28, 2013

The Roman god Janus is a two-faced god; his gaze simultaneously fixed forward towards the future and back into the past (hence, his name being the root of our month of January). In Roman religion, it was this god that presided over beginnings and transitions, and was associated with motion, journeys, and passages. In Roman architecture, his presence is sometimes depicted as that of a door, either open or closed. If the door was open, it symbolized war; a closed door meant peace (hence a basis for the superstition that we should “close doors behind us,” and use of the term “close the door” on our competition). 

Ralph's Musings: Five Star Conference Championships Ralph Epifanio Oct 21, 2013

While in high school, I was determined to be an astronomer. Because the stars and planets existed in a three-dimensional sphere, a career in that science meant a lot of higher level mathematics. (It is not easy finding one star among billions, especially since they move around constantly.) Unfortunately, at the time, calculators were still a novelty, and PCs had yet to be invented, so calculations had to be done with lots of paper and pencils, and a slide rule. (Betcha never seen one, eh?) 

Seymour Leads Host Huskies To Victory, Pineiro Dips Under Sixteen Todd Grasley Oct 13, 2012

It was a beautiful morning for cross country running at Seminole State College - Oviedo Campus home of the 2012 Hagerty Invitational. Nearly two dozen teams took part in the three lap course. For some school's it will be their district meet course, for others it was a chance to get some more racing under their belts as the postseason looms. On-site coverage sponsored by Track Shack.

Deland Invitational: Seymour, Pineiro, Score Back To Back Wins Of Season Craig Janson Sep 15, 2012

A good cross country runner will run hundreds of miles to prepare for that one race of 3.1 miles, a great one will run over a thousand miles during the heat of the Florida summers to accomplish great things four months later in November. Today I was fortunate to see some fantastic young athletes who obviously want to be great ones, and their work ethic, heart and determination should definitely lead them to truly great things down the road in November and beyond.  

Spruce Creek completes “Super Sweep 2” Craig Janson Oct 27, 2011

Conference championships are all about bragging rights for the coming year, and for the 5 Star it’s all about as close to a border war as you can have.  On the south side of the border are all the Volusia county schools, and just to the north the very formidable Flagler county powerhouse of Flagler Palm Coast High School.  A trip down memory lane can’t be complete without talking about the cast of characters that has made this event what it is now.  For Flagler Palm Coast the tradition was started with current Embry Riddle Coach Peter Hopfe, and continues under Coach Dave Halliday proudly counting as its own a cast of who’s who in Florida high school distance runners.